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When the Soulcutter was summoned and ready to deal some damage, Jiang Fei dared not to unleash his plethora of skills. His intention was to inflict the least amount of damage to built up Ruthless Barrage. Unleashing skills would attract unwanted attention from the boss. Unwanted attention would lead to unwanted endings. 

Knowing how much of a farce he would cause, Jiang Fei found himself a nice tree of which he hid behind and attacked slowly to stack Ruthless Barrage. The damage was not important right then as he could not afford to build enmity towards the bear boss, that was the job of the Guardian Lion. All he needed to do was to make sure Ruthless Barrage was stacked and deliver the killing blow with Dragon's Bane. 

"Hmm?" the bear grunted when he noticed he was being poked at even though Jiang Fei was already attacking at a rate so slow just to make sure Ruthless Barrage combo timer did not end. Fortunately, the bear had only glared at Jiang Fei every time Jiang Fei made an attack. From the perspective of the boss, Jiang Fei was nothing but a tiny annoying fly. Annoying enough to make him glare but not annoying enough to make him want to kill Jiang Fei. The aggro that the Guardian Lion had generated was far greater than what Jiang Fei could. 

Minutes later, even though Jiang Fei's level was too low to allow him to actually see the actual number of Health Points the bosses had, he saw the boss' health point bar, which was already at around 55%. 

"Ah… f*ck! I don't know what the actual numbers are!" Jiang Fei grunted when he noticed the one flaw of his meticulously planned strategy. Even though Dragon's Bane could inflict around one billion damage, the problem was with the boss' health! 55% could literally mean 55 billion health points! One billion damage might only be a scratch to the bear but a lethal blow to Jiang Fei. 

Jiang Fei might be a Celestial tier but a Celestial NPC and a Celestial player differed greatly. One key difference was the maximum health points. Players might have the superior Attack power but they could not ever match with a Celestial tier NPC. Jiang Fei had to think carefully before he acted, especially since he was without his nine Treasured Cauldrons. 

Just when Jiang Fei's patience was about to be paid off, the bear's health bar was already at 15% and Miluya came to the fight and interfered. 

"Bad lion! What are you doing?! Bad lion!" cried Miluya as she hurled out a grey fireball towards the bear. 


With a loud, solemn cry, the bear was burnt into ashes, killed. 

The High Celestial tier boss was not supposed to be killed in an instant. It only happened because the bear had 15% health points left! 

"ARGH! F*CK!" Jiang Fei roared frustratingly. He had been holding the Dragon's Bane in his hand for so long, just to have his kill stolen by Miluya! 

"Huh? Big brother? Did you say something?" Miluya turned when she noticed Jiang Fei came out from behind the tree. 

"Nothing… Nothing important…" said Jiang Fei, defeated. What could he say? Could you undo the death of the bear? The man had been waiting for so long, just to deliver the killing blow, only to be outgunned by Miluya! She had just poured the world's coldest pail of water on his head! 

"Hmph! Bad lion! Bad boy! Why did you take so long to kill the bear? I'm disappointed in you!" said the girl as she pinched the Guardian Lion's ear, completely ignoring the fact that Jiang Fei too, was disappointed with Miluya. The girl was completely oblivious of what had happened, even when she saw the defeated Jiang Fei came out of hiding with a solemn expression hanging on his face. She was too naive to pick that up. 

"Oh well. Quest comes first. There should be more bosses further on. I would still have a chance to kill some Primordials. I just need to inform Miluya beforehand!" said Jiang Fei, consoling himself from the defeat. 

"Huh? How did-- How is he back to full health?" Jiang Fei cried when he noticed the Guardian Lion's health was back to 100% when it was just at 10% not too long ago. 

"Oh! My little lion is injured, so I healed him!" said Miluya proudly. 

"Wow! What a good girl you are, Miluya! You can fight and heal at the same time! How reliable!" said Jiang Fei, not holding back when it came to complimenting Miluya. Until now, he still did not know where the girl actually came from. Why were there three Holy Spirits inside of her? How did she appear in the Celestial realm in the first place?

"Hehe! I'm reliable!" said the girl, fidgeting with excitement from being praised by Jiang Fei. 

"Alright. Calm down. Let's continue our journey to the altar!" said Jiang Fei loudly to pick up Miluya's spirit. From where they were, it would only take less than 30 minutes to reach the altar. Jiang Fei would be able to finish his quest soon!

Not 5 minutes later, Miluya suddenly cried out. 

"Woah! There's so many coming to us!" 


Stunned, Jiang Fei quickly checked his mini-map. 

All the Primordials that were scattered all around the realm were gathering at their position. Moreover, based on the mini-map, they were coming at them at intense speed!

"Shit! We're discovered!" Jiang Fei gasped. If he wanted to ascend the altar, he must first deal with all the incoming enemies! Especially the Guardians of the Altar! 

Based on the mini-map, there were 15 small red dots, 8 large red dots, and 5 skull icons that were coming towards him. The small dots represented Lower Celestials while the larger dots represented Intermediate Celestials. The skill icon was used because they represented absolute death, the High Celestials! Amongst those 5 High Celestials, two of them were ranked the same as the Guardian Lion, the strongest of all High Celestials. They only took less than a few seconds to appear in front of Jiang Fei. 

"Explain yourself, Guardian Lion. Why did you betray your own kind? You had killed Sator!" 

The NPC that spoke was another beast-kin, a wolf to be exact. Sator was the bear that Guardian Lion, or more specifically, Miluya had killed. 

"Warrant, are you here to stop me as well?" the Guardian Lion snarled back at the wolf's growl. The two were once comrades but now, they were reunited as enemies. 

"Enough talking. It is time to end their lives!" said another High Celestial. This time, it was a huge stone golem. It looked even more vicious than the wolf. 

Garland, Son of the Earth (Primordial Celestial, ???)

Level: ???

Health Points: ???

Attack Power: ???

Skills: Unknown.

Note: Elemental Lord, son of Therazane the Earthmother. 

"F*ck me…" 

Jiang Fei had finally met one of the elementals, one of the rulers of the Primordial Celestial Realm. The entire Celestial Realm was ruled by four Great Elemental Lords. The Lord of the Wind was killed by King Zhou of Shang. That was why there were only three Elemental Lords who had a cycle ruling system. Moreover, Garland was the son of Therazane the Earthmother. He must be one of the important NPCs in the entire realm!

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