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"I'm definitely not lying to you!" Jiang Fei swore. It appeared that Isabella had accepted Jiang Fei's statement. She must have accepted the truth that Si Tuying was Jiang Fei's girlfriend in the real world. Jiang Fei did not want to mess things up now.

"Apart from Si Tuying, is there anyone else I should know of?" Isabella looked into Jiang Fei's eyes. At the same time, she started exerting force with her hand which was gripping Jiang Fei's waist. If Jiang Fei answered in any way which upset her, he would be in big trouble.

"No! Absolutely not!" Jiang Fei shook his head violently. However, he immediately added, "I have also brought Hua Mulan's subordinates into this world. However, there is nothing between those women and myself. I do not have any stray thoughts about them!"

Jiang Fei quickly swore on his own life. He also looked carefully at Isabella's facial expression. If he made it through this stage, he was basically safe. After all, Isabella would never find out about the other women in the game. Therefore, nothing could go wrong there.

"Yeah, that's right. Our husband even sent those women to another man to become his bodyguards. He has not seen them for a very long time. In fact, our husband has even kept his virginity for you," Ariel added. She was doing her best to aid in Jiang Fei's case.

"Ehh?!" Isabella frowned. She did not really care about Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans. After all, they were only a group of soldiers under Hua Mulan. They were not a threat to her at all. On top of that, Ariel's reassuring words had also put Isabella's mind at ease.

Isabella had a very territorial mindset as she possessed the Dragon race's mode of thinking. She treated her soulmate in the same manner. Although she had not gone mad, she would still be very upset if Jiang Fei's virginity had been taken by another woman.

However, when she heard Ariel's words, Isabella became very apparently pleased with Jiang Fei. She pinched Jiang Fei's cheeks as she spoke, "You are a good man after all!"

After that, she turned to Ariel with compliments. "You have done a good job of keeping our husband away from other women."

"Hehe…" Jiang Fei laughed awkwardly. He could not help but thank himself for not letting Isabella find out about the other women.

Isabella continued to tell Jiang Fei how much she had missed him. Jiang Fei sighed in relief as he had finally gotten over this hurdle. At the very least, Isabella had accepted Si Tuying, Hong Yu, and the other female Bio-Humans.

Although there were greater concerns for Jiang Fei in the game, he did not need to worry about them for now as Isabella could not enter the game's world. As long as he kept his mouth shut, Isabella would not find out about those other women.

As Isabella had only just been resurrected, there were plenty of things for her and Jiang Fei to discuss. The two of them barely slept that night. Ariel had also stayed up to accompany them. From the second day onward, Jiang Fei started taking Isabella around the world while explaining some general knowledge to her.

Although 0542 had transferred most of the related information into Isabella's mind, Isabella still enjoyed listening to Jiang Fei's explanations. She valued the time they spent together much more than the knowledge that was being shared. After being sealed away in the endless space for such a long time, Isabella became even more attached to Jiang Fei. She would not part with Jiang Fei even for a second.

During their travels, Jiang Fei made a call back home to let his family know that he was safe. Three days later, Jiang Fei and the other two women finally returned to the Winter Islands.

Jiang Fei had returned primarily because he wanted to introduce Han Tianyu to Isabella. After all, Han Tianyu was his most trusted personnel. Moreover, Jiang Fei also felt the need to let Hong Yu and the other female Bio-Humans meet Isabella.

"Ah Fei. You've come. This must be my junior!" Although Han Tianyu had never met Isabella, he saw how Isabella had her arms wrapped around Jiang Fei. Moreover, Ariel was also looking at Isabella respectfully.

Han Tianyu was a very vigilant person. He already knew how strong Ariel was. Therefore, he was able to instantly predict that Isabella must be even stronger than Ariel. Hence, he decided that he must get on Isabella's good side.

"Brother Yu, please allow me to introduce you to Isabella," Jiang Fei said.

"Hello! How are you? Jiang Fei had mentioned you to me quite often. He probably speaks of you even in his dreams," Han Tianyu joked. Although he was Jiang Fei's subordinate, the two were as close as brothers.

"Brother Yu, nice to meet you…" Isabella said respectfully. She was respectful toward Han Tianyu partially because he was Jiang Fei's good friend. Secondly, she was also pleased with Han Tianyu's friendly attitude. From the moment Han Tianyu had called her his junior, Isabella acknowledged that he had made a good first impression. She was also very pleased with his final sentence.

"Husband, do you really talk about me to your friend very often?" Isabella smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei.

"Of course!" Jiang Fei quickly responded. Seeing as how Han Tianyu had already set the tone of the conversation in his favor, Jiang Fei naturally did not want to ruin it for himself.

"You are indeed very experienced. Well done, Brother Yu!" Jiang Fei glanced at Han Tianyu gratefully. Although Han Tianyu did not even know about Isabella's existence before, he was able to leave a good first impression and even helped Jiang Fei along the way.

Han Tianyu raised his brows at Jiang Fei. The two men then nodded at each other silently. After that, Jiang Fei summoned Hong Yu and the rest of the female Bio-Humans so that they could all have a meal together. Although these female Bio-Humans admired Jiang Fei, they were military personnel who knew how to restrict their feelings. On top of that, they were also Jiang Fei's subordinates. Therefore, Isabella did not feel wary about their presence.

Han Tianyu also gave Jiang Fei an update on the state of development in the Winter Islands. The Winter Islands had become an important harbor as well as a tourist spot. After Han Tianyu had taken over the management of the Winter Islands, profits started rolling in.

"Alright, Brother Yu. Do as you wish." Jiang Fei laughed. He did not really care what happened to the Winter Islands. After all, Jiang Fei had already retrieved the Dock Landing Ship. The islands were now worthless to him.

After spending a day with Han Tianyu, Jiang Fei decided to bring Isabella home to meet his parents. Right then, Isabella looked almost as if she was a shy teenager.

As usual, Isabella and Ariel had to call Jiang Fei their senior in front of outsiders. Although Jiang Fei had Isabella and Ariel, who were both Level 5 experts, he possessed many tools that were valuable to the influential people in the world. Therefore, he still needed to be very careful. The facade of Zhuge Shanzhen needed to be maintained.
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