The Almighty Ring
926 Dirty Agreemen
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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926 Dirty Agreemen

right then, a very strange phenomenon happened on the battlefield. although the neutral faction players were continually killed, they still had smiles on their faces. on the other hand, the dark faction players all looked deeply upset despite killing many of their enemies.

within half an hour, most of the neutral faction players had died. although these fellows were killed, they were all happy with the equipment they had looted from the dark faction players which were worth quite a lot of money.

conversely, the dark faction players were downtrodden with the fact that they could not protect their equipment from being stolen by the bandits.

as the neutral faction players had caused havoc on the battlefield, many of the dragons were able to escape. as soon as the dragons made their way out of the forbidden flight area, they immediately spread their wings and took off. neither jiang fei nor the nephilim army could catch these dragons once they made it into the air.

after some time, the dark faction's players were still able to capture and kill several more dragons. however, all guilds including the empyreal dragon had suffered significant losses.

despite billy boy's strategic formations and little rain's seal curse spells, many of empyreal dragon's players still lost their equipment to the bandits. the dragons had killed many players after recovering their mana, resulting in equipment being dropped all over the place. even jiang fei could not stop these bandits from stealing the equipment.

if it were a straightforward battle, hundreds of thousands of players could be killed with a single seal curse spell. however, these bandits came in all directions and were scattered around the battlefield. thus, the large aoe magic spells became ineffective and it also became much more difficult for jiang fei to stop the bandits from stealing equipment.

tutu's plan of ambush was flawless. regardless of how strong jiang fei was, he could not challenge the system's rules. tutu was clearly using the system's rules against jiang fei. he took advantage of the fact that players would lose the equipment they wore upon death and one random item in their backpack. as such, the bandits still earned their share despite being killed on the battlefield.

after being fooled twice, jiang fei was indeed feeling very annoyed. as dragons gradually escaped or were killed, the dragon slaying battle came to an end.

although the dark faction's players earned a lot of experience points in the battle, they lost significantly in terms of their equipment. after all, only very few players like jiang fei could acquire equipment from the kills. the players who lost their equipment were still the majority.

as the battle came to an end, the players returned to the city one after another. meanwhile, jiang fei was summoned by the nephilim king.

"your highness, were you looking for me?" jiang fei returned to the nephilim king's palace with akatziris.

"yeah! what do you think of the battle this time?" augustus asked.

"it went pretty well!" jiang fei said after a moment of thought. although the dark faction's players had lost a lot of their wealth, it was an overwhelming victory from the perspective of the nephilim race and the overall dark faction.

"it didn't just go well. it went too well! i could hardly believe it!" poseidon said.

"ehh…" jiang fei was dumbfounded. after all, the nephilim race and the oceanic race had worked together to fight against the dragon race. was the successful outcome not expected?

"ah fei, you may not be aware of this. the dragon race has a very small population. we had killed nearly thousands of them this time. less than a hundred of them have escaped. this is almost a genocide for the dragons. however, the dragon god still did not appear!" augustus explained as he noticed how confused jiang fei seemed.

"what do you mean?" jiang fei seemed even more confused.

"although celestial beings like us normally do not take part in battles, we would still protect our own race from being annihilated regardless of the stupid rules," poseidon said.

"oh!" jiang fei suddenly realized what poseidon was trying to say. although celestial beings would normally not interfere in battles, it was strange that the dragon god did not show up despite his race being almost entirely wiped out.

jiang fei might hate bennette straz but he still respected the dragon god for his character. he did not think bennette straz was one who feared death. otherwise, jiang fei would not have suggested to the nephilim king that they should annihilate the dragon race before the war between the light and dark factions.

however, now that the dragon race was nearly wiped out, the dragon god still did not appear. could he have been stalled by other matters? what could be more important than the life or death of the dragon race?

"nevermind him. we'll focus on annihilating the dragon race. as long as we get rid of the dragon race, the dragon god himself would not be able to do anything against us!" jiang fei said after a moment of silence.

"alright!" augustus and poseidon glanced at each other. they had the same intention as jiang fei. now was the perfect time to annihilate the dragon race once and for all.

not only would annihilating the dragon race help the dark faction in the war between the light and dark factions, there would also be benefits from robbing the wealthy dragon race. the dragon race had accumulated a massive wealth of treasures over the centuries. if they could break into the dragon race's nest, all of the treasures would belong to the dark faction.

even the nephilim king and emperor poseidon were tempted by the wealth of the dragon race. in fact, with the recent news that the dragon god had robbed the pope's tomb, everyone had become aware of how rich the dragon race was.

very soon, jiang fei and the two celestial beings devised the dirtiest agreement in the history of dawnlight. although jiang fei would only claim a small part of the rewards from robbing the dragon race's nest, the amount he earned would probably still double or even triple the empyreal dragon's wealth.

after the planning was complete, jiang fei left the nephilim king's palace and returned to his own guild base. this time, the nephilim race and the oceanic race would be the main forces in raiding the dragon race's nest. players would only support them and thus jiang fei did not need to involve the other guilds.

originally, augustus and poseidon could very well claim the rewards for themselves. they had only involved jiang fei as a show of respect to ou yezi and also the high humans' leadership. after all, jiang fei had only just acquired the status of an overlord. what right did he have to share the rewards of the raid?

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