The Almighty Ring
1001 Rumor Spread Faster Than Paid Advertisemen
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1001 Rumor Spread Faster Than Paid Advertisemen

"captain, we are running extremely low on power and if you do not find a way to replenish my energy reserves, it would dampen my abilities to help you in the future!" said 0542. 

0542 was only just born. as it did not walk alongside jiang fei through thick and thin, it did not understand what was human's morality. without any moral constraints, the best result would occasionally be inhumane. 

"give me a moment," said jiang fei. 0542's suggestion was sound as the temptation of using the rebirth egg was strong. everyone knew what kind of a monstrosity a level 5 metahuman could be. as such, using that monstrous power and turning it into a form of energy would be greatly beneficial to jiang fei. in any case, beowulf would be… terminated. he would have much of a say to how jiang fei gets to use the rebirth egg… then again, jiang fei was still hesitant about it. 

beowulf came all the way to beg for jiang fei's help. the egg was entrusted to him, not given off like it was a gift. if jiang fei were to take the egg and used it as he liked, he would not be able to sleep at night knowing that he was guilty of betraying the man's trust. jiang fei admitted that he was not a man of virtue. he had already soiled his hands with the blood of his enemies. even so… there was a limit. 

"i've made my decision. let the rebirth egg incubate. i will find another source of energy," said jiang fei, cementing his decision. 

"captain! you are not being reasonable! it is illogical!" cried 0542.

"i know it's illogical but this… this is something that i cannot do. i do not want to lower myself down to that extent," said jiang fei. 

"i knew you wouldn't do it! you're just so my darling!" cried isabella, rushing into jiang fei's embrace. to be fair, isabella would not object if jiang fei decided to use the egg as an energy source. however, she knew that jiang fei would never be that cruel. he was, after all, isabella's knight in shining armor! 

"very well. in that case, please locate a suitable source of energy. my supporting function will cease to operate in approximately 500 hours. during this time, i suggest that you refrain yourself from becoming zhuge shanzhen," said 0542. 

jiang fei frowned. the problem with the energy reserve was much dire than what he had assumed. 

"where the hell is that main engine room!" jiang fei bellowed frustratedly. jiang fei had lost count how many times he had to worry about energy. even though he managed to solve the problem, it was just putting more water into a boat with a large hole in it. until he could find the main engine room and patch the figurative hole on his boat, he would never have been able to solve the energy problem. and that was another problem that jiang fei had to worry about. it would take more than just a few days to search the main engine room. 

today's "adventure" had cost jiang fei a great deal of energy. thankfully, he was still able to haul something important in return. not only did he manage to acquire the laboratory, but he was also able to scare off three level 5 metahumans! 

the name zhuge shanzhen had always been a topic to talk about amongst the metahumans. however, due to his rare appearance in the real world, many had questioned his strength. that changed after today. after crossing paths with three level 5 metahumans, the name zhuge shanzhen would only grow bigger. this time, the name itself was sufficient to strike fear into the hearts of all. 

currently, jiang fei was unaware of how his "master" was getting more popular amongst the level 5 metahuman community. one of the reasons was lockwood. the man spread rumors faster than paid advertisements! 

not long after the two teleported away, mordred and qin wuyang found lockwood. the two were curious about zhuge shanzhen and he did to lockwood to make him run away that way. 

"he's too scary! too scary!" lockwood muttered sporadically when mordred and qin wuyang approached him. 

"oy, lockwood. get yourself together! what's wrong with you?" mordred called out and patted his shoulder from behind him. 

"gyaaah!" lockwood shrieked like a little girl. the man was supposed to be a genuine level 5 metahuman! he would not need to even look to know there was someone behind him. however, the man was greatly rattled. he was so disturbed to the point he had completely lowered his guard!

"lockwood, are you… out of your mind? what did the old man do to you?" mordred asked again. lockwood's unnatural behavior had mordred dying to know what zhuge shanzhen had done. 

"hah. hah… it's you… mordred… damn, you've startled me!" lockwood gasped for air and said.

"how did you manage to escape?" he asked with eyes wide opened. 

"escape? we just went away as you did. we gave up trying to get the egg from him and just went away after saying goodbye," said qin wuyang. 

"t-that's good to hear…" 

"what happened there? why did you suddenly run away like that? we did not sense anything then. we thought zhuge shanzhen had done something to you!" said mordred. 

"actually… he did. sort of…" lockwood said quietly. the man was still shaking with fear. 

"he attacked you? how was it? how strong was he really?" qin wuyang asked. 

"i… i can't tell! i cannot even sense him!" said lockwood before proceeding to explain what had happened. the man might have exaggerated a few things since he was still shaken. 

mordred and qin wuyang themselves saw how lockwood suddenly behaved oddly in front of zhuge shanzhen. it was then he decided to just run away with his tail tucked between his legs. to save his own face, lockwood purposely exaggerated a few details in order to gain sympathy points, that and to provide justification for a level 5 metahuman to run away like that. 

his version of the story goes like this: lockwood wanted to know who was zhuge shanzhen was and decided to project his powers to him. however, he changed his mind since he wanted the egg for himself and decided to attack him instead of just using his power to "investigate". before he knew it, his powers were absorbed by zhuge shanzhen. it did not stop there, before he could retract his powers, zhuge shanzhen went out of his way to drag him towards him. if zhuge shanzhen did not stop himself, lockwood would have been swallowed whole! 

"how is that possible?! he is literally stronger than all of us!" cried qin wuyang. mordred was speechless as he was a little shocked. both of them exchanged a look and felt extremely lucky for not trying to do anything to zhuge shanzhen. who knew what could have happened if they even emitted any killing intent. 

lockwood was merely exaggerating zhuge shanzhen powers. all three of them knew each other very well and knew that all of them possessed the true level 5 metahuman powers through awakening the power of conqueror. mordred and qin wuyang were convinced that lockwood was telling the truth. 

hence, besides lockwood, who was still hazy due to fear, the other two level 5 metahumans had reached a conclusion; zhuge shanzhen had reached beyond the pinnacle of metahuman. the man had the powers of level 6!

the news about three level 5 metahuman retreating from a fight against zhuge shanzhen spread like wildfire. to be fair, that news was spread out as a means of warning to the others by none other than lockwood, mordred, and qin wuyang. 

if jiang fei knew what he was getting into, he would have paid lockwood royalty fees for spreading that piece of "news" efficiently! he had even managed to "upgrade" zhuge shanzhen to a god-like being!

as much as he wanted, jiang fei could no longer disguise himself as zhuge shanzhen for the time being. 0542 was running out of energy and if jiang fei, disguised as zhuge shanzhen accidentally encounter a bloodlust-driven level 5 metahuman, he would literally be torn to shreds.

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