The Almighty Ring
1048 Miluya’s True Nature
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1048 Miluya’s True Nature

wham! wham! wham!

this time, instead of binding them, the vines smacked them all, sending them flying. 

jiang fei was able to survive due to the effectiveness of the shadow barrier. miluya had taken only 1 damage due to her unexplainable skill and defense. 

however, michael suffered quite the damage. even when she had the highest level amongst the three of them, her defensive capability was close to none. a single hit from the vine was all it took to remove most of the holy aura around her. the damage she took was obviously substantial. 

"hyaaah!" the little loli shrieked in pain. 

as soon as she did, the sky darkened and lucifer descended from the heavens with a parade of dark clouds. 

"big brother, big sister, that thing is bullying me…" cried the little loli as soon as another helping hand appeared. however, lucifer was not able to do anything against the boss. be it lucifer or michael, neither one of them was able to attack. knowing that, both of them decided to protect miluya. 

michael raised her hands into the sky, summoning a bright holy light to shine on miluya, healing her to full health. she had even erected a small barrier to protect miluya. at the same time, lucifer raised his, summoning a basketball-sized dark orb that was gathering power. jiang fei got up quickly as he deemed that the two angels were about to start their counterattack. 

"how am i going to go around this…" 

jiang fei frowned. he was not able to gauge michael and lucifer's level. his level was too low. however, from the looks of things, the two might not be able to defeat that giant tree!


just when everyone was already tensed up, the earth beneath miluya's feet split open. a large, thick vine burst out and entwined itself around the little loli's leg, dangling her upside down in the air.


it was unclear how she was able to mitigate all damage down to 1 but her overall health points were so low that a single damage was all it took to wreck half of her health points. at that moment, jiang fei noticed the barrier that michael had cast on miluya played no role in defending her. 

frantically, micheal raised her hand once more to heal miliya. however, before the holy light could descend onto miluya, jiang fei was blown away at what had happened. 

the light ray was forcefully blocked by additional vines that protruded from the earth. michael's healing skill had failed!

"what the hell? that has never happened before!" cried jiang fei. he had never seen a skill that could forcefully block healing! a debuff would but it required that character to be inflicted with it in the first place! 


two vines burst out from the loose earth but before they could stop lucifer, the dark orb that he was charging was flung at great speed towards the vines that were entangling miluya. 


from jiang fei's perspective, that dark orb was something akin to a sure-kill attack skill. however, when the dark orb hit the vine, it popped like a fragile bubble, inflicting no damage or whatsoever! 

the vines that were entwined around the loli continued to wrap itself around her. with speed, miluya was completely wrapped like a cocoon. 


a small damage text popped above the cocoon. that small little damage would mean nothing to a beginner player but on miluya, it meant death. 

"miluya!" jiang fei gasped with horror. he was only starting to get to know the little girl. even though she was rather naughty at times, jiang fei was starting to like her. unfortunately, that last bit of attack had depleted miluya's health bar. jiang fei collapsed on all fours. he was horrified. helpless and despaired, jiang fei was anguished, knowing that he had already reached the height of celestial tier but failed to do anything to protect the poor little girl. 

as soon as the big tree confirmed that it had killed miluya, it quickly shifted its attention to jiang fei. effortlessly, the tree bound him down without any resistance. 


the last of the shadow barrier's effects were used but jiang fei made no action to free himself. as a result, jiang fei was ultimately bound. the tree used its vines to lift jiang fei into the air, with the intention to devour him. at that moment, the vines that were still wrapping the remains of miluya exploded with a loud bang. 

pieces of vines fell from the sky. when the dust settled, jiang fei looked up and saw an unfamiliar face. it was a young lady with silvery grey hair. she had 13 pairs of wings and was eclipsed by a bright holy light. 

angel of death, azazel (spirit form, unknown)

level: unknown

health points: 100

attack power: nil

skills: death's decree. 

death's decree: once the angel of death speaks the name, the owner of the name shall die after 40 seconds. ignores level suppression, defense, damage mitigation, damage nullification, death immune, rebirth after death, effect resistance, and invulnerability. 

note: miluya's personal angel. 

"what the hell? are you even real?" jiang fei gasped, resisting the urge to just flip the table and call foul. 

she might have just that little bit of health points but her skill, death's decree, was so overpowered! ignoring all possible resistance effects and skills, death's decree was truly a death sentence to whoever was to be called out. 

jiang fei's plethora of life-saving skills, including the shadow barrier, could prevent him from death by instantly restoring all his health points. that was an example of rebirth after death. however, even if he had cosmic dragon skills, to have over 20 "life bars", jiang fei would still be killed after 40 seconds if he were to be targeted. 


when the angel of death appeared, the tree immediately sent out one of its many vines to attack. 


thankfully, even after becoming the angel of death, azazel possessed miluya's special defensive skill. even though she did not possess any means of attack and had only 100 health points, she could last longer in battle instead of relying on michael's healing.

"start the attack already!" jiang fei roared, trying to free himself from the vines that were holding him down. the angel of death floating in the sky did not retaliate even when she was taking many vines attacks. 

"f*ck! she cannot attack!" 

after lamenting about azazel's passive behavior, jiang fei suddenly realized that she was not able to retaliate since she had no attack power. the only way she could retaliate was to use her skills. however, unlike players, she did not possess the ability to see other npc's name. 

"looks like it's my time to shine," cried jiang fei. jiang fei was able to read the npc's name and with the ring's special effect, he even knew its other properties that no other player could see. 

"miluya! its name is vastasa, the mother of the world!" jiang fei roared. 

as soon as he did, azazel's eyes glowed with a bright flash of blue hue before opening her lips. 

"i sentence you to death, mother of the world, vastasa." 

her voice was soft, so soft that it seemed impossible that her voice could reverberate in his ears. it was as if her voice could travel beyond space and time to reach all that existed. 

when she was done talking, orbs of grey lights started to appear around the tree, causing it to start moving around slowly. its leaves turned from bright green to yellow, and then dark brown before it withered away and fall from its branch. the entire process was slow since the effective duration before death was 40 seconds. death was certain but during that 40 seconds, the boss could still do something. within that 40 seconds, could everyone still hold on? or would they die before the boss did?

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