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Chen Xuanming and Feng Xuanyi were already beaten down to their limit. The other disciples of Soaring Cloud Sect were also mentally broken.

Although they had walked through the valley of shadow and death, they had endured every temptation to knock on death's door. That unyielding mentality was cultured through the practices of Soaring Cloud Sect. They had viewed their own sect with the highest regards. That was why when everyone received the ill news about Ye Tianshun betraying the sect, everyone was shocked down to their soul.

No matter whether it was now or before, Soaring Cloud Sect was the biggest, most powerful sect, where the disciples or anyone that was associated with the sect, would be respected by all. It was the mark of pride that they had been carrying since the day they had decided to enroll in the school of martial arts.

Yet right now, they had been branded as the betrayers of the martial artist's alliance. They had became the one target that everyone would spit upon. It was a huge blow for all Soaring Cloud Sect members. The one thing that they could not accept.

"They are all shocked about it but they are not the same as the Ye Tianshun," Ariel whispered what she had gathered from the disciples to Jiang Fei.

"I understand. As long as they do not pose any threat to the rest of us here," said Jiang Fei. It mattered not but if those that were with Ye Tianshun would remain on the other side, Ariel could pin them down easily, not that they would.

"We need to get out of here," said Jiang Fei. They had just sprung the trap that was Ye Tianshun and they need to be someplace else to recollect their broken spirit.

Besides the Androids that were emotionless, the only people that were still bewildered by the news were only the martial artists. Even Jiang Fei's army of Bio-Humans were frowning when they had realized what was going on, what more the other regular martial artists.

Soaring Cloud Sect was always considered to be the "big brother" of the alliance. If they had fallen to the temptation of betrayal, what would the others think?

Right that moment, many of the martial artists had conflicted ideals and opinions within themselves.

"V-very well…" Bai Wanli answered with words that took him an effort to utter. Not even the elders of other sects could accept what had just taken place. Should it have been other sects that had betrayed the alliance, understanding would come easier as there were always going to be weaklings wanting the easy way out. 

The fact that it was Soaring Cloud Sect that was famed to be the strongest, the most disciplined, and the most loyal to China, that had fallen into the depths of temptation and betrayal was what they could not comprehend.

Everyone's head was hung down. Their morale was gone. If it were not for Ariel's Level 5 power that lingered within that area, the Mutants could easily destroy the entire martial artists alliance in Japan, excluding Jiang Fei, easily without any effort. All of them had plunged into despair so deep that they did not even care about fighting anymore.

The only two people that were still sane and strong were Ariel and Jiang Fei. Ariel was not at all affected by anything as long as it was not Jiang Fei on the chopping block. Jiang Fei, on the other hand, did not waver. He did not at all regret his decision to kill Ye Tianshun. Had he not killed him, the Mutants, along with Ye Tianshun and the gang of betrayers would have decimated the entire group.

Fortunately, the martial artists were still able to move around, following Jiang Fei's lead to the canyon where the alien artifact was situated at.

"Ariel, that should be enough," said Jiang Fei. Ariel, being a Level 5 Metahuman, was not allowed to participate in a battle. Her earlier actions were treading on thin ice. However, all that she had attacked were only her own allies that had betrayed the alliance. She had not laid hands on any Mutants. Hence, her actions would not be considered as having broken any rules.

"Very well," said Ariel before retracting her powers.

When Ariel returned to Jiang Fei's side, everyone was still in their own bubble of dejection. Jiang Fei himself was unfortunately affected by this. He needed to figure out a way to get them back on their feet.

While Jiang Fei and the rest of the martial artists were suffering through mental anguish, the Mutants were somehow affected by it. They had just lost all their connection to the spying tools that they had implanted on the martial artists betrayers. Not only that, they had clearly detected a sudden impulse of power that can only originate from a Level 5 Metahuman. All of the Mutants that were collaborating with Ye Tianshun stopped following them the minute they felt the power surge coming from Ariel. It was only when the martial artists had left the scene of the crime, and when Ariel had removed any trace of her power left, did the Mutants finally sigh a breath of relief.

It was known to all that a Level 5 Metahuman was seen as an entity that could transcend the realm of humanity. Like a nuclear bomb, everyone would fear to even stand next to a Level 5. If provoked to act, these entities would not bow to the rules of men. They could literally eliminate anyone they did not like, with a snap of a finger. Be it an ally or an enemy, no one would dare to mess with a Level 5 Metahuman. Hence, it was not strange when the Mutants stopped in their tracks when they felt Ariel's power. 

"What should we do now?" asked a Scarlet Hunter to Blood Baron. When Ariel had used her powers to suppress Ye Tianshun and the others, they were the closest group of Mutants. They had felt the strongest wave of fear.

"If I'm right, Level 5 Metahumans should not interfere with any of the fights. But who am I to judge those crazy power holders? They are the supreme beings. No one could dictate their every move!" said Baron Blood as he frowned. Even though their group consisted of thirty Level 4 Pinnacle stage Mutants, they would be seen as a small pebble, just like regular humans.

"Should we continue?" asked another Scarlet Hunter.

"Not all of us. I want you to head ahead and scout the area first. Remember to run at the first encounter of danger!" said Baron Blood.

"What? Me?" said that Scarlet Hunter, regretting his decision of having said anything. How could someone like him ever outrun a Level 5 monster?

"Enough. This is an order!" Blood Baron barked at that Scarlet Hunter. It was only logical to send someone in to survey but he would never be a hero in times like this.

"Fine. But if anything happens to me, please take care of my family," said the Scarlet Hunter as he braved himself to head out.

"Don't jinx yourself," said Baron Blood as he chuckled.

The Scarlet Hunter headed out without turning back. Since they were not expecting an attack, the Scarlet Hunter headed out at intense speed without worrying about being attacked. When he arrived at the source of the power surge, he was shocked to see dead, dismembered bodies without heads, and a pile of destroyed spying machinery. 

It was laid out there deliberately by Jiang Fei. He had purposely left the bodies of Ye Tianshun and the others to spell out a message to anyone who sees it. Anyone who dared to plot against him would be found out and executed.

Jiang Fei made it so to send a message as well as to delay the Mutants from attacking them. Unbeknownst to the Mutants, the martial artists were in no shape to fight at all. He needed to buy as much time as possible for them to get their sh*t together.

"Boss, Ye Tianshun and the others were killed. I am sure that a Level 5 Metahuman is involved!" said the Scarlet Hunter.

"I see. I'll be right there," Blood Baron replied and took the rest of the Scarlet Hunters to where the remains of Ye Tianshun and the others were.
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