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Before she betrayed the Light Faction and went with Jiang Fei, she would never have agreed to draw the map for Jiang Fei. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had spent a considerable amount of time cultivating her emotions, be it of his choice or being forced by 0541. 

Among the girls that he had been trying to "cultivate", Nina, Hua Mulan, and Sylphy were the top three women, next only to Ariel and Isabella. Hence, Jiang Fei had developed a similar kind of emotion that he had for Ariel but not as strong as the one he had for Isabella. 

Due to the Reputation system of the game and the amount of time Jiang Fei had spent with the girls, Nina had opened up herself to Jiang Fei completely. One could even say that the girl had fallen in love with Jiang Fei. That was why even though she knew what sort of disaster that the map would bring to the Light Faction, she still agreed to draw it out for Jiang Fei. 

"I will. This I promise you," said Jiang Fei. His vengeance was directly solely for the boss NPCs, not the civilians of the Light Faction. 

With the map in hand, Jiang Fei bid farewell to the girls and left. If Nina, Hua Mulan, and Sylphy were to accompany Jiang Fei to infiltrate the Light Faction, the mission to construct the Teleportation Circle would be a breeze. The one thing that Jiang Fei knew that might be a hindrance was the fact that all three of them were once people of the Light Faction. Nina, especially, would be troublesome since she was once the Saint of the Light. Although she would do what pains her to do, the people of the Light Faction, the Luminous Church would not hesitate to end her life right there and then. 

Knowing that his enemies were the Luminous Church, Jiang Fei did not want to force the girls to fight the people that they were once part of. The best thing that they could do was to draft the map for him. 

After getting out of the Demon Dragon Fortress, Jiang Fei flew into the sky with the Skygliding Dragon and continued to soar until the system automatically banned him from flying any higher. There, at the highest point where he could fly, Jiang Fei flew straight towards the Light Faction. The reason he flew that high was to avoid being detected by the system, registering him being inside the Light Faction territory, which would trigger the reporting system to announce his position. 

With the mini-map, an unrealistic GPS system, Jiang Fei would not be afraid of getting lost. No matter how high he flew or how small the earth became, Jiang Fei would still be able to tell where he was because of the mini-map. 

Just as he entered the Light Faction, the system blared. 

Ding! Verdure Glider has entered the territory of Light Faction. He is currently at XXX, XXX! Anyone who kills him would be entitled to a grand reward!

It appeared that the system still has not forgotten about Jiang Fei and reported his position to all Light Faction players and NPCs. 

Even with the information laying out there, players with flying mount would not do anything since there were so few of them. At this point, the hopes of chasing after Jiang Fei was close to zero. Jiang Fei's flying mount was special as it received a blessing from the Dragon God himself, granting him an Evolution status which made it fly at the fastest speed no other flying mount could match. 

While players would not do anything about Jiang Fei, NPCs would not rest until they had their revenge. Overlord tier NPCs did not need to fly as they had Teleportation ability would enable them to chase after Jiang Fei, no matter how fast he flew. If he was on the ground, he would not need to be afraid of Overlord tier NPCs, with his newfound strength gained from the Vitality and Spirit Cauldron. The problem was that the Skygliding Dragon was vulnerable. Either he activates his morphing skill to gain flight ability or die after the Skygliding Dragon dies and drops to the ground. At that height, the fall damage would kill him even if he had one billion health points. 

Even if he somehow managed to survive after the fall, Jiang Fei would not want to continue with the quest. Once the Light Faction NPCs were on his tail, he would have had to do something about them since they would not rest until either one was dead. 

"Akatziris, please help me be on the lookout for any Overlord tier boss," said Jiang Fei to Akatziris as he entered the Light Faction territory. 

While that was happening, players in the Light Faction were rattled. 

"Verdure Glider is in here?" 

"Should we chase after him?" said one of the guild members to their leader. Concurrently, many of them were engaged in battle in the front line of the war. However, the reward prepared by the Divine Light God that was waiting for him, was tempting! 

"Chase after him? Be my guest. He could fly, can you fly?" the guild master retorted. He knew better since chasing after Verdure Glider would literally be a suicide mission. He would rather continue farming experience points via quests in the front lines than wasting his time chasing after a god-like player. 

"Heh, you speak as if the only thing that is stopping you now is having a flying mount. Do you really think you could fight him even if he was right next to you?" said another guild master who overheard the conversation. Verdure Glider might not be a player of the Light Faction but his name was prominent enough that every player in the game knew about it. His strength was on a whole other level. Back when Tu Tu was engaged in a war with him, he managed to trap Jiang Fei but he still failed to kill him. Even if the entire Light Faction were mobilized to hunt him down, killing Jiang Fei would still be a pipe dream. 

Right now, players were more focused on defending the fortress instead of leaving. However, just as they thought the NPCs would do the same, the higher ranking Knights left abruptly, leaving players to fend for themselves. 

"What the hell? Why are they running away when we at in the middle of defending the fortress?!" 

Players were stumped. They were already being overwhelmed by the sheer number of players attacking from the Shadow Faction. Having the NPCs on their side could still balance the table. Now that the NPCs themselves were leaving, the table had turned against them. Even the strongest NPCs had left the front lines. 

"Should we just abandon this fortress?" 

The thought of just giving up started to make sense. However, one thing that the players of the Light Faction were wrong about was the NPCs were not running away. They were merely leaving their post to hunt for Jiang Fei! 

These Church Knights were sent to the front lines to help the guards to defend the fortress. However, they were men of Church before they were soldiers for war. Their duty lies with the Church. Right now, the Church demanded Jiang Fei's head! Hence, even though they were right in the middle of a defensive war, the NPCs left their post immediately when Jiang Fei made his appearance. 

The crime that Jiang Fei committed, kidnapping the Saint of the Light, was an offense so grave that the Divine Light God himself had descended into the human realm to deliver his judgment. The Knights of the Church had deemed Jiang Fei's life as more important than defending the fortress. There were many Light Faction fortresses but there was only one Jiang Fei. Furthermore, the Divine Light God himself had placed a bounty of Jiang Fei's head! 

Once the strongest NPCs left, the players started to feel overwhelmed. Billy Boy and Seven Star Warrior immediately took the chance and charged into the gates while their enemies' morale was dropping, and started to attack with the intention of taking down the fortress. 

The Knights rushed over to the coordinates provided by the system but they were all grounded and could not chase after Jiang Fei who was in the air. However, the problem was not over as there were still many others who wanted Jiang Fei's head.
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