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The pills were taken and Han Tianyu was woke up, yet his legs were still missing. But at least the man could talk. 

"What the hell?" 

The man was still in shock after he was awake. When he came to, he thought he was still in the middle of an attack and was frantically struggling when he opened his eyes. Jiang Fei held him down and shouted into his face. 

"Wake up! You're fine! No more bad guys here! It's just me!" 

"Jiang Fei! Is that you… Oh god. You're here!" Han Tianyu calmed down but he was still in a daze. It took him a few seconds before he was caught up to speed. His cognitive abilities returned after. He reasoned the situation was taken care of when he was sure that Jiang Fei was shouting in his face. If he was there, the two Level 5 companions would surely be around, which meant that no enemy would survive. 

"Have you calmed down?" Jiang Fei asked as he offered a bottle of water for Han Tianyu. Han Tianyu took a sip of it and started to explain. 

"I'm not sure what happened. I remembered things going smoothly. I bought a few men and gained access to a few ships to leave this country. When everything was going according to plan and the martial artists were boarding the ship, we were suddenly bombarded with attacks…" 

Han Tianyu's information was truly insufficient. According to what he explained, Han Tianyu had bribed a few key officers to gain access to the port. The port was only a small, inconspicuous port for small fisherman boats to dock after they were done for the day. He then threw in a large sum of money to keep a few people quiet about it and arranged for the pick up during the dark of the night. The entire operation was prematurely deemed as a success when the boats that he arranged had arrived on time. However, when they had only started to board the ship, the Androids suddenly made their move and attacked. Being only a Level 2 fighter, Han Tianyu was gravely injured during the first wave of attacks. 

"I suspect foul play here. Someone is betraying me from the inside!" whispered Han Tianyu. He had never told anyone about the port's location beforehand, merely a few moments before departure. If there was a leak, it should be someone from when he started the entire operation! 

"We'll deal with that later. Right now, where are the boats? Are they still here? We need to leave," said Jiang Fei. Although it was crucial to sieve out the betrayer, it could be left for the future. Right now, it was vital that they leave the country as soon as possible. 

"Captain, I have detected a large number of high energy mechanical lifeforms approaching our location," said 0542. 

"Ariel, there're incoming enemies. Please handle them. The rest of you, follow me!" Jiang Fei ordered. Right now, Jiang Fei could only place his hopes on Han Tianyu's boats. Ariel's teleportation could not be used since travelling via space-time manipulation would rip apart the human body. Only Level 4 or stronger humans could stand the aftereffects of teleportation. These martial artists were good but they were not strong. Moreover, almost half of them were in dire need of treatment. Some had even lost their limbs! 

"Darling! I hate to interrupt but the enemies are already here!" said Isabella. Even without actually using her powers, Isabella's perception ability was better than 0542 within a certain range. 

"Ariel, you think you could handle them?"

"Yes. There aren't any strong Androids amongst them. I shouldn't have any problem by myself," said Ariel confidently. 

"Good. I trust you to it!' 

If it was possible, Jiang Fei would not want Ariel to handle the threats alone but most importantly, he did not want Isabella to fight at all. Even with the Core of Will resting on her head majestically, there was still the problem with limited Valium supplies. Engaging with the enemy would exhaust the Valium he had on Isabella. Before he could replenish his supply of Valium or gain the means to fully treat Isabella, it was crucial to prevent her from fighting. 

It took some time to help Han Tianyu and before Jiang Fei could bring everyone away from the already devastated battlefield, beams of blue lasers pierced the night sky. The enemies were here and they were not going to play nice. 

"Darling, let me take care of them! Please retreat!" said Ariel whilst gathering electrical energy in her body. 

"Be quick about it!" said Jiang Fei before he ran towards the beach with the other martial artists. Jiang Fei was worried about Ariel but not as much as Isabella. Even then, Isabella's problem was greater than Ariel handling some made in China robots. She was, after all, a Level 5, even if she was a pseudo-Level 5, her powers triumphed over mere Level 4 Androids that could never defeat even a Level 3 martial artist in a fair fight. 

"0542, are you sure there aren't any Level 5 Androids," Jiang Fei asked. 

"Captain, I have scanned the area three times and had not detected any Level 5 energy readings beside Isabella and Ariel," 0542 replied. 

"That's great." 

Without Level 5 Androids present then, dealing with Level 4 Androids would only be a matter of time. 

Crackles of thunder could be heard and that was an indication of the start of the battle. 

Ariel conjured a bolt of lightning so massive and large that she formed it into a large dragon, crackling with sparks of electricity. Like a dragon, Ariel controlled the flow of electricity to strike the ground, spreading over one billion volts of power throughout the ground where the Androids stood. 

Ariel had inherited powers that once belonged to Phoenix. She was a true Achilles heel to anything that functioned on electricity. Even though her electromagnetic disruption could not affect the Androids due to Planet Namek's superior built quality, an extremely powerful surge of electricity would still render them useless. It only took several of those electric dragons and three minutes in total to annihilate the entire army of Androids. Over thousands of Androids ceased to function immediately when the electric dungeon struck them. They were either destroyed or short-circuited, with their core chips destroyed from the inside. A few fortunate ones only had their battery supply fired yet they were rendered motionless without them. 

"I'm done!" said Ariel after she flashed herself to Jiang Fei's side. They had yet to make it to the beach. 

"Good job. Don't let your guard down just yet. The enemies might still be coming. We need to leave before they send in a Level 5 Android!" said Jiang Fei. The sight of many wounded fighters was not convincing Jiang Fei that they could make it to the port before the enemy did. 

Project Supreme Android achieving a Level 5 breakthrough was not a secret anymore. If China dared to attack the martial artists, he bet that they already had a way to deal with the Level 5 masters with Level 5 Androids of their own. 

"Keep going, everyone! The port is near! We are almost out of here!" Jiang Fei cheered as he could faintly see the outline of the beach ahead. 

"It's only a few kilometers left! We can do this! Remember our training! We have run more than hundreds of kilometers with boulders behind our backs! This is nothing but a walk in the park!" said the other, trying to give pep talks to their fellow students. To be fair, a few kilometers of flatlands were truly nothing but a walk in the park, however, almost every one of them was carrying the wounded. At that moment, it was no longer a walk in the park but a trial of pain and endurance! 

"Warning! Warning! Detecting Supreme Lifeform approaching our location!"

Just as when Jiang Fei had thought he saw a glimpse of hope, 0542's alarm blared.

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