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"How is that possible?" Jiang Fei was in shock after seeing Miluya's attributes.

This was not the Angel of Death, Azazel, but Miluya herself. Just overnight, she had advanced from the Level of a small animal to a Level 129 pinnacle High Celestial!

It was impossible to become a Celestial overnight, let alone a pinnacle High Celestial. This would never happen to a player, let alone an NPC!

"And what the hell is The Chosen Maiden?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. He had never seen such a Race description.

"Who are you?!" The Harpy boss who saw Miluya was also surprised. Before this, there was no powerful aura coming from this girl at all. Now, however, the godly power that she was exuding made the Harpy boss shake with fear.

"Stupid, go away now or I'll hurt you!" Although her strength had increased, the little loli still had the temperament of a child.

"Miluya, don't let him go!" Jiang Fei shouted. If they let this Ancient God go, he would surely inform other Ancient Gods to come as reinforcements. Then, Jiang Fei would definitely get chased around the entire Celestial Realm. It would be extremely difficult for him if he wanted to get near the Central Altar again!

"But...but..." Miluya hesitated for a long time and did not attack.

Miluya had always been very weak. Previously, other than the fact that she was very agile, she only had some harmless magic spells. She could never attack. So, she never did. Now that she had to take the initiative to kill the Harpy boss, she was somewhat hesitant.

"Damned human, go to hell!" When the Harpy boss noticed Miluya's hesitation, he became bolder. He thought that Miluya was being held back by some restrictions and could not attack him. So, he did not escape. Instead, he charged at Jiang Fei!

"You're not allowed to hurt my big brother!" Miluya instantly became anxious when she saw that the Harpy boss had charged toward Jiang Fei.


A silver-white light flashed. Miluya's attack did not seem to have any effect.

At that time, the Harpy boss was already in front of Jiang Fei. His claws were about to touch Jiang Fei's nose, and Jiang Fei did not even have time to react!


A breeze blew through. The Harpy boss who was right in front of Jiang Fei instantly turned into green smoke and drifted with the wind.

"What the? Was that an instant kill?" Jiang Fei was completely dumbfounded. He did not even see how Miluya launched the attack. This Intermediate Celestial Harpy boss had died just like that!

It took almost a minute for Jiang Fei to register what had happened.

"Miluya, did you do that?" Jiang Fei's eyes were wide open.

"Did I?" Miluya seemed more confused than Jiang Fei.

"How did you..." Jiang Fei was about to ask her how she suddenly became a High Celestial, but Miluya's name disappeared again before he could finish his sentence. Jiang Fei could not see her name and basic information anymore.

"Sigh! It's so annoying, there's a lot of things that I don't understand!" Miluya suddenly began to shake her little head roughly.

"Miluya, what's wrong?" Jiang Fei waited for Miluya to calm down again before he came forward.

"I don't know. It was like this when I got up this morning. A lot of messy information suddenly appeared in my head. It made me feel very uncomfortable!" Miluya pouted. It seemed like she had no idea why this was happening to her.

"What sort of information appeared in your head?" Jiang Fei asked curiously.

"I don't know! A lot of information flashed through, then I forgot everything..." Miluya tilted her head.

"What do you remember, then?" Jiang Fei asked again.

"I remember how to get around the Celestial Realm..." Miluya smiled smugly. The next moment, it seemed like she suddenly thought of something again, then she said to Jiang Fei proudly, "I remember this, too!"

As Miluya's voice fell, she extended her pair of small hands. In the center of her small hands, there was a magic cube that was constantly rolling.

"Captain! Discovered an important data link, requesting to download!" Jiang Fei suddenly heard 0542's voice in his heart.

"Big brother, who's talking?" Jiang Fei did not expect Miluya to be able to hear 0542's voice!

"0542, what do you want to download? What do I need to do?" Jiang Fei knew that 0542 would not do pointless things. If 0542 actually took the initiative to contact him in the game, it was definitely important.

"You don't have to do anything. You just have to authorize it!" 0542 replied.

"Okay! Download it!" Jiang Fei nodded. As 0542 was a smart assistive system, 0542 could not do things that would harm the interests of the captain, so Jiang Fei trusted 0542.

"Big brother, who are you talking to?" As Jiang Fei was ignoring her, Miluya tugged on his sleeve.

"Err, one of my friends!" Jiang Fei replied casually. He did not want to hide it from her on purpose. It was just that it would be really troublesome to explain anything about the real world to these in-game NPCs.

"Oh!" Miluya nodded and did not inquire further. However, the next moment, she looked at Jiang Fei with confusion. Then, she said to Jiang Fei, "Big brother, your friend is a thief. He wants to steal this!"

Miluya pointed to the magic cube in her hand while she spoke.

"This?" Jiang Fei was confused and a little embarrassed at the same time. He was confused as he did not understand why 0542 was interested in this magic cube, and he was embarrassed because 0542's actions were not smooth enough. It was fine if 0542 wanted to steal, but 0542 actually got caught in the act!

"Big brother, if your friend really wants it, I can give it to you!" It seemed like Miluya really cherished the friendship she had with Jiang Fei. With a wave of her small hand, another cube appeared and she handed one of them to Jiang Fei.

"0542, what do you want this for?" Jiang Fei asked as he stared in the magic cube in his hand.

"Captain, I can't explain it to you in a clear manner now. When you return, I'll tell you in detail." 0542 did not immediately give an answer.

Previously, as 0542 was downloading the data sneakily, the process was relatively slow. However, now that the little loli had given Jiang Fei a copy of the magic cube, 0542 could download it openly. So, in just a short time, the magic cube in Jiang Fei's hands disappeared. 0542 also fell quiet after he completed the download.

"Big brother, if there's an opportunity, can you introduce your friend to me in the future? I feel a sense of familiarity with him!" Miluya suddenly said to Jiang Fei.
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