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The exodus was a success with all six boats leaving China and into the open sea. 

"Are the military's Level 5 Androids really that weak?" said Jiang Fei to himself, pondering on the strength of the Androids. 

Based on what Ariel had described, those Androids had genuinely reached the power of Level 5 yet, when they were put up against another Level 5 fighter, the Androids were completely outgunned even when they had more fighters. 

"Are they not related to the unknowns that we fought before? Are they a separate entity? Who are they?" Jiang Fei began to ask the real question. According to 0542's analysis, the difference between the unknowns and the military's Level 5 Androids differed greatly. 

"0542, I want to hear your opinion in this," Jiang Fei asked. In terms of numbers and data analysis, 0542 would have a better processing capability than Jiang Fei. 

"Captain, according to my analysis based on data collected from previous battle and Ariel's experience, I have calculated and concluded that the military's Level 5 Androids are too weak. If they are really built based on Namek's technology, they are only at the rudimentary level." 

0542 continued to explain. The unknowns that Jiang Fei had encountered the other day were built using technology from Namek. Based on the data collected, whoever had built the unknowns had clear mastery of Namek's technology. However, they lack proper facilities and insufficient data to fully master Namek's technology to its fullest. To put in comparison, the unknowns were post-graduate students while the military's Androids were only at junior school. That was the vast difference between the unknowns and the military. 

"So, based on what you said, could the two be related? If not at all?" Jiang Fei asked since he had always assumed that the unknowns were developed by the military!

"It is impossible to state that the two entities are not related but I have only calculated a 15% chance of them being related to each other," said 0542. 

"Who are they really…? Gotta put that in my schedule. I need to take some time to investigate them," said Jiang Fei as he made his decision to uncover the truth of the unknowns. They had made themselves an enemy out of Jiang Fei the moment they revealed themselves trying to steal Braveheart's ship fragment. 

"My suggestion is to wait until the super radar system returns with a proper result. That way, you would have a detailed report on Braveheart's position throughout the globe," said 0542. 

"Right. Let's wait for that. We are not really out of danger yet," said Jiang Fei. To be fair, Ariel might have fended off a few androids, they were not really in the green zone since the ships were still in Chinese water. To make things worse, they were riding on boats that were meant for fishermen! Not only were they small and slow, but they were also completely defenseless! Not even Jiang Fei could do anything if they were suddenly attacked by marines. Besides Jiang Fei, no one else had the means to fly away. However, Jiang Fei's worries were for naught. Han Tianyu had already prepared an aircraft carrier class ship in the middle of the open sea. By the time everyone had boarded the aircraft carrier, they could rest and recuperate without the need to worry about being attacked by China. 

"Take these people to Island 904. Once there, prepare temporary accommodation for them," said Jiang Fei, ordering the crew members to prepare for their arrival. Jiang Fei could not be bothered to stay on the ship since it would take several days before they could reach the Winter Islands. 

With the leg-less Han Tianyu hugging him like a baby koala, Jiang Fei pulled out the hoverboard and boarded it. He picked up Han Tianyu from his back and carried him with both of his hands—the princess carry, to be exact. Ariel and Isabella flew beside him at all times. 

"If you don't mind, because I am, could you please not carry me like this," said Han Tianyu, feeling uncomfortable being carried like a girl. He had always been the one that carried girls into his chambers that way. It felt… wrong being carried by Jiang Fei. 

"Shush! No one's here anyway. Be nice, it'll only be a few hours," said Jiang Fei. Before Han Tianyu could say anything else, Jiang Fei controlled the sword and zoomed past the ocean. It took a few hours to reach the Winter Islands. 

"Rest. When you're awake, you'll on your feet! Literally!" said Jiang Fei. they were in Han Tianyu's own private mansion on the island. There, Jiang Fei made sure that there was no one in the mansion before materializing the Medical Bay. Han Tianyu, knowing what Jiang Fei was going to do, felt confident that Jiang Fei would cure him. 

"Alright, I'll leave myself in your capable hands," he said before closing his eyes in one of the medical pods. He knew that his benefactor had the means and methods of alien technology. If there was someone in the world that could fix his legs, it would be Jiang Fei. 

Once the doors of the medical pod were close, a special liquid was infused into it. Han Tianyu was immediately placed into a comatose state before he was fully submerged into it. A series of numbers and text scrolled past the information screen before the sound of the whirling electricity started. 

Jiang Fei left the mansion and made his way back to his own house. It would take more than a day for Han Tianyu to fully recover and Jiang Fei would not want to waste his time waiting for that. He returned to his room and laid down on his bed without changing his clothes. Of all the things that happened, the one thing that troubled him the most was the Chinese military. 

If they were able to develop and produce Level 5 Androids, who were the ones that had made the unknowns? If the military had no connections to the unknowns, how were they daring enough to publically go against the martial artists? 

Ariel was not even a genuine Level 5 Metahuman and she had whooped those Level 5 Androids asses back to China. What about real Level 5 martial artists? They would pack up those Level 5 Androids in recycling bins back to the military with ease! 

"I can't figure it out!" Jiang Fei roared, venting his frustration at his own incompetence to grasp what was going on with the world. 

"Captain, there is no need to worry. There will be answers when the super radar systems complete the scans," said 0542 in an attempt to console Jiang Fei. 

"When will that be?" 

"In about 55 hours, captain." 

"So, two more days…" 

To be honest, two days was nothing for Jiang Fei. In the meantime, Jiang Fei spent all his free time with his family, Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi. With the help of potions, Si Tuying and Shang Guanqi had both made enormous progress. Shang Guanqi, who was already at the Beginner's stage of Level 4 had reached the Pinnacle stage while Si Tuying was already in the Advanced Stage! 

However, even though the two girls were strong, Jiang Fei was still hesitant in taking them out into the world with him. The reason was rather unfortunate as most of the troubles he faced were mostly dealing with Level 5 enemies. Even Jiang Fei himself had recognized that he was being a deadweight to Ariel and Isabella. Taking Si Tuying or Shang Guanqi would only worsen the situation. 

During those two days, Jiang Fei spent his sleeping hours in the game. While he was worrying about many things in reality, there was one unexplainable intuition he had when he logged into the game. 0541's message had been bugging him ever since he had heard it the first time. He felt something bad would happen if he chose not to follow 0541's words, and that was to kill all NPCs of Celestial tier and higher. His instincts told him that he could never face the consequences if he failed to follow 0541's advice.
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