The Almighty Ring
838 Success!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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838 Success!

"We have found an alien structure! We are currently fighting against the Mutants!" cried Jiang Fei panicky.


When Jiang Fei mentioned about the alien structure, he could hear the loud gasp of Qin Tian. 

"Who's there with you?!" Jiang Fei asked even though he knew who it was. 

"No one important. How are you coping?" Han Tianyu tried to cover Qin Tian. 

"We have only just defeated a group of scouts. The problem is, our location has been compromised! There's no doubt that the Mutants are coming for the alien structure! For now, we will defend it but if the reinforcements are too late, we will have to give up the structure and make a run for it!" said Jiang Fei blatantly. 

"Can't you hold on any longer?" 

"No! We are all tired and injured! Did you know that we are being bombarded by the Americans? Tonight's the limit. After tonight, we will all be dead! I have to say, the martial artist alliance has no use for the alien structure. If we do not receive reinforcements, we will leave it to the Mutants! There's no point in defending something that we cannot use!" cried Jiang Fei, pretending to be desperate. 

"Very well. I will try my best. But I cannot guarantee anything!" said Han Tianyu before hanging up the call. 

"You heard him," said Han Tianyu, suggestively before glaring at Qin Tian. 

"Hmph. Loud and clear. I have no use for you. Guards, please send him back to his cell!" Qin Tian roared. 

As soon as Han Tianyu was sent away, Qin Tian smirked. 

"You can have that smug for as long as you want! When this is over, you will be of no use to us! That will be the day that you will be begging for your life!" said Qin Tian to himself. 

Even though he was confident about controlling Jiang Fei and Han Tianyu, he was extremely worried about the news that Jiang Fei had just informed. If the martial artists surrendered the Bio-Lab to the Mutants, they would be able to perfect their Bio-Enhancement technology to further strengthen themselves. In the future, the threat of Mutants coming to invade China would be a huge problem for him. 

"I need to make sure that the news is true!" said Qin Tian. Even though he knew that it was important, he did not rush to send out reinforcements. The military had always treated the martial artists as a hostile entity hence their words cannot be trusted. 

"Contact our men in the sea, have them send the fighters to confirm the news," said Qin Tian. 

"Yes, sir!" 

The men in the sea were the regular military naval forces that were in the middle of the South China Sea. On one of the aircraft carriers, there were three alien aircraft that Han Tianyu had made modifications before. The other alien aircraft that were fitted with Energy Crystals were not under Qin Tian's authority to sortie, only those that were modified with nuclear-power battery packs could be ordered to sortie. 

With the untraceable alien stealth technology, the alien aircraft flew across the sea and into Japan air space without detection. In just one hour, the aircraft returned with high-resolution images of where the alien structure was reported. Without the need to even zoom in, Qin Tian could see a silver-white structure that was being surrounded by martial artists. 

"Oh no…" Qin Tian gasped. Jiang Fei was right. There was no way that martial artist could fabricate such a thing into existence! They did not possess any means of technology to produce the material to make the alien structure. Not only that, even if they did create a fake one, they did not possess the means to transport such an object into Japan. The only explanation to it was they had discovered the alien artifact that the Japanese had tried to hide away and mistakenly removed the camouflage device that was hiding it away from the outside world. 

Right now, everyone in the world knew about the Bio-Lab. If China could find it, the Americans with their spy satellites could! It would be soon before the Mutants get to the martial artists!

"Contact General Han!" Qin Tian roared. Although his instinct was to send in reinforcements immediately, it was a decision that he was not authorized to make. 

"Is it true?" said Han Yao. 

"Yes, sir. I have sent in a bird and retrieved these images! The boy is right!" said Qin Tian. 

"Hmmm… This is getting out of hand. Do what you must!" said Han Yao.

"But the second batch of Androids isn't here yet!" Qin Tian cried. The second batch of Android would only arrive in 24 hours time. 

"Don't mind the second, we need to send in whatever we have right now!" said Han Yao angrily.

"Very well then…" Qin Tian muttered to himself, head hung from his neck, defeated. 

"Send in the reinforcements. When the second batch of Androids arrive tomorrow, prep them immediately and send them in also. We cannot allow the Mutants to have the alien artifact. If anything goes south, have the naval fleet ready their missiles to destroy the alien artifact. That is the last resort if the martial artists are all defeated!" said Han Yao 

"Yes, sir!" Qin Tian ended the call with a hand salute. 

Although they had not invested any research into Bio-Enhancement, the military had very little interest in the alien artifact. They had already invested a large amount of work into developing Androids. Furthermore, there were not many Mutants in China that could benefit from Bio-Enhancement, to begin with. Hence, even if they got their hands on the Bio-Lab, they would not be able to fully exploit it. Not as much as the Mutants could. Hence, in all fairness, they cannot allow the Mutants to have it, even if it meant destroying it. 

In the far end of the world, the Americans had great interests in acquiring the alien artifact. They wanted it so bad that they would even hesitate to destroy it if China had gotten their hands on it! As long as it was not destroyed, they could still infiltrate China and take it back from them! The need for the Bio-Lab was crucial to further their research on Bio-Enhancement technology. 

"Bring Han Tianyu here!" Qin Tian commanded. The Androids went to his cell and dragged Han TIanyu to the commander's room. 

"Have you made your decision? I haven't got all day," said Han Tianyu, smugly smiling. 

"Smile all you want. You don't have much time left to live anyway," Qin Tian scoffed and handed over the communicator. 

"Call Jiang Fei and tell him that we will send the first batch of reinforcements tonight. The second batch of reinforcements will arrive by tomorrow afternoon or evening. Tell them to hold the fort until then!" 

"Sigh… you should have done that much, much earlier," said Han Tianyu nonchalantly as he picked up the communicator and called Jiang Fei.

"Brother Yu?! Please give me some good news!" Jiang Fei cried, faking desperation to the maximum. 

"The military had agreed to send in reinforcements. They will arrive tonight and another one tomorrow afternoon or evening. Do your best and hold on!" said Han Tianyu. 

"Thank you! Thank you very much! You've just saved my skin here!" cried Jiang Fei with an exaggerated happy tone. From the looks of it, his plan was a success!
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