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"What happened? Why do you look so panicked?" Jiang Fei continued to eat while he smiled and asked.

"The military has taken action against the Martial Arts Alliance!" Han Tianyu's words caused Jiang Fei to drop the bread in his hand.

"Tell me the details!" Jiang Fei pushed the plate of food aside as a serious expression formed on his face.

"Here's what happened…" Han Tianyu began to explain in detail.

When Jiang Fei was in deep thought for half a month, the entire country of China was in a state of chaos. The Chinese military had finally made an important breakthrough with the Supreme Androids and decided to take action against the Martial Arts Alliance.

On the third day, while Jiang Fei was in deep thought, the military had sent a large number of Androids to invade the territories of influence of each of the big sects. In an organized manner, they began to drive the martial artists away from these areas back into their own bases.

In the beginning, the martial artists attempted to fight back. However, the Androids had an absolute advantage in numbers and they were no match for them. Moreover, after the war in Tokyo, the martial artists were greatly affected. Although Jiang Fei's potions had allowed the higher-tier martial artists to increase their powers, the lower-tier disciples needed more time to recover.

The badly injured martial artists were unwilling to fight with their lives against the Androids. After all, the martial artists' lives were very precious. Meanwhile, even if the Androids could be killed in battle, they could be easily fixed before returning to the battlefield.

Therefore, within the span of ten days, the martial artists had been contained in their own bases. More Android soldiers began appearing on the frontlines. With their absolute advantage in numbers, they were forcing the martial artists to stay within their own bases.

However, the Android soldiers were not entirely aggressive. As long as the martial artists did not resist, they would not do anything extreme. Their only objective was to keep the martial artists within their own bases.

This was in part due to the military's tactics. They hoped to exert pressure on the martial artists so that they would choose to either surrender or leave. If the martial artists surrendered, the military could strengthen the country's battle power.

If the martial artists chose to leave, the country would be spared from dealing with a bunch of rebels. After all, the government was tired of trying to control a bunch of lawless fellows.

Previously, the military did not have enough power to oppress the martial artists. That was why the martial artists were able to do as they wished. However, things were different now. The Supreme Androids' technological progress had allowed the military to expand their powers greatly. Therefore, the lawless martial artists became the country's primary target to expel.

The military was taking a gentler approach against these martial artists who lived in the mountains. Instead of killing them harshly, the military was only limiting their area of mobility. The military was doing this to coerce the Martial Arts Alliance into surrendering. They were also worried that the martial artists would panic and take drastic measures if they felt too pressured.

As the governing party, the military wanted to ensure peace in society. Naturally, the martial artists who did not subscribe to rules of law were the primary cause of instability in society. However, if the military placed too much pressure on them, they might take drastic measures such as terrorizing normal civilians. They would be able to deal much more damage than the military or the government would allow.

Therefore, the military was only trying to limit the martial artists' area of mobility so that they saw how strong the government had become. Many of the weaker sects would automatically surrender to the government while the more stubborn and bigger sects would choose to move away. As such, the military would be able to resolve the issues surrounding the martial artists peacefully.

"This means that the military has officially challenged the Martial Arts Alliance, but the two have not begun fighting each other on a large scale." Jiang Fei felt slightly less fidgety after hearing Han Tianyu's full explanation.

"You can say so. Although they have engaged each other in battle several times, nobody was killed in the process. A few of the martial art sects backed off after suffering some minor injuries." Han Tianyu nodded.

"If that's the case, please send them a message on my behalf. Tell them that we have plenty of space and a good environment. If any of the martial art sects can't take it anymore, they can settle down here instead." Jiang Fei said after some thought.

"Alright!" Han Tianyu nodded. Although he was only at Level 2, Han Tianyu was still a member of the martial artists. After learning from the Green Willow Heights for such a long time, he had strong ties with the Martial Arts Alliance. This time, he had looked for Jiang Fei to ask him to allow the martial artists to enter the Winter Islands. Unexpectedly, Jiang Fei had actually brought it up on his own.

Although Han Tianyu had been appointed by Jiang Fei as the Winter Islands' commissioner, he did not dare to invite such a large number of martial artists to enter the Winter Islands without his approval. Now that Jiang Fei had agreed, Han Tianyu would be able to provide assistance to the troubled martial artists.

"Is there anything else?" Jiang Fei asked.

"Nope!" Han Tianyu laughed. He had urgently looked for Jiang Fei because he was worried the martial artists would get into a serious fight with the military. Now that Jiang Fei has offered shelter to the martial artists, Han Tianyu had no other reason to bug Jiang Fei.

"Alright. I am going to eat. Please arrange for me to see my parents in a short while." Jiang Fei nodded before picking up the bread again.

"No problem!" Han Tianyu nodded as he left to get things arranged.

After an hour, Han Tianyu sent a car to pick Jiang Fei and the other two up before bringing them to their new house.

"Nice! Han Tianyu sure knows how to get things done!" Jiang Fei nodded with a look of satisfaction when he saw his new home. It was a huge five-story lakeside villa within a one-thousand-acre compound. There was even a winery in the compound. Clearly, Han Tianyu had put in a lot of effort to make sure that his boss' family members were happy.

"Father, mother, how have you been?" Jiang Fei finally saw his parents when he entered the villa.

"It's not too bad. We're still not used to this yet…" His mother chuckled. She was very happy that her son was visiting.

"Ah Fei, tell Han Tianyu that we do not need this many servants…" Jiang Fei's father said directly. His parents were used to their normal lives, which meant having a babysitter to help out at most. Now, there were at least a hundred servants in the compound. It was obvious that they could not get used to it in a short span of time.

"Let's keep them around. If you don't want to see them, I can ask them not to come near the villa." Jiang Fei shook his head. Other people might not understand why Han Tianyu had made such arrangements, but Jiang Fei did. Three quarters of the servants were actually Android soldiers in disguise. They were more of full-time bodyguards than servants.

To ensure his parents' safety, Jiang Fei would not allow Han Tianyu to get rid of these Androids.
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