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In the past, Jiang Fei was only able to create equipment up to two grades above the recipe's original grade. It was challenging for him to even create a piece of Ancient grade equipment. The best grade he had achieved thus far was a piece of Legendary grade equipment which was then enhanced by the Light of Craftsmanship to the Ancient grade.

However, this time, Jiang Fei had unexpectedly captured Duedecuple Radiant and simultaneously activated the Light of Craftsmanship and ultimately crafted a piece of Holy grade equipment.

The successful creation of a piece of Holy equipment gave Jiang Fei a lot of Class Experience. In an instant, he had acquired full Experience as the Beginner God of Crafts.

"Ding! Congratulations player Verdure Glider for satisfying the requirement to advance in your Class. Your Class Instructor is waiting for you in Dawnlight City!" A system notification appeared.

"Awesome!" Jiang Fei did not even waste time to check the attributes of the Holy armor he created. He immediately kept the equipment in his backpack and charged out of the blacksmith's workshop with Akatziris in tow.

Ou Yezi was famous for appearing unpredictably. Usually, Jiang Fei would not even know where to find him. Therefore, when he found out that Ou Yezi was waiting for him, Jiang Fei immediately used the teleportation point to return to Dawnlight City.

At the time, Dawnlight City seemed even more empty. Apart from a few new players who appeared now and then, it was mostly barren. Most players were gathered in the faction areas. Dawnlight City was now akin to an abandoned Beginner's Village.

Jiang Fei took a familiar route to the rundown blacksmith's workshop which seemed to be particularly liked by Ou Yezi. Ou Yezi would normally be here whenever he summoned Jiang Fei to meet him.

"Teacher!" Jiang Fei was able to see Ou Yezi dressed in a full suit of golden armor from afar.

"Hey! Ah Fei, your growth has surpassed my expectations!" Ou Yezi nodded as he looked at Jiang Fei. Whenever Ou Yezi appeared in his shiny armor, he would speak to Jiang Fei in a serious tone. Moreover, he would also only focus on important business. If Ou Yezi appeared in his more casual outfit, that meant he would only discuss minor things with Jiang Fei.

"Thank you, teacher!" Jiang Fei said in a humble tone.

"You should now be ready to become a proper God of Crafts. By right, I ought to give you the entrance test…" Ou Yezi paused right then. Jiang Fei could feel his heart stop beating as he was prepared for the bad news.

"However…" Indeed, Jiang Fei would not easily become a God of Crafts.

"However, your capabilities are far too weak. It is very difficult to light the Godly Flame. If you fail, you will be greatly impacted. Therefore, I hope you can prove yourself by achieving the appropriate Tier before accepting the challenge!" Ou Yezi said.

"Ah? Lighting the Godly Flame?" Jiang Fei was confused. He had no idea what lighting the Godly Flame meant. He had come here to make an advancement in his designated Class. What did it have to do with lighting the Godly Flame? Jiang Fei assumed that it was something only a Level 99 player would have to go through to complete the Celestial Advancement Quest.

"Hmph! I've always told you to read more, but you never listen!" Ou Yezi snorted unhappily as he started explaining. "Your Class level has already reached the peak in the human realm. If you want to progress, you will have to become a God of Crafts. A God of Crafts! Do you think the word 'God' is a joke?"

"Oh, damn! That's what you meant!" Jiang Fei suddenly realized what Ou Yezi was talking about. Jiang Fei was currently a Beginner God of Crafts. If he advanced to the next stage, he would become a Lower God of Crafts, which was the equivalent of a Lower Celestial.

However, Jiang Fei was only at Level 90 and had not even acquired the status of an Overlord. If he wanted to light the Godly Flame before reaching the appropriate level, it was next to impossible. Even if Ou Yezi gave him the Job Advancement Quest, he would definitely fail it.

Now that Ou Yezi had cleared the air, Jiang Fei felt somewhat disturbed. He was of a special race which no one else belonged to. He had no idea where to seek the race leader for the Tier Challenge Quest.

Without the Tier Challenge Quest, Jiang Fei would not be able to acquire the Overlord status. Without the Overlord status, he would definitely fail in lighting the Godly Flame. Consequently, Jiang Fei would not even be able to progress at all.

"Teacher, there is no way for me to acquire the Overlord status!" Jiang Fei had no choice but to tell Ou Yezi the challenge he faced.

"Silly kid! You are truly dumb!" Ou Yezi laughed at Jiang Fei's pained expression.

"Teacher, please guide me!" Although Jiang Fei was being reprimanded, he felt joy in his heart because he could tell from Ou Yezi's tone that his own problem could be solved.

"Ah! Silly kid, although you are the only unique kind in the Nephilim race, don't forget that you are still part of the High Humans! Although there isn't a leader in your race, the High Humans still have one!" Ou Yezi said.

"What do you mean?" Jiang Fei was stunned as he could not understand what Ou Yezi said.

"It's simple. In ancient times, humans ruled the world. After humans failed in the War of the Heavens, the royal races were split into the Upper Humans and the High Humans, which are equivalent to the Celestial race and the Nephilim race. The remaining conquered races were split even further into the Human race, the Beastmen race, and even the Spectre race. Although your current race is independent of the Nephilim race, it is still part of the High Humans!" Ou Yezi explained.

"Hasn't the High Humans become extinct? King Zhou of Shang was killed, and Prince Wu Geng's spirit had also vanished. Who else could be left?" Jiang Fei frowned.

"Although Prince Wu Geng has died, Lu Fu still remains!" Ou Yezi said.

"Lu Fu?" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded. He had never heard of the person's name.

"Lu Fu is Prince Wu Geng. However, Lu Fu is merely his consciousness!" Ou Yezi said.

"Prince Wu Geng isn't dead?!" Jiang Fei was shocked by the news.

"Indeed. When Prince Wu Geng was killed in battle, myself and several other comrades were able to rescue his consciousness!" Ou Yezi nodded to confirm the news. The fact that he was willing to tell Jiang Fei this secret meant he truly treated Jiang Fei as his own successor.

"Will I be able to get the Tier Challenge Quest from him?" Jiang Fei asked.

"Of course! However, the quest from the ancient race would be much more difficult as you will be facing ancient Overlords and not the rubbish Overlords you meet these days!" Ou Yezi warned Jiang Fei.

"Thank you for your guidance, teacher!" Jiang Fei nodded. Naturally, Jiang Fei knew that many experts existed in ancient times. The current Overlords would definitely be the weakest bunch if they existed in ancient times. However, Jiang Fei had no other choice to acquire the Overlord status. He was already pleased by the fact that there was an option, despite it being a challenging one.
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