The Almighty Ring
982 The Cauldron of Charm
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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982 The Cauldron of Charm

"What is it? Just tell me!" As the two girls were about to enter the endless void, Jiang Fei looked distressed.

"Can you kiss me?" Nina was as soft as a mosquito.

"Me too, darling!" Sylphy immediately grabbed Jiang Fei's hand.

"Take care, I will go all out and try to reunite with both of you as soon as possible!" Jiang Fei vowed. Then, he kissed their foreheads. At this very moment, 0542 had begun the extraction process.

"Husband, I will miss you..." Sylphy's voice gradually faded and the two girls slowly disappeared into the black vortex.

"Master, let's go back!" Mulan said. Although she liked the feeling of being alone with Jiang Fei, the atmosphere at this time was obviously not appropriate.

"Yeah!" Jiang Fei rubbed his face and tried to control his emotions. Although Nina and Sylphy were now sealed in the endless void, this did not mean that they would be gone forever. As long as he continued to try hard to find the whereabouts of the engine room, the two of them would soon be resurrected and be by his side again.

"I'll finish the Quest first!" Jiang Fei said after taking in a deep breath. Although there was an episode concerning Nina and Sylphy's evolutions, Jiang Fei's Quest time continued to run.

Now, Jiang Fei had about twenty more minutes to complete his Quest, but the count on the Cauldron of Charm had already reached forty-nine. He only needed one more to complete the Quest.

"Mulan, you head back first, I have something else to do," Jiang Fei turned and said to Hua Mulan.

"Yes, master!" Mulan nodded, then turned and left. After all, Nina and Sylphy had gone into the endless void. Out of all the girls in the Demon Dragon Fortress, Mulan was the only one left to take care of the place.

After Mulan left, Jiang Fei waved his hand and a light flashed. Akatziris was summoned. Previously, as he wanted to spend time and get closer to the three girls, Jiang Fei did not bring out the light bulb, Akatziris.

Now, Jiang Fei's Quest just lacked one more count. His fiancee and pet Akatziris was naturally the one he would call when needed.

"Master..." Akatziris pouted as she looked at Jiang Fei. Her eyes were filled with bitterness. Although she could still feel her existence in the small dark room, it was not a lot better than the endless void. It was not fun at all.

Furthermore, Jiang Fei locked her in the small dark room so that he could spend time and get closer to the other girls. If this mistress Akatziris felt good about it, something was definitely wrong!

Seeing that Akatziris was so grief-stricken, Jiang Fei pitied her. Although the Nephilim King Augustus had forcibly pushed her to him and Jiang Fei also had no feelings for her, he still felt pity for her.

"Okay, okay, I won't put you in the Pet Space ever again." Jiang Fei walked to Akatziris's side and comforted her.

"Thank you, master..." Due to the restrictions of the contract, Akatziris did not dare to request too much from Jiang Fei.

"I… do you love..." Jiang Fei wanted to ask Akatziris "do you love me?" and complete the Quest. However, he could not bring himself to say it. After all, he was already treating her badly and he was even going to use her just to complete his Quest now. This was way too mean of him.

However, the Quest time was running out and it was too late for Jiang Fei to find someone else.

"Oh ho ho ho… little cutie, you're here! I missed you so much!" At this time, a flame light flashed beside Jiang Fei and Shahraz appeared.

"Oh! I was wondering why you did not come to look for me. You were actually dating your little mistress secretly!" Shahraz was obviously a little jealous when she saw Jiang Fei and Akatziris standing together and looking into each other's eyes. She quickly took two steps and came to Jiang Fei's side. Then, she hooked her arms around Jiang Fei's neck and said, "Little cutie, let me kiss you. I love you so much!"

"Ding! Quest completed!"

The moment Shahraz's voice fell, the count on the Cauldron of Charm increased by one again and Zhao Sheng's Quest was completed. The Cauldron of Charm completely belonged to Jiang Fei now!

Previously, even though the Cauldron of Charm was already in Jiang Fei's hands, it was just a Quest Item. It had no functions other than registering counts. Now, however, it was different. After Jiang Fei had completed the Quest, the Cauldron of Charm's real attributes were revealed!

Cauldron of Charm (Special Item, Holy Item)

Effect 1: Your speed of gaining Reputation is increased by 500%!

Effect 2: Your Reputation will no longer decrease due to hostile behavior.

Effect 3: You gain five Reputation Points with every non-hostile target around you every second. The area of effect is one kilometer. The Reputation Level is capped at–Admire! (Only valid for Neutral and Friendly, and does not stack with Effect 1.)

Note: Special Item, can take effect even if placed in your backpack.

Note 2: Will drop upon death!

Similarly, this Cauldron of Charm did not directly increase one's combat power, but it could bring huge benefits. Five times the Reputation gaining speed could help a player win the support of a large number of forces.

Moreover, Effect 2 could reduce a lot of worries. A player's Reputation with many Factions was linked. For example, if Faction a and b were enemies, if you gained Reputation with Faction A, your Reputation with Faction B would decrease. However, with the Cauldron of Charm, as long as you did not actively attack Faction B, you could easily gain Reputation with Faction A and your Reputation with Faction B would not decrease. Eventually, you would be able to gain the support of both Factions!

As for Effect 3, even if an NPC did not give you any Quests, as long as that NPC was not enemies with you, you just had to stand near him. Then, your Reputation would continuously increase until it reaches the Level of Admire. So, this Cauldron of Charm was actually a godly weapon to attract minions!

However, as Jiang Fei was too focused on checking the Cauldron of Charm's attributes, he did not Akatziris's change of mood. Originally, when she saw Jiang Fei slowly moving toward her with an apologetic face, Akatziris was very happy. After all, it seemed like her lover had a change of heart.

However, just as Akatziris thought that her lover was going to confess to her, Shahraz appeared. This Celestial-tier woman had not only interrupt their affectionate moment, but she was also being so intimate with Jiang Fei. Coldness flashed through Akatziris's eyes.

Moreover, after Shahraz appeared, Jiang Fei began to ignore Akatziris (in actuality, Jiang Fei was just checking out the unsealed Cauldron of Charm as he had completed his Quest), which made Akatziris hate Shahraz to the core.

However, Akatziris knew her status. She also knew that she was no match for the Celestial-tier Shahraz, so she buried this hate deep within her heart. She also instantly hid the coldness in her eyes.
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