The Almighty Ring
1015 Showing Off
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1015 Showing Off

"Oh? Seems like you don't want a share of it?" Jiang Fei raised his eyebrows. The next moment, a white light flashed and the troublemaker disappeared!

One should know that the meeting was being held in the Chamber of the Demon Dragon Fortress. This was Jiang Fei's territory. So, as long as he denied entry to certain people, they would immediately be expelled and sent outside the Fortress. This was what happened to that guild master.

"Everyone, if you don't trust me, feel free to put it forward as soon as possible. I'm just trying to share good things with you. But if you don't want to participate, I won't force you." Jiang Fei's face fell as he spoke to the remaining guild masters.

"Ah Fei, don't care about that guy, I'm on your side!" Happy Drunk was the first to speak. After Han Tianyu quit the game, he gained full control over The Aristocrats again. At this time, however, Happy Drunk had become a firm ally of Empyreal Dragon.

"Me too!" Several other guild masters of guilds that had a good relationship with Empyreal Dragon immediately spoke up.

Only those that were Jiang Fei's fixed allies had voiced out. The other guild masters hesitated and were looking at each other. They were secretly messaging each other, discussing whether or not to join.

Although this Quest was very difficult, Jiang Fei was resolute. If these guild masters just wanted to fish in troubled waters, he would rather they not join him. After all, this Quest required them to attack the cultist fortress and destroy it from the front. Greedy, fearful, and sly people would only drag everyone down and affect the entire team's morale. It would be better if people like these did not participate.

After a short discussion between the guild masters, it became clear that most of the guilds wanted to participate. Only a handful of them did not. This Quest was very difficult and it would take a lot of effort to complete it. However, Jiang Fei had already told them that this was a main story Quest. So, guilds would gain generous Quest Rewards and a higher degree of participation in the game story upon completion. These benefits had great appeal for these guilds.

"Great! We'll work together to destroy the cultist fortress!" Jiang Fei smiled, then issued relevant Quests to the guilds. As for the guilds that decided not to join, their members had lost this opportunity.

This was the good thing about Jiang Fei's authority in giving out Quests. If you were on his side, you would be able to get these Quests. If not, too bad!

In order to plan the attack better, Jiang Fei brought the guild masters on a field trip to the fortress. Although flying Mounts were rare, these people were all guild masters. They were all pretty rich, so it was not surprising that they owned flying Mounts. Even though some them were not combat Mounts, they were good enough for scouting.

"This fortress..." When Jiang Fei and the other guild masters flew over the fortress, many of them were shocked by how magnificent it was.

The cultist fortress was bigger than the old main fortresses of the Light and Dark Factions. It was also heavily guarded by cultists, so it was not easy to destroy.

"I know that this fortress is heavily guarded and difficult to attack, but as long as everyone works together, I believe that we can easily destroy it!" Jiang Fei encouraged everyone.

"We can definitely destroy it, but our losses might be quite significant..." One guild master said, frowning.

"You don't have to worry about equipment loss. The Quest Rewards are good and these cultists also drop a lot of good items. As long as you fight hard enough, you won't suffer any losses. Instead, you'll profit from this!" Jiang Fei laughed. Everyone knew that storyline Quests like this one gave generous Quest Rewards. They just had to avoid being bullied by the NPCs. As long as they put up a good fight, there was absolutely no need to worry about losses.

"Hoho, if that's the case, then we can rest assured!" After that guild master obtained Jiang Fei's assurance, he immediately became free of worries.

"I'll cut to the chase. You have seen it for yourself. If we want to attack this fortress, we can only march in from the four roads leading to it. Empyreal Dragon will take one road, the remaining three will be divided among all of you. On that day, we'll charge toward the fortress from all four sides and attack." Jiang Fei pointed to the fortress below.

"No problem!" The guild masters nodded. Then, guilds with good relations with each other began to group up. Very quickly, the other three roads were allotted.

Just as Jiang Fei and the others were discussing the details of the attack on the fortress, a few little black spots suddenly ascended from the fortress!

"This is bad! The cultists have sent their Skyriders out!" A guild master who was a Hunter shouted. His Mount was just a traveling Mount. Although he could fly, he could not fight. If an enemy approached him, he would not be able to defend himself!

"Mmm!" Jiang Fei had also noticed the cultist Skyriders that were approaching them at high speed. There were about a hundred of them. The Skyriders were extremely fast. It would be hard for these guild masters to escape the pursuit.

"Don't panic, let me deal with it!" Jiang Fei did not want these guild masters to die here. After all, such an unfavorable situation would greatly impact their morale.



With Jiang Fei's command, the Soulcutter behind him automatically popped up and hovered over his head. Then, the sword split into two, then four. In just a short time, it split into one hundred and twenty-eight blades!

Sword Form: Sword Burst

Jiang Fei gestured and all one hundred and twenty-eight blades flew toward the approaching cultist Skyriders. It looked like a torrential downpour!

4541245 -



A large number of damage figures appeared. As the Soulcutter ignored the Defense of equipment below the Grade of Holy Item, these ordinary Skyriders took almost full damage from Jiang Fei. More than ten Skyriders died instantly!

Sword Burst attacks immediately allowed Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage to stack fully. Hence, Jiang Fei's Attack Power had soared to more than ten million!

Sword Form: Blade Dragon!

Jiang Fei was deliberately showing off his strength to these guild masters, so he did not continue to use Sword Burst to kill the rest of the Skyriders. Instead, he turned the remaining blades into a huge dragon to shuttle back and forth between these Skyriders. Countless figures appeared above the heads of these Skyriders. They all turned into a bloody fog as soon as the huge dragon went passed them. After the fog dissipated, not a single eye was left behind!

"F*ck… Verdure Glider is also a player, but he's on a totally different level. How are we supposed to even play this game?" Many guild masters could not help but feel this way.

In just a few seconds, Jiang Fei had managed to kill all of the Skyriders that approached them. His actions had shocked the guild masters around him. Through this show of force, Jiang Fei succeeded in impressing them. He had established an image of a strong leader in their hearts.


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