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Jiang Fei and the other martial artists had not the slightest inkling about the danger around them. As the Soaring Cloud Sect had put themselves in a precarious situation, and Ma Xuantong was never able to activate his communication device to call for help, Jiang Fei and the rest knew nothing about the Scarlet Hunters.

After getting sufficient food, the martial artists were able to finally relax. Although the Scarlet Hunters were getting closer by the minute, Jiang Fei and the rest had no clue.

"Captain, it's getting late. Time to enter the game!" 0541 persuaded Jiang Fei again. Not only was Jiang Fei unable to detect the Scarlet Hunters' presence, even 0541 could not detect that the Soaring Cloud Sect was about to be severely attacked.

"Alright!" From the looks of things, war would not break out tonight. So, Jiang Fei entered the game as per usual.

After returning to the game, Jiang Fei immediately started work. Apart from the fact that his bait was ready, Elder Prince Otis had also begun his plan.

A middle-sized battle promptly began in front of the Naga race's territory. Many of the Dark Faction's commanders were shouting insults at the Naga race throughout the day. The Naga race's army then initiated the attack. Both parties got into a fierce fight. In the end, the Dark Faction's army was defeated and they retreated southward.

However, the Naga race did not stop pursuing them. Almost every type of Dragon had been insulted. Elder Prince Otis had carefully selected the individuals to do the job. Most of them were from the uncivilized Beastmen race that even Elder Prince Otis himself could not stand their vulgarity.

Therefore, the entire Naga race was deeply angered by the Dark Faction's soldiers. When the Dark Faction started retreating, the entire Naga race's army started running after them.

With such a scene unfolding, many of the Neutral Faction players were very happy as they would benefit from the Naga race's victory.

On the contrary, the Dark Faction players were upset because of what happened. Apart from Jiang Fei, nobody knew that the defeat was intentionally planned by Otis. His task was to lure their enemies away from their base and therefore it meant that some sacrifices needed to be made.

"It's almost time!" Jiang Fei nodded after receiving news from the frontline.

"Seven Stars Warrior, gather all of our guild's battle-type players. We will be getting the title of Naga Slayer very soon!" Jiang Fei sent a message to Seven Stars Warrior.

"Got it!" Seven Stars Warrior immediately nodded. He seemed very eager.

"Alright! It's time to release the bait!" Jiang Fei smiled as he started activating his quest-granting permission.

"Ding! Faction Announcement: Player Verdure Glider is issuing a battle quest: Destroy the Dragon's Nest!"

A Faction Announcement was suddenly heard. All of the Dark Faction players were caught by surprise as such quests were normally not given by players. If players wanted to issue quests, they would have to go to the tavern. Players would then have to issue one-to-one quests on the public notice board.

In fact, players normally would only be able to issue quests to revenge against someone they hated or to gather certain materials. None of the players knew it was possible for someone to issue a quest to an entire faction.

Someone must have ranked high enough to be able to do so.

"Damn! The young fellow finally can't hold it back anymore!"

"They must have earned enough already!"

Normal players were completely baffled by Jiang Fei's quest. However, the other bigger guilds were now cursing Jiang Fei as they knew all along that he had acquired the permission to issue quests against the Naga race. However, Jiang Fei never issued any of the quests to other guilds apart from his own. The players from Empyreal Dragon must have earned a lot of rewards for the past few days from completing his quests.

Now that Verdure Glider had finally issued quests to the public, that would mean that most of the rewards had already been earned by his guild members. Moreover, the battle between the Naga race and the Dark Faction was reaching a crucial stage. It seemed that the Dark Faction was about to lose and Jiang Fei had no choice but to start issuing quests to the public.

Many of the bigger guilds did not know that Elder Prince Otis intentionally allowed the Dark Faction to retreat. Therefore, they believed that Jiang Fei was forced to open up the quests to the public so that he would not be blamed for causing the defeat.

"Damn! No wonder this fellow was keeping the quests to his own guild! The rewards are too amazing!"

"Holy crap! The members of Empyreal Dragon must have earned a lot over the past two days!"

As soon as they saw the content of the quest, many of the bigger guilds grew excited. Jiang Fei's rewards for the quest were fantastic. As heading into the Naga's nest directly was a huge risk, the system awarded players with significant amounts of Experience points. On top of that, Jiang Fei also provided very good equipment. Therefore, many of the guilds were eager to take on the challenge.

"Boss! Let's do this!"

"Yeah! This is our chance!"

The bigger guilds were not the only ones tempted. The subordinates were equally tempted to take on the quest. Although they would not be able to have a share of the equipment, they would be able to earn enough Experience points from the quest to level up twice.

Players would not lose any Experience if they died in the Faction area. Although they would lose the equipment they wore, very few players actually wore their own equipment when taking on battle quests. Most players would store their valuable equipment in their storage and get a bunch of crappy Fine grade equipment from the military commanders. As such, they would not lose anything if they died as they could get a new set of these Fine grade equipment every day.

Thus, players were able to benefit tremendously without losing anything. Most of the Dark Faction guilds were tempted. Even the pub players were tempted as well. Although they had no chance of getting the equipment rewards, they would still earn a lot of Experience points.

Many of the players were now approximately Level 68 to Level 69. Every level advancement required a lot of Experience points. Apart from Jiang Fei, everyone else struggled to level up. So the large amount of Experience points that could be potentially gained through the quest was extremely tempting.

Not only that, Jiang Fei had even included a large amount of awesome equipment as rewards for completing the quest. The equipment were targeted at tankers which made them even more attractive to most bigger guilds. These days, most guilds focused on clearing the Dragon dungeons which rewarded them with large quantities of pets. This was because the guilds' capabilities would be greatly enhanced through owning Dragon pets.

Now that Jiang Fei provided equipment for tankers in the quest, the guilds would be able to clear dungeons more easily in the future. In fact, the large amount of Experience points from the quest would also allow many players to reach Level 70 and be able to enter the Dragon dungeons. With such great benefits, the bigger guilds did not even think about the fact that Jiang Fei might be making use of them. In fact, even if they did, they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the grand rewards.
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