The Almighty Ring
914 Karma
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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914 Karma

when jiang fei returned home, everyone was in. his father, his mother, and even si tuying!

"jiang fei!" si tuying cried and leaped into his embrace. 

guilt struck him deep into his soul when he wrapped his arms around si tuying's frail little figure. he was out in the world, fighting with his life on the line, letting his entire family, and even his beloved, to worry for him. when jiang fei lifted his head up, he saw his parents. they had not even hit their middle-age yet there were silvery-white strands of hair. 

ever since the tension between the two nations grew higher, jiang fei's parents had been worried for their son's safety. when war erupted, the stress that his parents felt was so strong that they had grown white hair.

even though the news had been reporting the victory of china, that good news did not even elevated jiang fei's parents' mood. not one bit. 

like all close ones of the soldiers that had been drafted to war, jiang fei's parents was dying to know about their son's safety. the worst fear they had was to see jiang fei's body being wrapped in china's national flag. what could they do with honor bestowed upon their family name if it cost them the life of their treasured son? rather than hoping china had won the war, they would rather have their son return alive, even if it meant the collapse of the nation. 

when jiang fei turned the knob of the door and greeted everyone, even jiang fei's father, the always stoic man with no expression on his face, teared up and smile. jiang fei mothers did not hide her feelings. she was literally crying her eyes out at the sight of her son. if si tuying, with new found powers of a metahuman had rushed to him first, jiang fei's parents would had hugged him tightly. 

"mom! dad! i missed you so much!" jiang fei cried out. he had never experienced true war before and could never truly understood the meaning of life and the love that his parents had showered upon him. 

"as long as you're fine," the father nodded his head as he wiped away his tears. the man's blood pressure dropped instantly to 120/70. 

"my son! you must be hungry for mom's cooking! don't you worry, i'll whip up a meal that will put my past cookings to shame!" said the mother, choking on her tears. the mother was not a poet. she was not good with words as she was better at cooking. what better way to express her love to her son than cooking? 

as the mother quickly made her way to the kitchen, the father consoled si tuying who would not let jiang fei out of her embrace. the poor girl must have been worried sick. as her tears wet his shirt, jiang fei could not help but feel glad. 

it was a sense of fulfillment, a feeling of gratitude and belonged. jiang fei could swear that he would never be as happy even if he managed to collect all braveheart's parts. if it was not for isabella's resurrection, jiang fei might have given up on fighting. he was so sated with happiness that he could just take off the ring on his finger, store it in his drawers, and forget everything that had to do with fighting. 

however… isabella meant too much for him. he had owed her too much to give up then. at that moment, he felt ashamed, guilty even. the girls that he had been bringing out of the game grew exponentially. what about isabella when she was revived? how would his household be like then? 

before the poor si tuying could finish crying weeks worth of tears on jiang fei's chest, the mother called everyone in for dinner. only then did she let go of jiang fei even though she refused to leave his side. 

during dinner, everyone talked about random topics, anything that had nothing to do with metahumans, war, and jiang fei's absence. jiang fei did not want to worry his parents and they did not want to ruin such a peaceful, happy moment. 

after dinner, the parents proactively took ariel and shang guanqi out. they were merely excusing themselves to give a private, alone time for jiang fei and si tuying. the two deserved some time alone. when jiang fei was not at home, si tuying had moved in with his parents and had been taking good care of them. it was then the parents realized that no woman was more suited to be their daughter-in-law. she had obtained their blessings. 

everyone was gone and the two were left alone in the living room. the girl was blushing madly. how could she not know what the parents were up to?! she's not a kid anymore! she was more than capable of understanding what was going to happen! 

"uhm… how are you… lately?" jiang fei fumbled with his words. he had not seen the woman of his life for almost a month. 

"i'm… doing great…" the girl stuttered. her voice was squeaking even softer than an ant. she was so embarrassed that she could not bring herself to look at jiang fei.

ba dump!

jiang fei's superior physique allowed him to hear the poor girl's heart beat. as her heart beat faster and faster, so did jiang fei's. if it was not for his powerful body, jiang fei felt that he might had already passed out from hypertension. 

jiang fei shifted closer and closer to si tuying, trying to hold her hand. as he did, he could smell the fragrant smell of her usual shampoo. when he tried to touch her shoulder, the poor girl flinched so hard that jiang fei thought that he might have accidentally activate origin force! when she finally accepted his touch, jiang fei felt a sudden jolt of power rushing to his body. 

it was inevitable. jiang fei was a boy and si tuying was a girl. the two were alone in the house. the two loved each other. if he did not have that rush, he would be considered as abnormal! 

finally, when jiang fei could not take it anymore, he stood up abruptly and carried si tuying into his embrace and planted a passionate kiss on her supple lips. 

that was not the first time he had kissed her but every time he did, the soft, supple lips, planted on his, made jiang fei's body surge with power that he could never get used to. slowly, jiang fei kissed and kissed until the room temperature rose along with the love of the two. 

"let's do it in my room," said jiang fei, sweat dripping from his forehead. 

"alright…" the girl answered, sweating just as profusely. 

with si tuying still in his arm, jiang fei opened the door easily with his hips. like a floating spectre, jiang fei slowly drifted towards his bed and placed si tuying gently. just when jiang fei was about to reach out his hand to caress her face, 0541's voice blared in his mind, like a fire truck siren. 

"omega level being detected approaching at high speed!" 

omega level being… a level 5 metahuman! 

just when 0541 had ended the sentence, the metahuman appeared right in his window and entered the room nonchalantly. even though he was staying in the 100th floor of manda square, such a feat meant nothing but a walk in the park. 

"huh? oh my god! i'm so sorry! oh, jeez… i'm really sorry for disturbing the two of you. shall i come back again in two hours?" said welton as he apologised profusely at jiang fei, who's hand was hovering on si tuying's chest. 

"f*cking hell… so this is what it feels like… brother yu, i'm so sorry for not knocking on the door…" said jiang fei to himself. it was the first time he had felt the shame for having an unannounced guest while he had a girl in his room. back then, jiang fei had interrupted han tianyu and his secretary having their "time". such a payback this was… looks like karma hits back hard.

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