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While everyone, including Jiang Fei, was busy with the war, they were kicked out of the server when it was time for it to shut down. 

Today was not the first day that players had been killing, being killed, rushing to farm experience points, it had been five days since they were able to do so. Everyone was the same. Players logged in and started to rush into the war zone. Rinse and repeat. 

This cycle of dying and reviving was boring, but from a regular player's perspective, it was all worth it. As the war dragged on, the use of magic cannons on the Light Faction fortress declined. They would only be used when players of the Shadow Faction had rushed to the drawbridge. Even so, players of the Shadow Faction were happy as they had ever been. 

Before the war had started, the average level of Shadow Faction players were around Level 69 to Level 70. After one week of repeatedly dying and reviving, the experience points rewards gained from Jiang Fei's quest was so high that the average level had risen to Level 75 and above. Those that had spent their time in the war zone had earned enough experience points to gain a level in a single day. If they had taken the usual route, hunting monsters and raiding dungeons, they would only be able to gain enough experience points to level in a month! 

While everyone was happy that they could earn so much experience, members of the Empyreal Dragon was even happier than the rest due to the special treatment that Jiang Fei had given to the guild. Using his authority, he had maximized the best rewards for players in the Empyreal Dragon. Hence, while other player could reach Level 75, those of the Empyreal Dragon were reaching past Level 80! 

With such a huge gap in levels, positions in the Level Ranking Board were claimed by players in the Empyreal Dragon. Even though it was obvious that Jiang Fei was giving his own men with special treatment, no one could complain about it otherwise. He had the authority and if someone was to make some noise about it, Jiang Fei would not care less about the others and might even remove the quest entirely! Which would it be? Accept the fact that Empyreal Dragon was having special treatment? Or complain and receive no treatment at all? 

When Jiang Fei was out of the game, 0542 notified him with great news. 

"Captain, the enhanced potions had been completed!" 0542 announced.

"That's good to hear," said Jiang Fei before asking 0542 to make three more potions. 

After breakfast, Jiang Fei went out of his house to visit the Yang sisters. He wanted the sisters to help him inform the alliance about the second batch of potions. 

Because Jiang Fei was the first to get up, Ariel, Si Tuying, and Shang Guanqi were still sleeping. He was not going to meet the alliance members directly and hence there was no need for him to disturb the others. 

"Big Brother Jiang Fei! You're up early! It's nice to see you the first thing in the morning!" cried Yang Qing. Ariel, the Level 5 Metahuman was not around. That was why Yang Qing dared to behave like how she did before. Without warning, the girl leaped onto Jiang Fei and hugged him whilst pressing herself on him. 

"Mhm…" Jiang Fei groaned. He immediately regretted his decision of not having Ariel with him. Now that Yang Qing had pressed her undeveloped chest onto Jiang Fei, he felt incredibly uncomfortable. He tried to push her away but not only did he failed to do so, he accidentally pushed against her chest, which made her groan in the most inappropriate way possible. 

This time, Jiang Fei decided not to struggle. Even though he was much stronger than she was, he could not just push her away with force. If he overdid it, the girl might be hurt. But if he did not, he would be seen as allowing himself to take advantage of the girl's inappropriate behavior. In the end, he gave up trying and stood there at the entrance, with Yang Qing still hugging him. 

"I just need to drop the news and leave as soon as possible!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. He knew that these girls were complicated. Worst of all, he could not tell whether the girls were genuinely behaving that way or it was just an act. For better or worse, Jiang Fei decided to play along and leave the house as soon as possible. 

Once he had made his decision, he stood still and just talked. 

"I want you to inform the others in the alliance that my master has just finished completed a new batch of potion. If they are interested, they may find suitable candidates to test them." 

"Alright. Is there anything else?" Yang Po asked. She saw that Jiang Fei did not bother to shake Yang Qing off, much less making an effort to enter the house. 

"No. I'm going back home. Ariel is still waiting for me to have breakfast," said Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei had always been drawing a blank when it came to Yang Qing but he knew her weakness now and would not be ashamed to use it!

"Alright…" said Yang Qing, letting go of Jiang Fei. Before he left, Yang Qing purposely made an unhappy face to let Jiang Fei see. That was as far as she dared to express her objection. She was still afraid to wrong a Level 5 Metahuman after all. 

After Jiang Fei left and entered his house, Yang Qing sulked and kicked the door behind her close. The door slammed shut with so much force that the edge the door almost cracked. 

"Just give up, my little foolish sister. The man clearly had no positive impression about us. The more you try to push yourself to him, the further he would be from you," said Yang Po, sighing disappointingly. 

"Never!" Yang Qing huffed and puffed. 

"What am I going to do with you…" 

"What are you going to do with me? You should think about our future! That being said, you need to help me with this!" Yang Qing roared cheerfully. She was mad and was sulking a minute ago but smiled as she hugged her sister from behind. 

"Help you? What could I do?" said Yang Po, frowning at his sister's attempt to coax her. 

"Listen, our fate has been sealed when master had announced to the entire alliance that we are Jiang Fei's women. Seeing how Jiang Fei has established himself as a strong fighter, who would dare to approach us? Do you want to live and die alone?" said Yang Qing. 

"Who says living and dying alone was bad?" Yang Po snickered. Even though she was clearly making fun of Yang Qing's poor attempt, her voice had a hint of pain in it. The two sisters were "sold" off to Jiang Fei as a means to get more pills from Jiang Fei. That "bargain" had placed the two sisters in an awkward position in the alliance. Many male fighters that once tried to court them were running away now. Even those that could not keep it in their pants were purposely hidden away from Yang Po and Yang Qing by their higher-ups. It was an inevitable move since Jiang Fei had reached the Pinnacle stage of Level 4. The sect that he was in was so mysterious that even if the Level 5 female Metahuman that was always by his side was not intimidating enough, there was that mysterious master of his, Zhuge Shanzhen! 

The entire alliance and even the other society of Metahumans feared Jiang Fei and in turn, the two sisters too. No matter what Granny Jinghua had said, the girls had been seen lingering about Jiang Fei. Granny Jinghua's bargain had only solidified that statement that the girls were his women. No one would dare to touch them now!

"You're fine! I'm not! I don't care what you think but know this, Jiang Fei is a good man and I truly believe that there would be nothing wrong to have him in our grasp! Knowing that, I would never give up!" Yang Qing's eyes glinted with determination. 

"Huh. It won't matter if you want him. The point is that he does not have any eyes for us!" said Yang Po, sighing heavily again. Yang Po had a similar thought to what Yang Qing had just stated. Jiang Fei was, undoubtedly, a good fighter and a good man. Alliance aside, Jiang Fei had positioned himself well in the entire Metahuman society. If it were possible, she would naturally choose Jiang Fei as their life partner but the man clearly had other thoughts. The feeling was not mutual to begin with!
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