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"Mr. Jiang, you don't have to try and persuade me anymore. I've made up my mind!" Ding Tianqing said firmly.

"Sigh. Okay then." Jiang Fei nodded. He saw the determination in Ding Tianqing's eyes.

Jiang Fei chatted with these martial artists for a little while more. A few hours passed by very quickly and 0542's voice rang in Jiang Fei's heart once again.

"Captain, the potions are complete!" 0542's notification was timely, because Jiang Fei had already run out of ideas and did not know what to talk about anymore.

Initially, after these martial artists chose the candidates for the potion testing, they were just waiting for Jiang Fei to bring the potions out. Everyone was thinking about the potions and was not in the mood to chat. However, as the potions were not complete yet, Jiang Fei had to continue dragging time. As these martial artists did not want to offend Jiang Fei, they did not dare to ask him to hurry up. So, although they had been happily chatting away for two hours, everyone actually felt extremely awkward.

Now, however, the potions were complete. Jiang Fei could finally break the awkwardness.

"Okay, let's cut to the chase. It's time to test the potions," Jiang Fei suddenly said.

"Okay! Okay! Okay!!" All the martial artists suddenly stood up. They had waited a long time for this moment!

"Come on." Jiang Fei reached inside his clothes and quietly took five small porcelain bottles out of the Spatial Ring.

When Jiang Fei placed the five bottles on the table, all the martial artists could not help but focus their attention on them.

"Is this the magical potion?"

"Elder Zhuge is really amazing. He actually managed to create something like this." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Yeah! Yeah! Is there anything in this world that elder Zhuge can't do?"


Most of the martial artists were discussing among themselves, but there were five of them that had serious expressions on their faces. They were none other than the five martial artists who were going to test the potions.

"Mr. Jiang, are there any requirements for taking this potion?" Ding Tianqing stood up and asked.

"No, you just have to drink it, but it will cause severe pain after drinking. I suggest you five find an empty place so that you won't accidentally hurt anyone," Jiang Fei answered.

"Alright. Let's go to the yard." Ding Tianqing nodded, then took one porcelain bottle and walked out the stone house.

The other four potion-testing martial artists also took the porcelain bottles and walked out. They did not look as calm as Ding Tianqing. Although they had been selected by their sects, not everyone had the determination to risk their lives to gain strength. Some of them just did not dare to object to their master's wishes.

When he came to the small open space outside the stone house, Ding Tianqing held his fist out toward all the martial artists, then gave a tribute to Jiang Fei. "I thank you all for giving me this opportunity. If something unfortunate happens to me, please take care of Green Willow Heights for me!"

"We will!" Regardless of whether or not they were close to Ding Tianqing, the disciples who were present still had to show their respect.

"Sect leader Ding, you can rest assured. Regardless of the result of your potion testing, I promise that Green Willow Heights will not extinguish as long as I'm alive." Jiang Fei nodded at Ding Tianqing. Seeing that a close friend was risking his life to help with the potion testing, Jiang Fei felt extremely guilty.

"Thank you." Ding Tianqing bowed to Jiang Fei once again, then raised his hand and drank the potion from the porcelain bottle.

"Master! We disciples thank you for your support all these years!"

"Leader! I'm going to drink it!"


Shortly after, the other four potion-testing martial artists also drank the potion from the porcelain bottles.

After about two minutes of calmness, the five potion-testing martial artists began to look like they were in pain. After a full minute of pain, the two Level 2 martial artists could not help but fall to the ground.

"Everyone, pay attention! Keep your mind steady. Don't pass out no matter what! Once you pass out, you will have less than ten percent chance of surviving!" Jiang Fei shouted.


At that time, none of the five potion-testing martial artists could speak anymore. Ding Tianqing barely managed to nod at Jiang Fei. The other four were too busy rolling around in pain.

"Younger brother Jiang, is this pain normal?" Bai Wanli asked Jiang Fei.

"Mmm. Indeed. This is to hone their will, so that their will can control the sudden ascension of power. Without such honing, the sudden increase in strength will lead to the explosion of their bodies, causing death." Jiang Fei did not hide anything.

"So this also happened to you when you drank the potion?" Grandmother Jinghua asked.

"Yes. Even though the potion I drank had no side effects, I still had to go through this kind of pain. If you can't hold on and pass out, there's a ninety percent chance of dying." Jiang Fei nodded. This stage which strengthened one's soul was necessary. Otherwise, even if one was not tortured to death by the potion, one would explode because of the energy surge.

"I see." When all the martial artists present looked at Jiang Fei, they could not help but look at him with admiration.

Although these martial artists did not know the pain of taking this potion firsthand, the misery of the five people was right before them. Even the advanced Level 4 martial artist Ding Tianqing was rolling on the ground in extreme pain. So, they could imagine how much it hurt. In the past, they all thought that Jiang Fei was just a lucky child that found a good master. Today, however, they realized that Jiang Fei had gone through a lot before he could possess such power.


Following a scream, a Level 2 disciple passed out.

"F*ck!" Jiang Fei shouted, then violently grabbed the fainted martial artist and threw him far away.

Jiang Fei threw the fainted martial artist more than thirty meters away. Before he could land on the ground, his body was blown into pieces by the sudden energy surge within him. The power of the explosion was on par with a hand grenade!

"Oh my..."


The martial artists who were present could not help but suck in their breaths when they saw this scene. Although Jiang Fei had mentioned that the test was risky, no one expected that someone would explode and die so quickly!

"Younger brother Jiang, is this the side effect that you mentioned?" Bai Wanli asked.

"No. This happened because his will was not strong enough. The side effects of the potion can only be seen after one survives through the pain." Jiang Fei shook his head.

"I see..." After the martial artists heard Jiang Fei's words, they started to reassess the risks of the potion.

Suddenly, the other Level 2 disciple suddenly flushed and leaped from the ground.

"Stabilize your mind! Eliminate any distracting thoughts! Control the surging energy within your body to the best of your abilities!" Jiang Fei shouted.

After Jiang Fei shouted, a group of martial artists could clearly feel that the Level 2 martial artist was trying very hard. However, the problem was that he was way too weak. He could not control the violent surge of power in his body at all.

"This is bad!" Jiang Fei suddenly realized his mistake. He should not have allowed Level 2 martial artists to participate in the test, because they were too weak to bear the intensity of this potion. One had to know that when Jiang Fei and Si Tuying took the potions for the first time, they took the weakened version. Jiang Fei's potion was created by a few Level 4 Metahumans, and Si Tuying's was even weaker than that. On the contrary, these people were testing out advanced potions made by Bio-Samples of Level 5 alien beasts. Naturally, Level 2 beginners would not be able to handle them!
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