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"Teacher, can I acquire the quest right now?" Jiang Fei asked. He had been stuck at Level 90 for many days now. Although his Experience bar was not full yet, he would still be capped at Level 90 once it was full if he did not achieve the Overlord status.

According to information released by the official Dawnlight forum, all players reached the maximum level at Level 90. However, players were able to to take on the Tier Challenge Quest. If they succeeded at acquiring the Overlord status, their level cap would be increased to Level 99.

If these Level 99 players could again pass the Celestial Advancement Quest, they would advance to the Celestial state. After that, their level cap would be further increased to Level 109. If players could progress even further, their level cap would continue to be increased. However, if they failed, their leveling capacity would be fixed forever.

Although most players would end their leveling journey at Level 90, the game still provided many dungeons and battlefields for these players to enhance their powers. Those who could clear these challenges would acquire powers greater than most others.

"Of course, but only if you are ready!" Ou Yezi laughed as he nodded.

"I am ready!" Jiang Fei nodded. As he had not used his transformation skill, he was in a very good state.

"If that's the case, follow me!" Ou Yezi did not say anything further as he saw how confident Jiang Fei seemed. After all, one was able to fail the Overlord challenge without any consequences. If Jiang Fei failed, he would still be able to take on the challenge again seven days after. However, for players who have lit the Godly Flame, this was not possible.

From Lower Celestial to Intermediate Celestial, players would be stuck once they failed the challenge unless they created a new account to attempt the challenge again. However, even if they did so, players might not have access to equally good opportunities, which meant they might not even reach the Celestial state. Therefore, very few players would be able to advance after becoming a Celestial. Only those with extremely good luck and strong capabilities would be able to progress.

However, Jiang Fei was now attempting the Overlord Tier Challenge Quest. Nothing would happen if he failed. Therefore, when Ou Yezi saw that Jiang Fei was very confident, he immediately brought Jiang Fei to meet Lu Fu.

As Ou Yezi waved his hand, a golden light flashed before Jiang Fei's eyes. When Jiang Fei opened his eyes again after blinking, he noticed that he was already positioned near a group of palaces.

"Where is this place?!" Jiang Fei stared at the huge structures before him. Two words appeared in his mind–Fairy Land.

The buildings had a very standard Chinese architectural design, with two rows of pavilions and pagodas next to each of them. There were a few lanes connected to each of these buildings with lakes in between. In fact, there were clouds of mist all around these buildings.

"This is the Fairy Land among the clouds!" Ou Yezi answered.

"We're in the sky?!" Jiang Fei was dumbfounded.

"That's right! This is the Land of the Nine Heavens!" Ou Yezi replied.

"This… This is too much!" Jiang Fei felt overwhelmed by what he was seeing. He suddenly felt great respect toward the people who designed this game.

"Follow me!" Ou Yezi did not seem to be bothered by Jiang Fei. He continued walking forward.

"Ohh!" Jiang Fei quickly followed after Ou Yezi.

The two walked along one of the small lanes. They soon arrived before a huge palace.

"Big brother, you're back!" Coincidentally, another middle-aged man walked out of the palace.

"Yeah! I have brought my Little Fei here to do some work!" Ou Yezi nodded.

"Is this the successor you have chosen?" The middle-aged men looked at Jiang Fei as he smiled.

"Yeah! Little Fei, this is one of my best brothers, Zhao Sheng. Quickly, call him your uncle!" Ou Yezi said to Jiang Fei.

"Uncle!" Jiang Fei bowed respectfully at Zhao Sheng whose level he could not even see. He must be like Ou Yezi and was one of the Four Sages of the Heavens.

"Hehe, big brother, you are embarrassing me. I've not prepared any gift. Now that he is calling me uncle, I feel embarrassed!" Zhao Sheng laughed as he said.

"You don't need anything else. Just give the cauldron you have to my disciple!" Ou Yezi was definitely a kind master. He immediately asked his brother to give Jiang Fei one of the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom.

"That's not possible! Big brother, although we are very close to each other, some rules must be followed. If this young fellow has the Will of the Heavens, let him find me and accept my quest. Once he completes it, I will naturally give him the Cauldron of Charm. If he fails, I can't give it to him at the risk of going against our lord!" Zhao Sheng waved his hand as he said.

"I was only kidding. You can keep your gift and give it to Jiang Fei next time!" Ou Yezi laughed.

Jiang Fei quietly took note of the fact that the Cauldron of Charm was in the hands of Zhao Sheng. Jiang Fei would be able to acquire it after clearing the quest from Zhao Sheng.

Jiang Fei already understood a lot about the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom when he acquired the first one. There was a total of nine cauldrons. Prince Wu Geng had personally given Jiang Fei the Commanding Cauldron. After that, Ou Yezi gave Jiang Fei the Cauldron of Creation. Apart from that, there were five other Cauldrons with attributes. Jiang Fei had managed to snatch the Cauldron of Spirit and Cauldron of Intelligence.

The remaining Cauldrons of Strength, Agility, and Vitality had also been located, and it was only a matter of time before Jiang Fei acquired them. Now that Jiang Fei had also discovered the whereabouts of the Cauldron of Charm, there was only one final missing cauldron.

"That's great! Big brother, please carry on. I have to leave now!" Zhao Sheng said to Ou Yezi. Zhao Sheng was also doing some work. Now that they had gotten over with the formalities after the coincidental meeting, he needed to get back to work.

"Alright!" Ou Yezi nodded. After Zhao Sheng had left, he said to Jiang Fei, "Zhao Sheng possesses the Cauldron of Charm which was entrusted to him by the lord himself, King Zhou of Shang. We can only hand over the Cauldrons of the Ancient Kingdom to someone who can overcome the difficult challenges. Therefore, I cannot help you with this. Once you acquire the status of the Overlord, you may seek Zhao Sheng out to complete the quest!"

"I understand!" Jiang Fei nodded. After all, Ou Yezi had also set him up when he gave Jiang Fei the Cauldron of Creation. If Jiang Fei had not resisted the temptation of joining the Primordial Celestial race, Ou Yezi would kill him and retrieve the Cauldron of Creation as soon as Jiang Fei decided to become a Celestial.

"Alright! Let's go in!" Ou Yezi said as he walked into the big palace.

Jiang Fei followed right behind him. The big palace was grandly decorated and clearly looked like a place where the emperor would be.

"Master, Ou Yezi would like to speak with you. Please show yourself!" Ou Yezi said energetically after entering the big palace.


A white light suddenly appeared above the emperor's desk.

After the white light flashed, a figure suddenly appeared sitting on the throne. However, the figure seemed almost transparent and was clearly only a spirit.
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