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0542's current power reserves were so low that if Jiang Fei were to fight them, he would not survive even the preliminary blows. 

Fortunately, the "investigative" probe of power that Lockwood had projected towards Jiang Fei was incredibly weak. To be honest, probing someone else to obtain their information without their consent was rude. The reason why Lockwood only projected the most minimum amount of power into Jiang Fei was because of fear. Even if he was a Level 5 Metahuman, the man that he was probing was the legendary Zhuge Shanzhen. If the power was slightly higher, it would be taken as an act of attack. He would have been crazy if he thought he could take on Zhuge Shanzhen. 

Since the energy that Lockwood had sent out was weak, 0542's barrier had no problem in absorbing it entirely. Not only was Lockwood prevented from knowing anything about Jiang Fei, but the phenomenon of his powers being absorbed like a sponge also frightened Lockwood to his core. At that point, Lockwood panicked. Could he really be a Level 6 Metahuman as the rumors said? The man started to flinch as cold sweat dripped down to the Earth from several hundred meters above the sea level. He knew he had done something incredibly rude to Zhuge Shanzhen. If a Level 4 Metahuman had done something like that to him, Lockwood would immediately flash behind him and tear said Metahuman into two. Imagine how a Level 6 Metahuman would reply to his rude treatment…

Theoretically speaking, a true Level 5 would have immortality. No normal conventional attacks would harm or even leave a scratch on him. Problem was, who was to say that a Level 5 immortality could stand against a Level 6? It would not be the same as how a Level 5 could pin down a Level 4. 

The more he thought about it, the more mysterious the Zhuge Shanzhen character was. Rumor has it that the man could do anything. The possibility of him having a weaponized Godblade would not be low. At this point, Lockwood grew restless. The involuntary flinching turned into shivers of fear. 

The more one gains, the more one fears to lose. The weak grass will bend to the wind while the great tree stands strong. Come a tornado and the tree will be uprooted while the grass continues to sway with the wind. Lockwood was a man, as depicted as the strong tree. The stronger, more powerful he was, the greater the fear of losing to another foe that was as strong as he. 

"What's up with you?" Mordred nudged Lockwood and asked. Even Qin Wuyang, the Chinese Level 5 Metahuman grew wary of Lockwood's suspicious behavior. Instinctively, both Mordred and Qin Wuyang knew something was wrong. To think that his mere presence could petrify another Level 5 Metahuman made all three Level 5 Metahumans then scared of Jiang Fei. 


Jiang Fei spotted an opportunity and decided to play along. 

"Insolent fool! You dare to stand against me! Hmph! Consider this as an auspicious day as this one lacked the intent to kill! Now, leave!" Jiang Fei roared at Lockwood with such ferocity that he himself had goosebumps. With a simple hand gesture, Jiang Fei ordered 0542 to send out the barrier towards Lockwood, directing the absorption field to him as a means of chasing him away. 

"T-Thank you, great master!" cried Lockwood. As the invisible barrier approached, Lockwood was horrified to his core. He could feel that the energy that he was emanating was being sucked away. Without hesitation, when he had received the pardon from Zhuge Shanzhen, he flashed away and escape without a trace. 

"Thank god…" 

While maintaining a straight face, Jiang Fei was incredibly relieved. 0542's power was running low and if the man did not run away, 0542 would have exhausted all its power. 

"What's going on?" 

Mordred and Qin Wuyang exchanged a worried look. None realized what was going on when Lockwood apologized frantically and even escaped with sweat still dripping down from his forehead. It was obvious then that Zhuge Shanzhen and Lockwood had a conflict that the two of them failed to pick up. 

"What are we going to do?" said Mordred telepathically to Qin Wuyang. Conflicted, Qin Wuyang decided to remain quiet. They were gathered there because of the Rebirth Egg and not to pick a fight with the legendary Zhuge Shanzhen. Judging from how Lockwood reacted to Zhuge Shanzhen's warning, they know that he must have done something that not even them, two Level 5 Metahuman could sense. That was enough of a reason to get lost. 

"Seems that the Master had obtained the Rebirth Egg. I shall then take my leave. Peace be with you," said Qin Wuyang and teleported away. 

"I shall take my leave as well. Good day to you," said Mordred before teleporting away. Qin Wuyang must have a good reason for leaving the scene without much of a word. 

"Be on your way! This one would not want to waste his time!" Jiang Fei barked coldly. Even though his facial expression was null, his heart was beating as fast as a steam engine. 0542's power was almost dried out. If Qin Wuyang and Mordred wanted to fight Jiang Fei instead of running away, he would definitely be disintegrated. 

When Jiang Fei was finally alone, Jiang Fei let out a loud scream of relief. 

"F*ck me! That was f*cking close! Get us out of here!" Jiang Fei cried. With a flick of her hands, Isabella instantly moved the two of them into Manda Square. 

"I'm going to need to find an immediate source of energy!" Jiang Fei barked into the mirror as he washed his pale-white face. Without power, he could no longer play the role of Zhuge Shanzhen. He had already considered himself lucky for escaping all three Level 5 Metahumans. The possibility of other Level 5 Metahumans confronting him again when he plays Zhuge Shanzhen was high. Without power, he would be f*cked!

"Captain, the Rebirth Egg is an alternative source of power. A very powerful Bio-Energy source," said 0542. 

"How so?" 

"Besides energy gain from the most conventional energy source, I am also able to extract energy from biological beings. This egg contains a powerful source of energy that I could extract in the laboratory. Incidentally, I am also able to use this power to make another Level 5 Bio-Human, the same kind as Ariel," said 0542. 

"That's a little…" Jiang Fei whimpered. 

To be honest, Beowulf was still considered as a stranger as much as any other Joe and Jane. The two of them had only literally talked for less than five minutes! There was no relationship, no friendship, nothing to connect the two in a mutual relationship. 

To be honest, Jiang Fei did not want to use the egg. The main factor was the fear of losing one's important part! That was the price to become a Level 5 Metahuman, the same level as Ariel only. In fact, if Jiang Fei was so desperate, he could reach the same standards of Ariel simply by finding an abundance source of energy and have 0542 to inject them into himself. At least, he would not have to lose his manhood. 

When 0542 proposed about using the egg for his own benefit, Jiang Fei was truly tempted. 

"Should I do it?" 

Jiang Fei was conflicted. He was not sure if he was truly that desperate to betray someone else's trust just for his personal gain. On the other hand, it was his duty to himself and his family to become stronger! What would it be!? Duty? Or Morality?
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