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The fight had barely started and Lu Gongzan had already gotten attacked. Everyone started to worry when Ganming Zhenren had decided to do something drastic. 

"Brother Bai. I need your help. Please cover me while I try something to catch these flies!" said Ganming Zhenren as he held his sword close and cupped the hilt of his sword with his palms. 

"Leave it to me," said Bai Wanli, standing in front of Ganming Zhenren. The rest of the group surrounded Ganming Zhenren in all directions, watching out for incoming attacks. 

Hawkeye noticed the sudden change of formation and sense something was amiss. Without hesitation, he drew out as many arrows and fired them all to disrupt the man in the center of the formation. Vine Demon also tried to do the same by unleashing as many vines and roots towards them. 

"HARGH!" Bai Wanli grunted as he swung his sword fast, unleashing Qi force in the form of a sword blast. All the arrows and roots that came towards him were disintegrated. 

Besides Bai Wanli, the rest of the group did their best as well, trying to catch any arrows of roots that managed to get past Bai Wanli. This continued on for two minutes but Ganming Zhenren was done charging his sword. He had manifested so much Qi into his sword and arm that his face glowed red! His arms were flowing with so much power that his arm muscle bulge up as if they were about to explode!

"DUCK!" Ganming Zhenren roared deafeningly. 

Everyone got down to their feet immediately, making way for Ganming Zhenren to unleash all his powers. 

"Take this!" 

Ganming Zhenren got into a slashing stance and swung his sword to fast that it created a small sonic boom as he did. The Qi in his arms were channeled into the sword that was already saturated with Qi! The excess power extended the sword for several feet long before exploding into a powerful compressed wind slice. 

The compressed wind expanded immediately as it left and it grew, even more, the further it went. It was only a few inches thick at first but it took less than a second before it became several feet thick! It did not stop there. The sword slice continued to expand and mowed down everything that was on its way. The difference in wind pressure around the sword slice was so intense that anything that was above it or below was pulled towards it as if they were dragged along with it! Trees, rocks, leaves... basically everything in the forest was mowed down! What was once a small forest… was now barren land. 

A few people were seen jumping away to safety before the devastating sword slice could reach them. Although they were all unharmed, they had just lost the advantage! Their terrain advantage was literally stripped away from them! 

"As… As expected of the great elder. Your powers had only grown so much since the last time I've met you," said Bai Wanli, drawing in a deep breath. 

"Hmm. Brother Bai's praises is but not worth for me," said Ganming Zhenren as he panted like a tired dog. The man had unleashed so much power in a split second. The burden on his body was immense but it was nothing he could not handle. In fact, it was a worthwhile trade since the Mutants could not hide anymore!

"Nowhere to hide now… little flies!" Zhu Tianfei roared as he charged towards the Mutants with his sword. 

"ROAR!" Rock roared deafeningly as he manifested his powers. The man was huge in his normal form but when he activated his power, he grew into a large rocky, golem-like being! He too charged towards Zhu Tianfei. 

"Flame on!" cried a Mutant named Firesprout and unleashed a blast of fire, shaped like a dragon towards Ding Tianqi. 

"Hmph. Petty tricks aren't going to save you!" Ding Tianqi snorted. He then drew out his sword and put out the flame with a simple Qi-charged sword slash. 

Firesprout was only a Beginner stage of Level 4 Mutant. His fire-based attacks might be huge but it was nothing to Ding Tianqi as he was two tiers stronger than he! 

"Die!" Ding Tianqi roared as he jumped through the dying flames and towards Firesprout. However, before he could get close to him, a wall of vines came out of the ground to stop him! Even though the forest was destroyed, the tree roots that lied deep underground were still able to act as Vine Demon's weapons! 

During this moment, Bai Wanli was fighting with Rock. The Mutant's power level was Advanced stage of Level 4. Even so, through Bio-Enhancement, he had gained superior defense capability that not even Bai Wanli was able to break through his thick rock layers! 

"How persistent!" Bai Wanli was annoyed. After several failed attempts to break past the Mutant's shell, he delivered a powerful kick that sent him falling down. Once the huge Mutant was grounded, Bai Wanli slipped past him and headed to the other Mutants. 


A sudden shadow appeared right behind Ganming Zhenren. He took out a short dagger and thrust it towards Ganming Zhenren's back, where the heart was! 

Ganming Zhenren had only just used a lot of his Qi which did a toll on his body. While he was recovering, movements would become inconvenient for him. However, the one that flashed behind him was only a Beginner stage of Level 4 Mutant. It was an attack that Ganming Zhenren could react in time and not cost him too much energy! 

Mutants, unlike martial artists, had a different manifestation of their power level. A Level 3 martial artist would have an all-rounder capability that would evenly match another Level 3 fighter. Although they might have a few differences in martial skills, never in terms of strength. Mutants, on the other hand, obtained their power by birth. Their abilities would give them a certain edge in a certain way. However, only in a certain aspect. Not all, like martial artists. Take Hawkeye and the man that had teleported behind Ganming Zhenren, although they had dominance in their ability aspect, and had the powers of a Level 4, all of their other aspects were only on par with a normal human! 

Hawkeye's arrow contained little extra power but it was only so much that it cannot even hurt an Intermediate stage of Level 4 fighter like Mao Gongyu! The teleporter, although he could appear behind an enemy unnoticed, his strength was limited to his own training. The extra power that he could imbue into his dagger was extremely limited, unlike how Ganming Zhenren did to his sword. 

When Ganming Zhenren noticed he was about to be attacked by a weaker Mutant, all he had to do was to manifest a layer of Qi in his back. Not only the dagger would fail to pierce through the barrier of Qi, but the attack would also rebound back to him. As a result, the man was thrown back several feet away and sustain internal injuries!

"Time to die!" Ganming Zhenren roared as he swung his Qi-charged sword to behead the mutant. 

"Look out!" Vine Demon cried out helplessly. Although teleporting was a powerful skill if used correctly, it was not infallible. Unfortunately for the Mutant, he could only teleport once every few seconds. 


Ganming Zhenren picked up the severed head of the teleporting Mutant and kicked it towards the others. 

"BASTARD!" Hawkeye roared. The man that was just been killed and humiliated was his own little brother! 

A stream of arrows was unleashed, all whistling towards Ganming Zhenren at high speed, albeit not supersonic. Such an attack was seen as a snowball being thrown by a 4-year-old kid. 

Like his fallen brother, Hawkeye's ability manifested powerfully in their own manner. Their true combat ability, however, was only subpar. Before being enhanced, Hawkeye and his brother were working as a support. They were never sent into the battlefield as their fighting capabilities were not suitable for fights. 

Although Bio-Enhancement had granted them a limited boost in their fighting capabilities, they were still miles away from being on the same level as a battle-hardened martial artist. 

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Crack!

Ganming Zhenren closed his eyes and deflected all the incoming arrows to him nonchalantly. He had even managed to catch the last arrow with his index finger and middle finger, before snapping it in half! Jiang Fei, who was observing the battle from afar, scoffed at the display of pure arrogance! However, his overconfidence was justified since the remaining Mutants could never hope to defeat all 6 martial artists!
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