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"Oh no! Brother Ge and the rest are in trouble!" Ma Xuantong exclaimed as he noticed the warning signal fired by Ge Xuanzhong.

"Hmph! A bunch of useless trash!" Ye Tianshun snorted.

"Everyone, hurry up!" Ma Xuantong led the group of Soaring Cloud Sect members to where the warning signal was fired. As the Sect Master, he could not ignore the plea for help sent by his disciples.

"I hope they are truly in serious trouble. If it's something unimportant, I will definitely punish them!" Ye Tianshun thought to himself. He had been quite unhappy with the disciples in the Soaring Cloud Sect for the past few days as they were obviously keen to seek help from Jiang Fei. Therefore, Ye Tianshun had been eager to teach them a lesson.

As Ge Xuanzhong and the others were located not too far from the mountain, Ma Xuantong and the rest got there very quickly.

"Hehe, your backup has arrived. We're leaving then!" A mysterious voice chuckled as all of the Scarlet Hunters disappeared.

"Brother Ge, what happened?" Ma Xuantong asked as he and the rest arrived.

"We were ambushed!" Ge Xuanzhong said.

"Ambushed? Who did it?" Ma Xuantong immediately asked. He was very nervous right now as the Soaring Cloud Sect was on their own. If they were found by the mutants, they would be outnumbered and annihilated with certainty.

"I'm not sure. We could not even see their faces clearly. They moved too fast!" Ge Xuanzhong said with a frown.

"Hmph! A bunch of useless fellows!" Ye Tianshun snorted.

"What are the losses?" Ma Xuantong asked.

"We lost six of our Level 3 disciples! No one else was hurt…" Ge Xuanzhong said. As there was not even a fight, no one else was injured apart from the disciples who were snatched away. However, the rest of the disciples all looked horrified from the close encounter.

"Six dead, but none injured?" Ye Tianshun frowned. He then asked wryly, "Could you be making this up? I think the six disciples must have run away!"

"You…" Ge Xuanzhong was very upset right then. People like Ye Tianshun would end up ruining the entire Soaring Cloud Sect.

"What? Did I guess correctly?" Ye Tianshun became even more certain about his hypothesis after seeing Ge Xuanzhong's reaction.

"Sect Master, I think we should interrogate Ge Xuanzhong and find out where the six disciples had gone to!" Ye Tianshun turned around and said to Ma Xuantong.

"This…" Ma Xuantong frowned. Although they had lost six disciples, the other members seemed completely fine. Moreover, there was not a single trace of a fight. Although the circumstances appeared to fit Ye Tianshun's hypothesis, Ma Xuantong did not believe Ge Xuanzhong would come up with such a lie.

"Sect Master! I've found something!" Right then, a disciple in charge of scouting shouted loudly.

"Oh!?" Ma Xuantong was glad that there was a diversion. Although he believed in Ge Xuanzhong's integrity, he would have been forced to agree with Ye Tianshun to interrogate Ge Xuanzhong.

After walking over to the disciples, Ma Xuantong's eyes widened. At the same time, he started frowning.

They had discovered the corpse of the Soaring Cloud Sect's disciples. The disciple's facial expression looked horrible. Although he had been killed, there were no other injuries on his body apart from the deep hole in his chest. His heart had been removed from within.

"Who did this? It's terribly cruel!" Ma Xuantong now firmly believed what Ge Xuanzhong said. They must have been ambushed earlier. Also, the opponents must have been very cruel beings to have taken someone's heart out like that.

"They might be very strong vampires…" Ge Xuanzhong told everyone what he thought.

"Hmph! A bunch of trash! You can't even see the enemy even when your disciples were killed!" Ye Tianshun snorted. Although his earlier judgment was clearly wrong, he still did not want to admit it.

"You…" Ge Xuanzhong felt infuriated by Ye Tianshun's hostility, but he could not do anything about it.

"Sect Master, there's another one here!" One of the disciples discovered another corpse.

"Jeez…" Ma Xuantong was very sure the opponent was a vampire after seeing the disciple's corpse.

The corpse's facial expression seemed equally horrified as the previous one. Similarly, there were no visible injuries on the body. However, there were two bite marks beneath the disciple's neck.

"Hadn't the vampires all been killed by the mutants? Even if any of them survived, they would be enemies of the mutants. Why would they appear in Tokyo and attack us instead?" Ma Xuantong's mind was filled with questions.

"Sect Master, we can't stay here any longer!" Ge Xuanzhong said. From the looks of things, there were probably more than one Pinnacle Level 4 vampires. Only Ma Xuantong and Ye Tianshun were Pinnacle Level 4 experts in the entire team. They were clearly outnumbered by the vampires and would be at a disadvantage.

If the vampires were willing to attack these martial artists at all costs, the Soaring Cloud Sect might be completely wiped out.

"You're right! We can't stay here. Let's go!" Ma Xuantong nodded.

This time, Ye Tianshun did not argue against Ma Xuantong. Although he did not care about the lives of the disciples, he still valued his own life. Now that he had heard that there might be more than a few Pinnacle Level 4 vampires, he was worried about his own life.

The group of martial artists immediately departed from their hiding spot with Ma Xuantong taking the lead.

However, their decision was clearly a mistake. Although the martial artists moved very quickly, their disciples were becoming exhausted. Ge Xuanzhong and the others were initially out for a hunt, but they were unable to find any food at all. Now that everyone had to run at full speed, the disciples were beginning to burn out.

Moreover, they did not know who their opponents were. Those were Pinnacle Level 4 vampires. Although Ma Xuantong and the others had made a slight mistake in their analysis, these Pinnacle Level 4 Scarlet Hunters were much more powerful than vampires. Not only did they move faster than Pinnacle Level 4 martial artists, but they also fought better. Therefore, the Soaring Cloud Sect's members were wasting their energy trying to run away from thirty Scarlet Hunters.
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