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It doesn't really matter if her temper gets worse... Jiang Fei told himself and shrugged. Although there was a possibility that Bella would get jealous more easily after she wore the Core of Will, Jiang Fei could not bear to let her continue suffering from the pain caused by the Power of Berserk.


After Bella put on the hairband, the sapphire Core of Will radiated a dazzling light. The next moment, the light faded. However, the Core of Will was no longer as dull as before. Instead, it glistened with majestic grandeur.

"Do I look nice?" Bella asked somewhat shyly. It seemed like there was no change in her personality.

"Wow! You're beautiful!" Ariel looked envious. Girls generally liked these kinds of shiny things, especially gems!

"Really?" Bella took a small mirror out of nowhere, then took a good look at herself and started chattering away with Ariel.

"Phew..." Jiang Fei breathed a sigh of relief. Judging by how relaxed Bella was, Jiang Fei knew that the Core of Will worked. Before this, Bella would occasionally smile, but Jiang Fei could tell that she only did it because she was afraid that they would be worried. She was always affected by the Power of Berserk, so the pain she suffered was hard to imagine.

Now, after wearing the Core of Will, the erosive effect of the Power of Berserk was suppressed. So, Bella naturally felt way more relaxed. Even though she still needed Valium to stay alive, she was no longer in pain!

It was a pity that there were no Valiums on earth at all and Jiang Fei had limited reserves. Otherwise, Bella would be able to maintain such a state for a long time. After all, in this state, Bella was extremely powerful!

"Okay, are you girls done talking yet? If you're done, let's go home!" As the two girls chatted endlessly, Jiang Fei became a little impatient.

"Okay. Sister Bella, let's continue talking at home." Ariel nodded obediently. After all, they were deep under the sea. Even though they were separated from the seawater as they were inside the fragment, the air outside was definitely fresher.

"Mmm! Okay." Bella was also pretty understanding. There were no side effects like 0542 had mentioned.


Jiang Fei waved his hand and kept the Laboratory in the mysterious ring. Then, Ariel teleported them back to Winter Islands.

After they returned home, Ariel and Isabella went back to their room to continue their girl talk. Jiang Fei paid Han Tianyu's Governor's Office a visit, but Han Tianyu was nowhere to be found. After asking around, he found out that Han Tianyu had personally led a team to help the martial artists sneak away.

"Whatever. It's better if he goes personally anyway, in case anything goes wrong." Jiang Fei nodded, not too bothered.

After returning home, Jiang Fei chatted with his parents for a while, then had a reunion dinner with his family.

At this time, Jiang Fei was feeling pretty relaxed. After all, Bella's injury was under control. Although it could not be fundamentally cured, it was definitely not going to worsen anymore.

Moreover, Jiang Fei had also figured out all fifteen suspicious signal sources that had appeared during the super-radar's preliminary scan. He had collected all the fragments except the large Plutonium Mine.

As for the engine room and Core of Life that Jiang Fei cared the most about, he had to wait for the detailed scan results which would show after three days. If Jiang Fei wanted to find these fragments without the guidance of the super-radar, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

After a short nap, Jiang Fei returned to the game again at four o'clock in the morning. Although he was forced to go offline yesterday because of the gay Minotaur, he still had to play the game. After all, 0541 clearly told him to kill those Celestial tier NPCs!

After he logged into the game, Jiang Fei realized that he was still in front of the palace. He was exactly where he was before he went offline yesterday. However, the Minotaur was no longer there. Obviously, as he went offline, the boss would not keep waiting for him here.

It was not just the Minotaur that had disappeared. Even the little loli Miluya was gone. However, Jiang Fei was not worried about this little girl's safety. After all, although she looked harmless, both Michael and Lucifer that were within her body were extremely powerful. Moreover, if there happened to be a relatively powerful boss that manage to empty Miluya's two Health Points, it would awaken the Angel of Death, Azazel. This hidden boss would kill anyone instantly. Even the Level 300 Mother of the World had been killed by her, so no one else would be able to escape death.

"I shouldn't stay here for too long!" Jiang Fei looked around. When he was sure that no one was around, he quickly ran out of there as he did not want to meet the cow again.

As he ran all the way, Jiang Fei quickly rushed out of the underground hall and re-entered the cave. He kept running without keeping track of time. When he saw glaring light coming from the front, he knew that he had passed through the chain of mountains.

Looking at the plains in front of him, Jiang Fei frowned.

Without his small bodyguard Miluya, Jiang Fei had to face all the bosses in the entire Ancient Celestial Realm alone. If he encountered a wild Lower Celestial boss, it was still manageable. If he ran into anything more powerful than that, he would probably have a hard time just trying to escape.

Although Jiang Fei forced himself offline to avoid the powerful Tauren boss, he was only safe because that boss meant him no harm. Moreover, the palace was near a rest area. So, his character disappeared as soon as he went offline. If he was in the wild, his character would still remain in the game for ten minutes even if he was already offline. Ten minutes was enough for this boss to kill him a hundred times!

Moreover, in addition to this, Jiang Fei still had another problem—he did not know the way!

Although Miluya also had no sense of direction, at least he had a companion when they were together. Moreover, the little girl would occasionally remember the way a little, so it was way better than walking around aimlessly. Now, Jiang Fei was all alone, so he was like a brainless fly.

Jiang Fei continued in his tracks. After about an hour, he suddenly noticed that there was a small figure crying under a dead tree not far away!

"So annoying... Boohoo, you guys never ever play with me. It took me so long to find a big brother that would play with me, and now he's gone too! Boohoohoo..."

"Miluya?" Jiang Fei called. Although the little girl looked similar to Miluya, she looked a lot older than the little loli. She looked about twelve or thirteen. Moreover, her name was not displayed above her head like other NPCs, so Jiang Fei could not see any of her information.

"Big brother, I found you!" The little girl turned back to look at him. Although her eyes were still glistening with tears, she was clearly overjoyed!
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