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A system notification rang in his ears when Jiang Fei had only just picked up and read the Soulcutter's properties. 

"You have detected the presence of Cauldron of Agility!"

"It's Evil Laughter!" Jiang Fei gasped. Just when he was about to be ready for an attack, he had received a debuff. 

Equal Grounds: Both the caster and the target will have their life points reduced to 1. 

"What the f--!" Jiang Fei shrieked with horror. He had no idea what was going on. The advantages he had against Evil Laughter was his absurd amount of Health Points and Defense, not to mention his devastating attack that could end Evil Laughter in one strike. Given the chance, Jiang Fei would be able to bind him down and kill him. The problem was, he and Evil Laughter were then weakened down to only have 1 Health Point. Whoever has the first strike would ultimately win. 

Evil Laughter might have only 1 Health Point but it was the greatest chance he had to kill Jiang Fei. With the advantage of speed, Jiang Fei was rendered vulnerable, like a sitting duck. Even though he had superior Defense, damage that was dealt from a player to a player will inflict 1 damage even if they had a million times more Defense, provided that the attack did not miss. 


It all happened in just a fraction of a second. Just as Jiang Fei realized his Health Points drop down to 1, the effect of Shadow Barrier activated when Evil Laughter landed an attack. As such, he would still have two more "lives". 

Immediately after the barrier activated, saving Jiang Fei's life, he turned his head to face his attack, only to spot him almost 300 meters away. 

"F*ck!" Jiang Fei roared. The man knew his weakness and exploited Jiang Fei's vulnerability. There was no way he could attack when the man could travel 300 meters in just a blink of an eye. 

"Consider yourself lucky this time," said Evil Laughter in a taunting message he sent to Jiang Fei. 

"Lucky? Luck ain't got nothing to do with this. Pray that you could escape the next time!" said Jiang Fei through his teeth as he watches how Evil Laughter ran further and further. Thanks to the Cauldron of Agility, the man movement speed as far to great for anyone to chase. 

30 seconds later, the debuff expired and Jiang Fei's colossal Health Points was restored. As soon as it did, Jiang Fei relaxed immediately. 

Jiang Fei learnt an incredible lesson from this assassination attempt. The effect of the Shadow Barrier was unreliable as the effect could not recognize which attacks was strong or weak. Although he had the get-away-card and can use it three times a day, it was not good enough when the enemy had movement speed so fast that he could not see or even anticipate an attack. 

"Can't let him continue to run rampant around," said Jiang Fei as a reminder to himself. To collect all nine Treasured Cauldron, he would have to worry about capturing the bugger. A thief could steal once a year but a man would have to guard his house all year round. If Evil Laughter could run around freely without restriction, Jiang Fei would be the one to fall to his attack. It would not be feasible for Jiang Fei to be on guard 24/7 everything he logged into the game. 

Even though Evil Laughter had the method to kill Jiang Fei, he would not need to worry about a second attempt to kill him since skills such as Equal Grounds was so strong that it would surely have a long cooldown duration. Hence, after surviving that assassination attempt, Jiang Fei put his mind back to Soulcutter. Even though he did not kill a Primordial Celestial, he was still managed to subdue it. Having Soulcutter in his possession, Jiang Fei could return to Heaven's Realm to face Ou Yezi. 

"Very good! I knew that you would never let me down!" Ou Yezi praised Jiang Fei proudly. He did not reward Jiang Fei with anything since giving him the Gnome's Glasses of Protection Recipe was already considered as a premature reward. 

"But of course. Look who is my master!" said Jiang Fet, attempting to return the praise back twice fold. He was satisfied even though Ou Yezi did not give him a completion reward since he already had the Glasses of Protection and the beyond-godlike Soulcutter sword. 

After exchange pleasantries with Ou Yezi, Jiang Fei returned back to the Demon Dragon Fortress. Even though he had made up his mind to surrender the Sword of Abraham to the Demon folk, he had no rush to do it at that moment. As long as the sword remains in his ring inventory, no NPC would be able to detect the sword's presence. In the meantime, he would need to find an excuse to give up the sword to avoid being torn in half, literally. 

So far, Jiang Fei did not have any mortal enemies. Not even Evil Laughter deserved to be in that list. However, there was no telling who would suddenly appear in his life and tries to wrong Jiang Fei. Hence, it was best to keep the Sword of Abraham with him to prevent any unwanted catastrophe. 

Now that there was nothing to rush, Jiang Fei decided to deal with the most crucial problem at hand; finding and killing Evil Laughter. However, to deal with such intricate and careful player, Jiang Fei would have to go all the way to plan a proper strategy. Two days when by and Jiang Fei had almost brew up a plan to capture him. 

After so many days of waiting, many of the Metahumans in the world had their eyes locked on the mysterious and powerful "level-up potion". Since the potion worked for Ruan Jincheng, all parties concerns were now sure that the potion will work the other Mutants. Hence, those that would want to get their hands on Jiang Fei's potion had sent out their subordinates to find information regarding any alien artifact. In no time at all, Jiang Fei had received a second offer. 

"Mhm. An unknown laboratory?" Jiang Fei asked suspiciously. 

"Yes, sir. I am certain that this information proved to be legit," said the man, an ambassador from the European Church. 

"I'm going to be frank here. You must have already managed to open the artifact since you knew it was a laboratory. I'm having concern about the contents of the artifact. You could have moved some of the crucial parts inside. Hence, I cannot give you a price right now," said Jiang Fei.

"Nothing to worry, Mr. Jiang Fei. We may have opened the artifact and even conducted a few research inside, but all alien materials and instruments inside the artifact were prohibited from being moved out," said the man with the utmost confidence. 

The alien artifact what was currently in the European Church's possession was actually excavated and worked on with the American. They have conducted intensive research but refuses to share their findings with the European Church. Their refusal to cooperate together made the Europeans unhappy. If they were unwilling to share their research findings, they would rather use it as a bargaining chip with Jiang Fei! At least they could get those powerful potions from Jiang Fei! 

With the intention to trade it off with America's knowledge, the Europeans had sent a messenger secretly to contact Jiang Fei to offer the alien artifact. Naturally, the Europeans would not be sharing their haul with the Mutant Brotherhood. 

"Well then, I don't see how I could move on with this until I take a look at the alien artifact," said Jiang Fei. He did not care how the alien artifact came to the Church's possession. He only wanted it in his hands! 

Once the trade was put on hold, the Church informed Jiang Fei the location of the alien artifact. The alien artifact was located in an uninhabited island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was right in the center of a ground of active volcanic islands, rendering its position hidden from the general public. No one in the right mind would want to travel there on a whim.
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