The Almighty Ring
1058 It’s Not Ugly… Just Poor Taste
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1058 It’s Not Ugly… Just Poor Taste


with almost nothing else to lose, beastfang lord started to hammer the ground hard repeatedly, like a fast drum roll with just a single drumstick. 

"big brother! watch out!" cried miluya as she pulled jiang fei's iron skirt closer to her. at that moment, the ground shook hard. distracted by the cloud of dust that was made from hammering the ground, jiang fei failed to realize that he was about to be trampled by a massive stampede. it was only when he felt the earth shaking did he see thousands or even tens of thousands of wild boars charging from the cloud of dust. their eyes were filled with rage, their minds focused solely on charging forward with razor sharp fangs. standing in the middle of their stampede, one would surely be torn to shreds. 

sword form: sword burst!

the blade dragon disassembled quickly to form a rain of swords. with jiang fei controlling their general direction, the sharp end of the swords directed themselves toward the oncoming stampede before raining down on them. this sword form was meant to be used to deal with multiple targets over a large area. they were incredibly weak as their damage was lowered greatly. however, against the massive oncoming stampede, the attack proved to be extremely effective. in fact, all 128 swords found their targets. 

"oh, screw this…" 

even though all 128 swords found their targets, killing them instantly, there were more than tens of thousands of them! as long as beastfang lord kept on banging the ground with his flail, those wild boars would not stop charging toward jiang fei!

"big brother… i'm scared…" said miluya, pulling herself closer to jiang fei. 

"nothing to be scared about. your trusted big brother is here! get behind me!" said jiang fei, carefully pushing the little girl behind him before he took another battle stance. he made a hand signal and all of the swords pulled themselves back and formed a large metallic sword shield in front of him. 

sword form: reflection!

contrary to its name, this sword formation was not designed to reflect damage but instead deal damage to those who dared to charge toward it. all the swords were arranged in a way that the blade side of the sword were facing toward the enemies. they were arranged like pillars of blades that were so thin that they were practically invisible. enemies would receive damage if they were to run into the shield blindly. it was the perfect situation to use the skill. all wild boars that charged into the "slicer" were sliced up into thin sheets of meat in a more gruesome way. even so, not all wild boards would charge directly at him. some that could run faster moved sideways and attacked from the side, dodging the sword shield entirely. 

"sheesh! there's really no end to this!" jiang fei grunted. sword form: reflection might be the ultimate form of defense but its duration was limited. once the effect ended, it might be the end of him. 

jiang fei took out twenty-eight swords from the sword formation and used them to attack as many wild boars that were coming from the side. at one point, jiang fei realized that the stampede would not end unless he did something to the caster itself. at that moment, jiang fei gave up attacking the wild boars and proceeded to attack beastfang lord himself! 

it was then a battle against time. jiang fei needed to kill beastfang lord before the sword shield formation collapsed! unfortunately, before he could kill the boss, the sword shield broke apart. 

"f*ck it! you want a piece of me? come get me then!" he roared, completely ignoring defense. jiang fei pulled back all the swords into his hand and broke into another stance. 

sword form: blade dragon!

this time, jiang fei focused solely on attacking beastfang lord alone, ignoring all the other incoming wild boars. 



a single wild boar's attack was not as lethal as it seemed but when there were over tens of thousands of them, any lower celestial would die unless they could fly!


jiang fei's entire character flashed with a golden hue. the rebirth after death effect on the token of the god of craft was activated!

at that moment, masked by the loud stampede, the boss groaned before it dropped to the ground, dead. if the game was not censored for younger audience, the body of the now dead boss would have many holes. once the boss dropped to the ground, all of the wild boars vanished into thin air. the cloud of dust they made during the stampede still lingered in the air. 

when the dust settled, jiang fei and miliya paced toward the now dead boss. 

"that was awesome!" miluya cheered. 

"but of course. who am i?" jiang fei snorted with his head held high. that was the first time he had defeated a celestial tier boss, all by himself. it was a proud moment for him. now that the boss was dead, it was time to collect the rewards. although he did not have the cauldron of luck on him, the boss would still drop luxurious drops since it was a celestial tier. 

"show me the money!" cried jiang fei as he opened the corpse. 

a red flash of light came and jiang fei grinned happily. as expected of celestial tier, all drops were good. 

wild boar's might (chestplate, holy)

physical defense: +10,000

magic defense: +10,000

all attributes: +1,000

equip: reduce received physical damage by 10%.

equip: grants a passive skill, thorn of the prideful boar. reflects 10% of all melee attacks back to the attacker. 

equip: grants a skill, charge of the thousands. summons a stampede of wild boards to attack the enemy. each wild boar will deal 10% of your attack power. requires channeling, maximum of 10 seconds. 

note: upon adorning this armor, you will become the new lord of the wild boars!

"issh! this armor is strong but that name… it's just… eeeckk!" 

10,000 to both magic and physical defense, 1,000 all attribute boost, a passive damage reduction, and damage reflection, these stats were good as it were all leaning toward defense. 

thorn of the prideful boar, the damage reflection skill, was highly situation-dependent. against a horde of monsters? not so much. against a single boss? worse. 

the active skill, charge of the thousands, was strong as jiang fei had just experienced the skill effect not a minute ago. having almost an unending stampede of wild boars could change the tide of the battle. jiang fei might be unstoppable if the enemy did not have any long-ranged attackers in their ranks. one wild boar might only have 10% of his attack power but considering the fact that he would be summoning countless wild boars… even an intermediate celestial would have to be wary of jiang fei. 

"big brother, are you going to put this on? it's so ugly!" said the little girl. 

"well… let's not call it ugly… it's just.. poor fashion taste!" 

jiang fei took the armor and put it on. with his current dangerous situation, having extra defense would be helpful. he can only be an effective attacker if he was alive, hence… even though the armor was not to his liking, it was still important. 

once jiang fei put on the armor, his entire physique changed to that of the boss. his original toned and muscular frame was gone. the little girl that was by his side sulked immediately and even shrank away from him. 

"big brother… you look really ugly in the armor…" said miluya, not even trying to sugar-coat it.

"ugh… might as well. right now, staying alive is more important than looking good. i'm doing this to protect you!" said jiang fei, laughing at the little girl's painful jab. 

"let's go then," said jiang fei as he escorted the girl away. he felt somewhat satisfied with the trade-off. even though he was ugly as f*ck, he now had over a million health points. with that, he left the god-forsaken, smelly, disgusting, putrid swamp.

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