The Almighty Ring
1040 The Consequences of Bullying a Little Loli
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1040 The Consequences of Bullying a Little Loli

"You're not dead? Interesting." Burble felt somewhat embarrassed when it realized that Jiang Fei and Miluya were still alive. After all, it was a Celestial boss. How shameful that it could not even kill two mere mortals.

"I'm dead!" Jiang Fei had nothing to protect himself anymore.

At this time, the little loli Miluya only had one last bit of Health left. A touch would be enough to kill her. While Jiang Fei could activate his Shadow Barrier, there was no guarantee he could protect himself with that.

Although Shadow Barrier could withstand three attacks, he was against two Celestial bosses. There was no chance of escaping. Jiang Fei was almost certain that he was going to get a free Return Scroll back to the city.

"Ah! Big brother! Someone's bullying me!" Just as the Celestial boss Burble lifted its arm again, ready to launch a second attack, the injured little loli screamed.

"I'm sorry, I..." Jiang Fei felt extremely guilty as he looked at the scared little loli who was crying. As he was still trapped, he could not block an attack for the little loli even if he wanted to.

"Go to hell!" Burble waved and another tidal wave appeared out of nowhere.


Just as the tidal wave approached Jiang Fei and Miluya, the sky suddenly turned dark. Then, Jiang Fei felt as if the whole world had stopped moving. Even the tidal wave approaching them had stopped, as if someone had pressed the pause button.


The huge wave started to crack like it was made out of glass and the fragments slowly disappeared into thin air. Then, a figure appeared in front of Jiang Fei and Miluya.


Impenetrable darkness shrouded the figure. Even Jiang Fei, who was very close to him, could not see his appearance. He could only vaguely see a human silhouette with thirteen pairs of wings. It hit him that when the little loli shouted for her big brother just now, she was referring to him instead of Jiang Fei.

Fallen Angel Lucifer (Holy Spirit, Unknown)

Level: Unknown

Health Points: Unknown

Attack Power: Unknown

Skills: Unknown

Remarks: Miluya's Accompanying Angel.

"Big brother! That's the one that bullied me! It's evil!" As soon as she saw that her backup had arrived, Miluya knew that the enemy was done for. The little girl kept one hand on her waist, while pointing a finger at the Celestial boss, complaining.


After hearing the little girl's complaint, a faint light flashed through Lucifer's eyes and Burble who was standing opposite of him started to panic. Endless darkness filled Lucifer's eyes. Even Burble felt like his mind was being sucked straight into them. This made Burble feel an inexplicable fear!

"Go to hell!" Terrified, Burble could not think straight and started attacking Lucifer. Countless water arrows shot at Lucifer like torrential rain.

Unfortunately for him, Lucifer did not even flinch. The water arrows dissipated after touching the black fog around him.

"Who are you? There might have been a misunderstanding!" After feeling Lucifer's power, it seemed like Storm Mountain wanted to seek reconciliation, but it was too late!


When Burble's attacks ended, Lucifer had already appeared behind it.


No one could clearly see what Lucifer did. When the situation became clearer, Lucifer was already holding a round water sphere in his hand, whereas there was a huge hole in Burble's chest.

"Please wait!" Storm Mountain shouted. He was anxious because the water sphere in Lucifer's hands was Burble's source of life!


Lucifer completely ignored Storm Mountain and the water sphere in his hand shattered.

"Ahh!" Following a scream, Burble's body collapsed into a mass of water stains on the ground. A Celestial boss had just been killed instantly, without even being able to fight back!

"Oh my Lord, holy sh*t!" Storm Mountain was so scared it almost lost its soul. As it was against the unfathomable Lucifer, it could only think of escaping. He did not even dare to think about avenging his dead friend!


A white light flashed and Storm Mountain had escaped by teleporting away.

"No! That meanie bullied me too!" Seeing that Storm Mountain had run away, the little loli Miluya sat on the ground and started to throw a tantrum.


The next moment, something unbelievable happened. Lucifer waved his hand and a portal opened in front of him. Then, the fleeing Storm Mountain was dragged out of the it!

"Holy! How powerful is this guy?" Jiang Fei's brain almost could not process what was going on. Originally, when he noticed that Lucifer's tier was stated as Unknown, Jiang Fei guessed that Lucifer was also an Ascended Celestial, just like his teacher Ou Yezi. Now, however, it seemed like Lucifer was way stronger than that!

"That's impossible!" Jiang Fei was shocked at what Lucifer had just done. On the other hand, Storm Mountain was scared out of its wits!


However, it seemed like Lucifer was not in the mood to explain how powerful he was to Storm Mountain. He directly waved his hand and the Intermediate Celestial boss Storm Mountain blew up and turned into powder!

"Hmph! Let's see if you guys dare to bully me ever again!" Seeing that Storm Mountain had been destroyed, the little loli Miluya stood up and proudly raised her small chest. She was acting as if she was the one who killed Storm Mountain.

At that moment, however, the stone powder that Storm Mountain had turned into started to gather slowly. After a few seconds, Storm Mountain resurrected!


Lucifer attacked. Storm Mountain was blown into powder once again, but it resurrected in a blink of an eye!

"Hahahaha! So what if you're very powerful? What can you do to me? I'm immortal!" Storm Mountain laughed madly.


Even before Storm Mountain was done laughing, it was blown up once again!

"Come on! Kill me!" After a few seconds, Storm Mountain resurrected again.

"Don't hit it, hit the mountain behind it. Destroy that mushroom cap!" After seeing Storm Mountain resurrect several times, Jiang Fei linked the situation with Storm Mountain's Remarks that he had read earlier on. So, he turned and shouted at Lucifer.

Lucifer looked back at Jiang Fei. It was a quick glance, but Jiang Fei felt as if he had undergone a full-body scan. It was like Lucifer knew everything about him now!

"Hahaha, no matter what you hit, it won't work!" Storm Mountain guffawed. However, there was a hint of fear within his laughter!


When Lucifer raised his hand and attacked the mushroom mountain in the distance, Storm Mountain leaped into the air violently. It blocked Lucifer's attack with its own body. This made Jiang Fei more certain that the mountain behind it was its source of life!


Storm Mountain was blown into powder once again, but its act of sacrificing itself to protect the mountain was pointless. After Lucifer destroyed Storm Mountain, he could easily attack the mountain behind without any hindrance!


Countless cracks appeared on the mushroom cap that was attacked. The next moment, the cracks began to spread and the whole mushroom mountain broke into countless pieces.


Jiang Fei heard a dissatisfied roar. This time, Storm Mountain did not resurrect.


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