The Almighty Ring
955 Yang Qing’s Purpose
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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955 Yang Qing’s Purpose

after the merry little welcoming party was over, jiang fei was brought into a large hall where all the elders were gathered together. 

"i'm going straight to the point. here are the new and improved potions," said jiang fei, placing three bottles of potions on the ground. the entire room went silent as all eyes were locked onto the bottles. 

"brother jiang fei, are there only three?" said bai wanli. his tone suggests great disappointment which jiang fei immediately picked up. 

"these potions took too long to make. not to mention the ingredients were hard to procure, even for my master," said jiang fei. 

"what sort of ingredient are we talking about? perhaps we could help you gather them!" ganyang zhenren was the first to offer help. the rest of the elders started to express their offer to help. 

these martial artists of the older generation had been in the alliance for some time and knew their way around many rare ingredients. be it the thousand-year ginseng or even the hundred-year lingzhi, they would be willing to offer them up if it meant they would have jiang fei make potions for them. 

"my master has all the ingredients in the world at his disposal. the only ingredient that he lacks is the flesh of a level 5 alien beast!" said jiang fei truthfully. 


"it can't be!"

everyone panicked when jiang fei told the truth about the potion. no ordinary martial artists had seen but only heard of the almighty level 5 beast. 

there was no superior beast in existence before the crash of braveheart on earth. a few alien beasts were able to escape their enclosure when braveheart crash landed on earth and even fewer were able to survive once they were exposed to an alien environment. so far, there were only two level 5 alien beasts that were alive. 

when other metahumans in the world had never seen an alien beast in their life, these martial artists that had secluded themselves from the outside world might have never heard of it before! 

the two alien beasts that survived the crash were still roaming around the world. jiang fei had encountered the void manta, the result of the pure-alien blooded void manta crossbreeding with earth's own manta rays. that alien beast was only at the intermediate stage of level 4 yet jiang fei was almost killed when he fought it. unfortunately, the parent or the pure-alien blooded void manta was still at large. its existence could only be speculated for now since jiang fei himself did not bother to seek it out. the other alien beast that was alive was being "bred" for its flesh. the other beast was completely different from any animal on earth hence rendering it unable to produce any offspring. 

no one dared to ask or offer anything when they knew the main ingredient to make the "level-up" potion was level 5 alien beast's flesh. they did not even know what an alien beast was but they knew exactly what was level 5. 

"alright, let's not waste brother jiang fei's time," said bai wanli. both bai wanli and ganyang zhenren exchanged a look, nodded at each other, and quickly reached a silent agreement. the two of them would take one bottle each and leave one bottle to the others. they knew that no one would dare to object since the two of them were the strongest amongst them all. 

knowing how important the potion was, the others could not help but try to force their way through the others. everyone could see the quiet, subtle movement between bai wanli and ganyang zhenren and knew that there would only be one bottle left for the rest of them. 

"brother jiang fei, may we try these potions?" 

just when everyone was tensed up, not wanting to show off as greedy, yang qing crawled towards jiang fei nonchalantly and requested two bottles for her and her sister. 

when she did that, granny jinghua immediately smiled. even though the aquamoon heavenly palace sect was considered to be a top rated sect, they were not as prominent as soaring cloud sect, or the snow mountain sect. to be honest, granny jinghua had practically given up on obtaining a bottle since she was facing bai wanli and ganyang zhenren. 


while granny jinghua was smiling happily, bai wanli and ganyang zhenren frowned. 

following protocol, yang qing or yang po would never be allowed to talk in this sort of high profile meeting. not even if they were the successor of the aquamoon heavenly palace. 

again, if following protocol, there would be mediators holding yang qing back and they might even expel the aquamoon heavenly palace sect out of the meeting. however, granny jianghua had laid out the foundation well. she had long declared that yang po and yang qing belonged to jiang fei. hence, technically speaking, the yang sisters were under jiang fei. no one could deny their position otherwise or they would be facing jiang fei himself. 

"little qing?" yang po gasped as yang qing's sudden demand. she had never informed yang po about doing anything then!

"shhh! you've promised to help me!" yang qing whispered quietly. 

yang qing sighed heavily and recalled about yang qing's plan to reel in jiang fei. 

both yang qing and yang po were strong. they were both at the point where with a little bit of push, they would break past the level 3 barrier and enter the realm of level 4. it was likely safe for them to test the potion. the second modification to the potion was made so the pain inflicted after consumption would not damage the human mind. having to witness the effect of the first batch of potion, jiang fei had to make changes to the potion since it made one disciple mad! 

the first batch of potion would result in two results—success in gaining power or failure which would result in either death or the loss of the human psyche. 

the first result would be highly sought after, no doubt. as for the second result… there was nothing that could be done for those that had sacrificed themselves. 

based on yang qing's understanding of jiang fei, the man disliked confrontations but would face it nonetheless if it was inevitable. putting to her advantage, she would want to test out the potion and if something went wrong, jiang fei would go all out to take care of her. that was the method. the purpose was to have jiang fei open to the girls since their possible injuries would be his responsibility. it was the only way for them to have jiang fei be nice to them since the boy already developed a negative impression of them. trying the traditional way of treating him nicer would not cut it. 

there had always been a perfectionist in the house of yang and they wanted the best for the twins. if possible, they wanted jiang fei to respect the two and possible even more. that made yang qing resorted to the worst-case scenario that they could inflict on themselves to gain jiang fei's affection. 

things changed when yang qing and yang po were introduced to jiang fei's fellow seniors and juniors. before the appearance of jiang fei's army of beauties. yang qing and yang po were seen as the most desirable twins in the alliance. like the sun and the moon, the girls were the target of want for many boys and even men in the alliance.  find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

when 0541 made the bio-human girls, it did not go all the way to make them individually unique. sure, they had the best looks and even the golden ratio bodies that every woman wanted, most of them looked just the same. there were triplets and even quadruplets! hence, from yang qing's vantage point, all she could see was her position as being the most desirable was dethroned. 

the plan, if worked out well, lies with the potion failing to grant them power and would cause serious injuries to the girls. jiang fei would then feel guilty about it and would be with the girls in order to make up for his mistake. give it time and the feeling of guilt could be developed ever so positive to change into like. 

that was how yang qing wanted to let her sister and herself to get out of the vicious demands of their elders.

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