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"What can this one do for you?" Jiang Fei asked. Jiang Fei was confused as to why the man, who introduced himself as would want to explain his origin. 

"Well… It's…" Beowulf squirmed uncomfortably. 

"Mhm. Speak your mind," said Jiang Fei, annoyed. Could the man wanted to ask for potions for free?

Even though the potion would never work for any Mutants with power level exceeds the Pinnacle stage of Level 5, the man might have countless descendants after living for so long. He might want to help them and ask for potions from Jiang Fei. 

"It's hard for me to say…" said Beowulf through his teeth. The large, two meters tall man was squirming like a little girl. That pitiful act of his made Jiang Fei lost all the respect he had for him as a Level 5 Metahuman. If he were to buck up and ask Jiang Fei directly for a bottle, Jiang Fei would not mind making one for him. However, if the man was just putting up airs as to making Jiang Fei to lower his guard, Jiang Fei would just pass the Zhanlu Sword to Isabella and let her have her way with the sickly bald man. 

"Urgh! I don't have much time anyway. So… I'm just going to ask!" Beowulf bit down his shame and started talking. What he requested of Jiang Fei was something that had completely blown his mind away. 

Beowulf was telling the truth. He had little more than a few days left to live. The little egg that he had eaten a thousand years ago had indeed granted him the gift of power and longevity but it was not immortality. He might look like he had not aged a day but his body was rotten from the inside-out. A simple prick would make the man crumble like a over-baked pie. 

Luck might be subject to debate since the man was granted a Level 5 power but he had also lost something in exchange. Something that was extremely precious. Especially for a male. The man had lost his… penis. No, he was not castrated. It just… disappeared. If he were to pull his pants down, Jiang Fei would be presented with a black forest with no great tree! It would just be… a flatland! 

At near-death, Beowulf was suddenly given the enlightenment on how to survive. As if instinct kicked in and teaches him how to live on after death. The one method was to extract the essence of his being and compressed it whole into an egg. 

The egg was… not as an impressive method of survival. See, whoever eats the egg shall become a Level 5 Metahuman, just like how Beowulf did but without any means of… copulation. 

Beowulf naturally had a few friends that were like himself but he could not trust them wholeheartedly. If he were to entrust them with the egg, one of them might break their trust and take the egg for themselves! 

After thinking about it for a long time, Beowulf had decided to rely on the world-famous Zhuge Shanzhen. The man sided with no one but himself and even have several Level 5 disciples under his wing. As such, he must have mastered a way to stabilize his Level 5 powers. He should not be tempted in taking the egg for himself as he had already obtained godlike powers. To be honest, if Jiang Fei had tried to escape from him, Beowulf would have no one to turn to. 

From the vantage point of Beowulf, no Level 5 Metahuman could be trusted since most of them were sided with a country or a certain group. The only Level 5 Metahuman he knew that was truly neutral was Zhuge Shanzhen. 

"You want me to take care of your egg?" said Jiang Fei, a little confused. He could not help took a quick glance at Beowulf's crotch region. 

"That is right, Master Zhuge. This egg will take seven days to incubate and after that, I will be reborn. I do not know what I can give you as a reward but… You are my only hope. There is no one I know that could be as unmoving as you! Please! You are all I have," Beowulf pleaded. The impression of Zhuge Shanzhen amongst the Metahuman society was truly remarkable. If he wanted the egg for himself, Beowulf would have to be eaten alive and truth be told, he was rather be eaten by Zhuge Shanzhen than anyone else. 

"Mhm…" Jiang Fei groaned. It felt like a test of morality. To be honest, Jiang Fei was tempted by the Level 5 power. Fortunately, Jiang Fei had only just recently graduated from being incredibly naive to being mentally mature. However, he could not bring himself to wrong another man when he had come all the way to beg for his help! 

Thinking from another angle… Jiang Fei was surrounded by many pretty girls. If he were to become… a eunuch like Beowulf… Instinctively, Jiang Fei glance at Isabella and noticed the ferocious dragon-like stare. If was as if she was telling she would bite the hell out of him if he dares to eat the egg! 

With Isabella's hypothetical fangs at his throat, Jiang Fei immediately reached a decision. 

"Captain, there is no need for you to think so much. The man had only just eaten the Rebirth Egg of the Void Manta! The Level 5 power he owns is merely the same as Ariel, a pseudo-Level 5 power. There was no awakening…" said 0542 when Jiang Fei was conflicted. 

"Void Manta?" Jiang Fei hits an epiphany. 

"Captain, you do remember the mixed-breed Void Manta that you fought a long time ago, deep under the sea?"

"Right! That!" Jiang Fei nodded. He remembered 0541 had informed him about Void Manta had crossed bred with Earth-based animals. The mixed-breed offspring of the Void Manta was incredibly weaker than its original alien parent. Even so, that Void Manta was still at the Beginner stage of Level 4. 

"When Braveheart crashed landed on Earth, many alien specimens managed to escape their captivity and roam the Earth. One of which was the Doomsday beast that you had already captured. After proliferating on Earth, the Void Manta managed to leave a weaker version of its form. As such, the Level 5 Void Manta had chosen to evolve, losing its means to reproduce to gain a new method to preserve one's life by choosing the rebirth method."

Based on 0542 analysis of Beowulf, Jiang Fei understood that the Void Manta had been around for more than thousands of years ago. It was only when one thousand years back did the Void Manta choses to use its rebirth method to continue living. The result was undesirable since the egg was not kept safely. It was, however, due to several unknown reasons, the egg washed up ashore and was picked up by the famished Beowulf. As a result, Beowulf gained incredible powers in exchange for not having to express his libido. That was the result of genetic material far superior than that of humans. Beowulf's genetic makeup nows determines that the traditional method of reproduction proves to be unbecoming hence, it was… removed.
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