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Very quickly, Lady Casanova and the others formed a party, and everyone arrived in front of the Dungeon entrance.

It was already a week since the Dragon's Lair Dungeons had opened. More and more people were coming to attempt the Dungeons. Although not all of the small and medium-sized guilds were able to clear the Dungeons, they could still obtain good rewards from every boss!

However, there was a big difference between clearing the Dungeon and not clearing it. Even if it was not the First Clear which granted additional rewards, clearing the Dungeon would result in the Dungeon resetting in only one day. An uncleared Dungeon would only reset after seven days, which made a huge difference to different guilds and different parties.

Some of the parties that could clear the Dungeons have been repeating it for a few days and have obtained at least dozens of Pet Eggs if not more than a hundred. These pets would undoubtedly enhance the overall strength of these guilds.

However, it was rather unfortunate for those parties that could not clear the Dungeons. They were still in the raid progression stage. Even if they wanted to attempt the Dungeons again, they would have to wait a few days for the Dungeons to reset.

"Let's go in!" Jiang Fei took a glance at the teams of these other guilds. He was not too bothered by these people. After all, they were too weak and were almost no match for Empyreal Dragon.

"Guild master, I heard that the members of Glorious Peak have managed to defeat the first boss in the Light Dragon Dungeon, but they died miserably at the second boss," Seven Stars Warrior said to Jiang Fei as they entered the Dungeon.

"Oh?" Jiang Fei was surprised. He did not expect that other guilds would attempt the Heroic mode Dragon's Lair. One had to know that they did not have a boss guide, so they were completely testing it out with their members' lives.

"Yeah, they have a very powerful Tank in their guild. Apparently, he ranked quite high in the professional league!" Seven Stars Warrior said.

"Hoho..." When the professional league was brought up, Jiang Fei felt a little embarrassed. Although people were being eliminated from the professional league every single day, there were probably not many who were like him. He got eliminated because he was absent too many times.

Although Jiang Fei felt somewhat embarrassed when the professional league was mentioned, the information provided by Seven Stars Warrior intrigued Jiang Fei. A Tank that could achieve good results in the professional league. Jiang Fei immediately thought of that player who had extremely high Defense and Health Points.

Jiang Fei had also heard about this guy before, but had never met him. According to Jiang Fei's analysis, this player has probably gotten his hands on the Cauldron of Vitality.

"Interesting!" Jiang Fei nodded to himself, then made a mental note about this.

Soon, Jiang Fei and his party entered the Dungeon. As only two days had passed, the Dungeon had not reset. So, there would be no monsters until the final boss.

"Let's go!" Jiang Fei led the way. Twenty minutes later, everyone arrived in front of the boss.

Previously, as Jiang Fei had already used his transformation skill, he knew that he could not beat the boss. So, he did not take a closer look at the boss's skills. This time, after arriving in front of the boss, Jiang Fei carefully observed this Dragon God clone.

However, when Jiang Fei tried to get close to the Dragon God clone, the boss spoke, "Ignorant mortals, your greed will bring you destruction!"

"My children, we have guests!"

As the voice of the Dragon God clone fell, four rays of light appeared beside him. After the lights faded, four Dragonoids appeared in front of the boss.

"Damn! He still has minions to help him?" Jiang Fei was surprised. However, as they did not immediately enter battle mode, he could still take his time and look at the attributes of the boss and the four minions.

Dragon God Bennette Straz (Projection) (Dragon, Intermediate Overlord)

Level: 95

Health Points: 2,000,000,000

Attack Power: 40,000

Skills: Lightning, Light of Destruction, Impact Barrier, Conscience Control, Double Clone, Gravity Failure, Blitz Storm.

Lightning: The Dragon God clone's basic attack skill. After casting for 1.5 seconds, deals a lot of damage to a single target.

Light of Destruction: Ignores any defensive skills and immediately kills the current target. Six seconds of casting time can be interrupted. (After using Lightning four times, the Dragon God clone will use Light of Destruction once)

Impact Barrier: The Dragon God clone immediately gains a magic shield. The shield can absorb 2,000,000 damage. During the duration of the shield, the Dragon God clone will be immune to any interruption effects.

Conscience Control: The Dragon God clone randomly controls five players, tripling the Attack Power and Defense of the controlled players. The Health Points of the controlled players will also be increased by five times! The effect lasts for thirty seconds.

Double Clone: When the Dragon God clone's Health Points fall below 50%, he will summon a dragon-form mirror image which will fight alongside him. While the dragon-form clone is alive, the boss will be immune to any damage.

Gravity Failure: When the dragon-form clone dies, the boss will gain this skill. Players will lose gravity and fly up into the air. Movement Speed will also reduce by 70%.

Blitz Storm: The Dragon God clone generates a Blitz Storm, killing all players within the range of 500 meters!

"F*ck! This boss can easily ignore any defensive skills and kill us instantly. Can I even beat it?" Jiang Fei was dumbstruck after he saw the boss's attributes. Although his transforming skill was powerful, this boss could ignore all defensive skills and kill him instantly. He would not be able to survive.

At this time, Jiang Fei frowned and shifted his gaze onto the four Dragonoid minions.

Dragonoid Sage (Humanoid, Lord)

Level: 88

Health Points: 20,000,000

Attack Power: 11,000

Skills: Frostbolt, Frost Spark.

Frostbolt: The Dragonoid Sage's basic attack skill. After casting for two seconds, deals a lot of damage to the enemy and slows down the target.

Frost Spark: Marks a target, causing it to continually radiate frost power, dealing a lot of damage to nearby targets and slowing them down.

Remarks: Will drop Sage's Staff upon death (ultra high-end Magician weapon. Comes with the passive skill Meditate which can shorten spell casting time by 50%, limited use time of fifteen minutes)

Dragonoid Marksman (Humanoid, Lord)

Level: 88

Health Points: 20,000,000

Attack Power: 11,000

Skills: Multishot.

Multishot: Shoots a bunch of arrows in a fan-shaped area in front.

Remarks: Will drop Marksman's Bow upon death (ultra-high-end weapon for ranged attackers. Comes with the passive skill Frenzied Shots. Upon activation, all attacks within the next ten seconds will be critical hits, limited use time of fifteen minutes)

Dragonoid Warrior (Humanoid, Lord)

Level: 88

Health Points: 20,000,000

Attack Power: 11,000

Skills: Destructive Smash, Attack Stance.

Destructive Smash: Immediately deals a lot of damage to the target.

Attack Stance: Passive skill. Dragonoid Warrior's Movement Speed reduces by 50%, Attack Power increases by ten times.

Remarks: Will drop Defender's Shield upon death (ultra high-end shield. Comes with the skill Absolute Defense which can offset the effects of Light of Destruction, limited use time of fifteen minutes)

Dragonoid Priest (Humanoid, Lord)

Level: 88

Health Points: 20,000,000

Attack Power: 11,000

Skills: Heal, Terrify.

Heal: Heals allies, restoring a large amount of Health Points.

Terrify: Terrifies surrounding targets, causing them to run around aimlessly.

Remarks: Will drop Priest's Staff upon death (ultra high-end Cleric weapon. Comes with the skill Divine Defense, which can be activated to block Blitz Storm, limited use time of fifteen minutes).
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