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As the snow began to fall from Jiang Fei's body, his face started appearing in front of Bella and Ariel. Although he had been buried under a thick layer of snow for half a month, Jiang Fei still seemed to be in very good shape.

"Husband, are you alright? Bella and Ariel asked at the same time.

"I… No… Ahem, I'm fine…" As Jiang Fei had not spoken for far too long, his throat was dry. However, other than that, he seemed to be in a better state than he normally was.

"That's great! As long as you are fine!" Ariel and Isabella were both so happy that they could cry. From Jiang Fei's appearance, one would guess that he had managed to think things through. He must have comprehended his own Power of Conqueror to a large extent.

"Husband, how did it go? Did you acquire new insights?" Isabella asked with a concerned tone.

"Don't worry about me! How much time has passed?" Jiang Fei had completely lost track of time during the period of deep thinking. He was worried that he might have wasted too much time. After all, Bella was still holding on to the Zhanlu Sword. Right then, the Zhanlu Sword seemed to have turned a shade darker. A fair amount of Valium must have already been used up.

"Fifteen days had passed…" Ariel said softly. 0542 had explained Bella's condition to her.

"Whew… That's good. We still have time!" Jiang Fei said as he tried to console himself and the two girls.

"Captain, you don't actually have to worry too much. I already have a plan to resolve Bella's condition!" 0542 said.

"Oh?" Jiang Fei was pleasantly surprised. If Isabella could be rescued from her precarious situation, Jiang Fei would have two things to celebrate today.

Indeed, after fifteen days of deep thinking and being tortured by his inner thoughts, Jiang Fei had finally found his own path of progression. Although he had yet to comprehend the Power of Conqueror, things became much easier now that he figured out a way to move forward.

When he saw that Bella was still holding the sword, he felt a stinging sensation in his heart. He immediately retrieved the bracelet 0542 had made and carefully put it on Bella.

The intricate silver bracelet immediately tightened around Bella's wrist and became connected to her skin. At the same time, three needles extended from the inner surface and pierced through her skin. The Valium contained in the needles was able to stay in contact with Bella's blood.

"Alright, Bella, you can let go now…" Jiang Fei took the Zhanlu Sword away from Bella. As soon as the sword left Bella's palm, the wound on her palm immediately recovered. Clearly, the recovery effect from the wild energy was taking place.

Although Bella was still relying on the Valium to sustain her life, she could at least now move around with greater ease. She also did not have to suffer the pain from holding the sword any longer.

"I feel much better now. Thank you, husband!" Bella smiled sweetly at Jiang Fei as if she had really relaxed. However, the pain on her palm could not compare to the pain her entire body was feeling from the continual cycle of being damaged and recovered.

"Don't worry, 0542 has already discovered a solution. In no time, you will be free from this suffering!" Jiang Fei consoled her. He then asked 0542, "Tell me your plan. Also, where is Beowulf?"

"Captain, Beowulf's hatching has been paused…" 0542 interrupted.

"Paused? Was he snatched away?" Jiang Fei asked confusedly. He recalled that Beowulf was already close to being hatched when he entered the deep state of thinking.

"That's not the case. I was the one who requested for Bella to pause the hatching process of the Rebirth Egg…" 0542 then explained what happened to Jiang Fei in detail, including its recent discovery of Braveheart's main radar.

"Let's retrieve the radar first…" Jiang Fei said emotionlessly. He was now facing a dilemma.

From the point of morality, Jiang Fei should allow Beowulf to complete his rebirth. After all, Jiang Fei had promised him he would do so. Regardless of what happened, this was not a good reason for Jiang Fei to renege on his promise.

However, on the other hand, extracting the energy from the Rebirth Egg was too beneficial for Jiang Fei to make a pass. Barring Braveheart's fragment aside, Jiang Fei was tempted enough by the fact that Bella could be healed.

Jiang Fei was now in a dilemma between morality and saving his lover. He suddenly realized that this was the kind of situation characters would face in television dramas. From the bottom of his heart, Jiang Fei did not consider himself a selfish person. He would definitely not sacrifice someone else's life for his own benefit.

However, Isabella was far too important to him. Every day that passed meant that Bella would face greater risks. Nobody knew how long her willpower would last her before she loses control. Jiang Fei was also concerned that he would not be able to find other Godblades after the Valium was used up.

Moreover, apart from healing Bella, reviving Sylphy and Nina was equally important to Jiang Fei. However, if he did not activate the super radar, Jiang Fei was not confident that he could find the engine room in the span of this lifetime.

While Jiang Fei was still in the midst of debating with himself, the three of them arrived at the location given by 0542. It was very close to where the two Level 5 experts had exploded. The pit was so deep and dark that they could not even see the bottom of it.

"It's down here!" 0542 said affirmingly.

"Let's retrieve it first!" Jiang Fei shook his head. At the same time, he finally had an answer in his heart.

Jiang Fei leaped into the giant pit without hesitation. Simultaneously, the Gigantic Sword appeared below his feet from out of nowhere as it steered him toward the bottom of the pit.

Isabella and Ariel looked at each other before following after Jiang Fei. The three very soon arrived at the bottom of the huge pit.

"It's quite large!" Jiang Fei exclaimed in awe as he looked at the giant fragment which was nearly one-kilometer wide and two-hundred meters tall.

"Captain, the connection is complete. You may retrieve it at any time!" 0542 said. After all, Jiang Fei had been deep in thought for fifteen days. 0542 had plenty of time to take over the radar's authorization.

"Alright!" Jiang Fei nodded as he placed one hand on the fragment's silver surface. At the same time, he activated the Spatial Manipulation ability in the mysterious ring.

Shuffle! A silvery light flashed as the giant alien fragment disappeared. Jiang Fei had acquired yet another Braveheart fragment.

"Captain, make your decision. If you decide to extract the energy from the Rebirth Egg, I can immediately activate the radar to scan all regions!" 0542 persuaded Jiang Fei again.
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