The Almighty Ring
880 Decisiveness
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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880 Decisiveness

"yes! we have to avenge leader ma!" after ye tianshun took the lead, the other soaring cloud sect disciples who followed him into betrayal also started to object.

"hmph! my leader was killed. we must avenge him!" ye tianshun exclaimed.

"okay. you guys go, then," jiang fei said calmly as he looked at ye tianshun. it was as if he were watching a poor clown performing alone on a stage.

"i..." ye tianshun did not expect jiang fei to turn his back on them. he suddenly did not know what to do because he was unsure of jiang fei's abrupt stop. did jiang fei find out that he was a traitor? or was jiang fei acting like that because of the personal enmity between the both of them?

if it was because of the latter, it would be easier to deal with. after all, all the martial artists knew about jiang fei and ye tianshun's personal enmities. however, if jiang fei had debunked his act, then…

when he thought about this, ye tianshun did not dare to continue thinking. the consequences were too scary. at that moment, he was not only betraying soaring cloud sect, but also the china martial arts alliance!

if the ancestor feng tianqi got to know about this, he would not be merciful. if unlucky, feng tianqi might even kill all the traitors personally!

"little jiang, what kind of nonsense are you spouting? are you going to stop all the martial artists from promoting justice for soaring cloud sect just because of your personal grievances?" ye tianshun knew how terrible the consequences would be if they were exposed, so he immediately started to attack jiang fei to make jiang fei seem like the bad guy.

"captain, the group of pinnacle level 4 bio-mutants is approaching us quietly!" 0541 gave jiang fei some bad news.

"f*ck!" jiang fei was getting pissed. he now hated ye tianshun to the core. if he could, he would just kill ye tianshun now!

however, he was currently in a difficult position. the mutants were just waiting for the right opportunity. if the martial artists had internal conflicts at such a time, it would be advantageous to the enemies. however, if they did not dispose of the soaring cloud sect scum now, these traitors would cause way more destruction once the battle began.

"captain, indecisiveness leads to disaster!" 0541 rarely gave any advice to jiang fei directly.

"you're right!" 0541's words woke jiang fei up.

"hmph! little jiang, you're the commander of the joined army, but you're bringing your personal grievances into this. is this how you serve your people?" ye tianshun was still yelling at him for a very simple reason. even if jiang fei and the others did not continue to pursue the bait, as long as he delayed them and made them stay there, the huge mutant army could still make it.

then, the huge mutant army would eliminate the martial artists in one fell swoop. after these people die without testimony, he would be able to push all the blame on jiang fei. he could say that jiang fei's commanding was weak, which led to the defeat of the martial arts alliance. he would then rise to be the last hero maintaining the essence of martial artists. the chinese level 5 powerhouses would not blame him and he might even be awarded!

"ariel! suppress these people!" murderous intent suddenly filled jiang fei's eyes!

"what are you trying to do?!" ye tianshun who had been staring into jiang fei's eyes immediately noticed the murderous intent in jiang fei's eyes. he knew that he was in trouble, but it was too late!


horrifying pressure came down upon the area. nobody could go against the will of a level 5 powerhouse!

"what's going on?!" bai wanli and the others were dumbfounded. they had all seen ariel before. however, as ariel had never shown her powers, nobody had expected the young girl to actually be a level 5 powerhouse!

it was not just the martial artists. even the mutants who were coming for them suddenly stopped dead in their tracks. the horrifying atmosphere created by the level 5 made them afraid and they did not dare to approach the area. even though level 5 powerhouses would not rush into the battlefield, nobody knew the specifics of the situation. so, nobody wanted to risk their lives.

hence, all the mutants stopped moving forward. the thirty scarlet hunters also did not dare to get closer. instead, they kept watching at a considerable distance.

"jiang fei! what are you trying to do?!" ye tianshun was really panicking. feng tianqi was far away in china. no one here could save him. even if jiang fei did not discover his betrayal and was only killing him because of their personal enmities, his death was certain.

"kill." jiang fei's voice was very low, but it shocked everyone present.

"younger brother jiang, calm down..." bai wanli and the others did not know the truth, so they quickly came out to stop him.

"kill!" jiang fei's tone was very firm.

although the martial artists would not necessarily listen to jiang fei's orders, he still had twenty-five bio-human girls around him!

"as you wish!" hong yu was a soldier from the saint's guards. she did not care if these people should or should not die. as soon as jiang fei's order left his lips, she would execute it immediately!

"you can't kill me! i..." ye tianshun shouted, but he could not break through the pressure that the level 5 powerhouse had created.


hong yu arrived in front of ye tianshun. without a word, she swung her sword and ye tianshun's head fell to the ground.

"ah?!" the other martial artists were extremely scared. they originally thought that jiang fei was just trying to scare ye tianshun. no one thought that jiang fei was for real!

slash… slash…

while the martial artists were busy being shocked, the other bio-human girls had also started to execute jiang fei's order. all the soaring cloud sect traitors were killed!

"what about them?" hong yu pointed to chen xuanming, feng xuanyi, and the others, and asked. although these people did not have any electronic equipment attached to them, they were also members of soaring cloud sect. so, ariel had also suppressed them.

jiang fei looked around for a moment. the entire mountain road was silent. all the martial artists were frightened by jiang fei's actions. moreover, the sudden appearance of a level 5 powerhouse shocked them so much that no one dared to utter a single word.

"search!" jiang fei spit out a word. at the same time, he told ariel to monitor the thoughts of chen xuanming and the others.

this was for a very simple reason. jiang fei wanted to see the reaction of chen xuanming and the others after he revealed the spy devices attached to the soaring cloud sect traitors. if there was even a slight chance of these people betraying them, jiang fei would kill them!

he had already been betrayed by conceited martial artists several times, so jiang fei's heart was completely cold. he now had zero tolerance for these martial artists, especially those from soaring cloud sect. as long as there was a possibility that they were spies, he would not let them off the hook!

thud… thud...

soon, the bio-human girls found all the spy devices attached to the traitors and threw them all over the floor.

"this..." bai wanli and the others were dumbstruck. although they did not understand these technological products, the people from the zhangle clan had the exact same ones. so, they knew that those were spy devices!

"soaring cloud sect betrayed the alliance?!"

"how can this be?!"

just like how jiang fei had reacted previously, almost all the martial artists could not accept it. however, the fact was right in front of them, so they had to believe it however harsh the truth was.

"this is impossible!" chen xuanming and feng xuanyi exclaimed. undoubtedly, it was the hardest for them to accept the fact that soaring cloud sect had betrayed the alliance!

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