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After returning home from the Yang sisters' residence, Jiang Fei discovered that his mother was the only one at home. His father had gone to work while Shang Guanqi had brought Si Tuying to train at the martial arts training center.

Si Tuying had been very diligent in her training, especially after evolving to Level 4 from consuming the potions. She knew the gap between herself and Jiang Fei's capabilities had decreased. Moreover, as a Level 4 metahuman, she was fully capable of protecting herself. Once she acquires sufficient battle techniques, she would be able to accompany Jiang Fei wherever he went.

With that motivation in mind, Si Tuying worked even harder than before. She spent all her time on training aside from meals and sleep. Under Shang Guanqi's guidance, Si Tuying's battling techniques improved very quickly. Although she still could not be compared to the martial artists who had trained for decades, she was on par with normal mutants.

By nightfall, everyone in the family had returned home. After dinner and some chatter, Jiang Fei went into his room and logged into the game.

Meanwhile, 0541 was still under the forced downtime. Despite 0541's absence, Jiang Fei had already gotten used to entering the game on his own.

In the game, Jiang Fei noticed that more players were online. Nearly 80% of the players had returned to the game, which was close to the state before the war escalated.

There was something Jiang Fei was still unaware of, which was that the military had decided to increase the ratio of players in the game. This was because the progress in developing man-made souls was still too slow. Thus, the military needed more players in the game to stimulate the Artificial Intelligence's growth. They did so by giving away more gaming pods and even arranged for part of the military to join the game.

Therefore, it had become much more vibrant in the faction regions. Even the normally quiet four main newjoiners' cities had become packed.

The major guilds were keen to attract some of these new players. After all, most of the existing players already had a guild. Even the pub players had created their own smaller groups or formed guilds of their own.

It was a great opportunity for guilds, including the likes of Empyreal Dragon, to expand by recruiting some of these new players. Lady Casanova and Rosette Rose were occupied with the recruitment process.

"You guys can decide!" Jiang Fei said to Lady Casanova and Rosette Rose. He had entrusted them with managing the guild's affairs as they were both highly efficient.

While Jiang Fei did not have to worry about recruitment, there was something else he had to personally attend to.

The Nephilim King and Emperor Poseidon's armies were fully prepared for the invasion of the Dragon race's nest. Elder Prince Otis had personally visited Jiang Fei to relay the news.

Jiang Fei's only task in the invasion was to tag behind the Nephilim race and the Oceanic race's armies. After all, the two Celestial beings had only involved Jiang Fei out of respect toward Ou Yezi.

After meeting Otis, Jiang Fei immediately asked Seven Stars Warrior to gather the rest. This time, the requirement for players to participate in the battle was less strict. Even normal Profession class players could join in the battle. After all, they did not need to actually fight. All they needed to do was to carry some stuff around and benefit from being part of the battle.

Very soon, 500,000 of the Empyreal Dragon's members had gathered, which included nearly everyone in the guild. Apart from those who were offline, all members of the group had been brought along, including the gatherer-type players.

"Let's go!" As Jiang Fei waved his hands, the players marched behind Jiang Fei as they started heading toward the Dragon race's nest.


"Well done, boy! Do you plan to take the Dragon nest's bricks away too?" The Nephilim King exclaimed when he saw the amount of players Jiang Fei had brought. He had initially expected Jiang Fei to bring only around a thousand players. However, Jiang Fei had exceeded his expectations by bringing an army of half a million players.

"Hehe…" Jiang Fei felt slightly embarrassed. He truly had brought too many players along this time.

"Alright! Cut the crap. Let's begin!" Poseidon waved his hands. He and Augustus had decided to let Jiang Fei off the hook for his greed as they respected Ou Yezi far too much. Besides, the items from the Dragon race did not belong to them. The Adventurers were allowed to take whatever they want.

"Kill them!" As the command was given, the Nephilim race and Oceanice race's armies charged toward the Dragon's nest. Jiang Fei and the other players were awed by the number of troops in these armies.

Augustus and Poseidon were personally leading the battle this time. This was to prevent the Dragon God's sudden appearance from causing great casualties to their armies.

Bang! Just as the two race's armies arrived before the Dragon's nest, a beam of fire appeared and instantly turned 100,000 soldiers from the armies into ashes.

"This Dragon's nest has very unusual defensive mechanisms!" Augustus nodded. Although quite a number of his subordinates had been killed, he still looked very calm. After all, he had countless of these low-tier Nephilim soldiers.

Since the Nephilim King did not care about the losses, Emperor Poseidon was equally unaffected. It was a piece of cake for the Oceanic race to summon these low-tier soldiers.

Jiang Fei had personally seen the low-tier Oceanic races at the bottom of the ocean. They were like groups of insects which would consume everything in their paths. The high-tier Oceanic races even had to kill some of these low-tier Oceanic races from time to time in order to prevent the ocean regions from being decimated.

Therefore, as soon as a nearby Overlord commanded, these low-tier Oceanic races would immediately sacrifice themselves. After all, they would not gain anything if they were directly killed by their Overlord masters. However, if they obeyed their masters, they might stand a chance to get food before they died. Such was the worthlessness of these low-tier Oceanic creatures.

Although Jiang Fei knew the massive death counts he had witnessed were mere data, he still felt slightly upset. After all, he had personally experienced wars in real life. Such a scene of mass killing reminded him of the cruelty in the real wars.

"Kill them all!" After nearly millions of the low-tier soldiers had been killed, they finally made it to the gates of the Dragon race's nest. The Dragon race had run out of traps and defensive mechanisms which were all activated by the low-tier soldiers.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The Dragon race's guards unceasingly cast their Draconian Magic Spells on these soldiers. Even if these soldiers were killed within a second, they did not stop attacking the Dragon race's gates. Despite their low Attack Power individually, the Dragon race's gates were still very quickly destroyed due to the large number of soldiers.

"Charge! The first Oceanic race to make it into the Dragon race's nest will be rewarded with the rank of normal civilians!" Poseidon's words immediately aroused the low-tier Oceanic races. If they acquired the rank of normal civilians, they would not need to worry about being killed by Overlord masters. Although they would certainly die if they charged directly through the gates, the low-tier Oceanic races still put their lives on the line for the sake of their own race's future.
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