The Almighty Ring
1071 Young Lady Miluya
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1071 Young Lady Miluya

"nah, i'm not. it's just that i went through so much just to come here, and my goal is right in front of me but i can't achieve it. so, i'm feeling really upset. can you leave me alone?" jiang fei shook his head.

"big brother, i'm sorry..." miluya looked extremely apologetic.

"it's not your problem... i just want to be alone for a while..." jiang fei waved his hand.

"big brother, are you chasing me away? you don't want me anymore?" miluya started tearing up all of a sudden.

sigh! jiang fei lowered his head and did not say anything. he was not in the mood to comfort miluya.

"my brother and sister have never accompanied me. now, even big brother doesn't want me anymore. all of you don't like me anymore..." as jiang fei ignored her, miluya silently turned around and walked down the hill as she muttered to herself.

jiang fei was busy pondering, so he did not notice that miluya had gone down the hill alone. moreover, he did not notice that the big loli who was already twelve or thirteen years old was growing up at a rate that was clearly visible to the naked eye!

"hmph! all of you don't want me!" miluya herself did not notice the changes. when she reached the foot of the mountain, she had turned into a graceful young lady.

at this time, miluya looked exactly like the angel of death, azazel. the only difference was that miluya did not have thirteen pairs of wings and grey light was not radiating from her body!

as miluya carelessly came down from the mountain, she did not have anywhere in mind. she just strolled aimlessly, but she was walking in the direction of the altar!

jiang fei was still pondering away on the hill. if he looked at the minimap just then, he would notice that a green skull was approaching the warning range of a small red dot.

as miluya was considered a friendly target, she was marked as green on the minimap. moreover, miluya was more than two tiers above jiang fei, so she was naturally displayed as a skull.

"hmph! nobody likes miluya! nobody!" miluya complained continuously as she walked. although she had grown into a young lady, she was obviously still a child at heart.


a green light flashed and a figure appeared in front of miluya. obviously, miluya had already alerted an ancient god.

"get out of the way, don't bother me!" miluya glared at the ancient god. the young lady who had just been cold-shouldered by jiang fei was extremely angry.

"this is the forbidden land of the gods. you're not allowed to go any further!" although the ancient god felt the powerful pressure that miluya was exerting, it was his responsibility to guard the place, so he had to block miluya no matter what.

"i said don't bother me! you're so annoying!" miluya screamed at the ancient god.

"you..." the ancient god crossed his arms in front of himself. a powerful impact accompanied miluya's screams, which put the ancient god under considerable pressure.

crack crack… 

when miluya screamed, the ancient god maintained his defensive stance, but his body started to crack and it shattered into pieces!

instant kill!

"ahh!" miluya was shocked. she had not wanted to attack this ancient god. she had only screamed because she had lost her temper.

"hey! are you really dead? don't scare me! otherwise, i'll hit you!" miluya leaned closer and carefully kicked a shattered piece of the dead ancient god's body.

after two kicks, miluya confirmed that this ancient god had indeed died, and there was no way it could come back alive.

"hmph! it's your fault. you're the one who wanted to block my way!" miluya who had turned into a young lady still acted like a child. after she realized that she had done something bad, she made excuses for herself.

"why hasn't big brother come to look for me yet? i've been gone for so long since i ran away from home… he doesn't care about me at all!" miluya stomped her foot in anger after she turned back to look and realized that jiang fei had not followed her.

if jiang fei heard miluya's complaints at this time, he would probably shake his head in disbelief. young lady, what do you mean by you "ran away from home"? and you've only been gone for less than ten minutes! he would say in his heart.

however, it was clear that jiang fei could not hear miluya's complaints because he was at the top of the mountain, racking his head as to how to make michael and lucifer help him, not realizing at all that miluya had gone down the hill.

"hmph! you don't care about me at all!" miluya stomped her foot again, then marched forward angrily.

if jiang fei looked at his minimap, he would find the green skull approaching a red skull and there were four big red dots and six small red dots near the red skull!

there were eleven ancient gods gathered together in front of miluya. one of them, who looked like a lion, was giving instructions to the other ancient gods.

this ancient god was very strange. his body was like that of a lion, with golden fur. however, this guy had not only ten heads, but also a pair of wings!

if someone with knowledge was present, they would realize that this ancient god was actually a rare ten-headed guardian lion! he was very ferocious and he fed on human brains. moreover, he did not need to break the heads of humans before he ate their brains. he could fly over a village and just open his mouth to suck all the brains of the people below him and feed on them, leaving all the people in the village mentally handicapped.

"the passage is about to be opened very soon. you must guard this area more strictly from now on. those abominable human beings will not be willing to be ruled by us again, so they will definitely come to create trouble!" said the ten-headed guardian lion to his subordinates.

"don't worry, boss. we're at the core of the ancient celestial realm. those weak humans could never come here. now, all you have to do is wait for the passage to open, then you can enjoy your life in the human world!" a lower celestial ancient god flattered the ten-headed guardian lion.

"hahaha, you're making me drool. i've not tasted a human brain for thousands of years!" all ten of the lion's mouths started salivating at the same time. it seemed like he was reminiscing about the splendid taste of a human brain.

"hmm?! a god is near?" at that moment, the ten-headed guardian lion jerked his head in a certain direction. miluya's aura had alerted him!

"go! there's an intruder!" after he commanded his subordinates, the ten-headed guardian lion was the first to rush to the place where miluya was at.

"ahh!" miluya was caught off guard. a dozen strange-looking creatures had rushed over in an instant, giving her quite a shock.

"who are you?" the ten-headed guardian lion frowned. he could tell that miluya was not a high human.

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