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Jiang Fei ate the Peach of Evolution as he walked out to the garden. This Holy Item magical fruit did not only have miraculous effects. It even tasted amazing.

Once the Peach of Evolution entered his belly, Jiang Fei's Level jumped to ninety-five. Although Jiang Fei's Level soared on the Level Ranking Board, the other players were already used to it.

After he leveled up, Jiang Fei was too lazy to care about how Zhao Sheng was doing anymore. He directly tore a Guild Return Scroll. After all, he had limited time to complete Zhao Sheng's Quest. This Quest was easy for him, so it would be frustrating if he failed because of some delays.

After returning to the Demon Dragon Fortress, Jiang Fei immediately looked for the Naga Siren priestesses. As there were more than forty Naga Siren priestesses, Jiang Fei's Quest was basically completed.

"Master, you have finally come to see us!" The High Priestess Chris fluttered in front of Jiang Fei.

"Come here, cut the nonsense, say you love me!" Jiang Fei said to Chris as he held the Cauldron of Charm up. As these Naga Siren girls were way too open, Jiang Fei just wanted to quickly complete his Quest and leave.

"Master! Have you finally decided to accept our service?" Chris became ecstatic as soon as she heard what Jiang Fei had said. The eyes of the little priestesses under her command also sparkled. It looked like they wanted to strip Jiang Fei immediately and devour him.

"What's with all the nonsense? If I ask you to say it, just say it!" Jiang Fei was scared of these Naga Siren girls. If it was not because the Quest which he had to complete, he would have run away by now.

"Yes! Master! I love you, you're my only faith and sustenance. I'm willing to give everything up for you..." Chris could not stop talking. Her corny use of words gave Jiang Fei goosebumps.

"Stop stop stop... next!" Jiang Fei quickly stopped. If Chris went on, he would spend all the Quest time on her.

Anyway, when Chris said "I love you" to Jiang Fei, the Cauldron of Charm had already counted it. So, there was no point in letting her continue.

"You, come!" Jiang Fei pointed at another Naga Siren priestess and called her over.

"Me?" The priestess's eyes lit up. She thought that her master wanted to be intimate with her! However, it was obvious that this little priestess had thought too much.

"Cut the nonsense, say you love me!" Jiang Fei urged.

"Great master, my love for you is like the stars in the sky, and the vast sea..." It looked like this priestess was going to go on forever.

"Rebecca, organize the other priestesses. There's no need for so much nonsense. Just make them line up and say 'I love you' one after another. Quick, I'm in a hurry!" Jiang Fei ordered. There were more than forty Naga Siren priestesses. If all of them slowly declared their love one by one, how long would it take?

"Yes! Master!" As she was one of the twelve officiants, Rebecca easily managed the other priestesses.

"Master, I love you!"

"Master! I love you!"


With Rebecca's arrangements, the efficiency of the Naga Siren priestesses greatly increased. Since these Naga Siren priestesses had no chance to showcase their literary skills and creativity to Jiang Fei anymore, they could only express how they felt about him through their intonation when saying "I love you."

About ten minutes later, more than forty Naga Siren girls had completed their tasks and the count on the Cauldron of Charm had reached forty-six!

"I need four more. Now, I'll look for Nina, Mulan, and Sylphy!" Jiang Fei thought to himself.

After he had decided, Jiang Fei did not dare to linger around the Naga Siren priestesses. After all, these Naga Siren girls looked extremely hungry. It seemed like he was going to get harassed if he stayed any longer. So, Jiang Fei immediately got out of the base of the priestesses, as if he was fleeing.

The Church of the Holy Light. This was the building that Jiang Fei had specially built for Nina and the other sisters. As Nina, Sylphy, and Mulan were from the Luminous Vatican, Jiang Fei had specially built a church in the Demon Dragon Fortress for them to live in in order to cure their homesickness.

Although the Light and Dark Faction have now been unified, there was no way that Nina and the others could join the Vatican community anymore, as they were former betrayers. So, living here gave them some comfort and made them feel a little better.

"Darling, you're back?" Sylphy was the first to fly into Jiang Fei's arms. She was one of the first to fall in love with Jiang Fei. Previously, it was because of the Heartfelt. However, after getting along for such a long time, Sylphy had genuinely fallen in love with Jiang Fei.

"Master, you've increased in strength again!" Hua Mulan said to Jiang Fei.

Nina who was at the side just smiled gently at Jiang Fei, like a wife greeting her husband who had just come home. Even though she did not say anything, her feelings for him were clearly written in her eyes.

Jiang Fei had feelings for these three girls. So, naturally, he could not be as rude to them as how he was with the Naga Siren priestesses. Moreover, he had saved a lot of time on the Naga Siren priestesses just so that he could have more time to set the atmosphere right here with these three girls.

"I've been neglecting you recently..." Jiang Fei sighed. The more girls there were around him, the more he felt guilty.

These girls were all brilliant, regardless of whether in-game or in reality. Jiang Fei felt that any one of them would be more than enough for him. However, these girls were now totally devoted to him, but he could not always accompany them. It was obviously unfair to these girls.

"It's fine, dear. As long as you remember us!" Sylphy clung onto Jiang Fei's arm and smiled at him.

"Come on, let's take a walk!" Jiang Fei said after taking a deep breath.

Then, Jiang Fei summoned the Skygliding Dragon. The three girls were all Overlords, so they could fly on their own. The four of them quickly left the Demon Dragon Fortress.

This time, Jiang Fei just wanted to find a quiet place to spend time with the three girls. So, there was no special destination. The four of them flew for about fifteen minutes, then landed on a hill.

Jiang Fei sat on the ground. Sylphy and Nina sat beside him. The female general Mulan could not bring herself to do that, so she sat opposite of Jiang Fei.

Jiang Fei did not go straight into the point. Instead, he chatted with the girls for a while. After the atmosphere became comfortable, Jiang Fei placed the Cauldron of Charm beside him, then said to the three women affectionately, "Although I have never said anything like this before, today, I want to say to the three of you: I love you!"

"Husband, I love you too!" Sylphy suddenly crashed into Jiang Fei's arms. One had to know that they had been waiting for this confession for a long time.

"Ding!" The count on the Cauldron of Charm increased by one again.
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