The Almighty Ring
1090 A Very Rewarding Failure
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1090 A Very Rewarding Failure

Previously, as Garland had rushed over quickly in order to kill Jiang Fei, he was struck by lightning not that far away from him. After Jiang Fei took a big step forward, Garland was already within the Dragon Bane's range!

"Go to hell!" Jiang Fei pulled the Dragon Bane's trigger. The Dragon's Bane's attacks were all sure-hit. So, without Jiang Fei having to aim properly, the attack had automatically flown toward Garland!


As the effect of Jiang Fei's Ruthless Barrage had disappeared a long time ago, he only had more than three million basic Attack Power. So, even with the Dragon's Bane that increased his Attack Power by a hundred times, he only dealt more than three-hundred million damage.

Even so, this amount of damage was enough to kill Garland who was already extremely low on Health Points!

Jiang Fei knew that Garland's Health bar was basically empty. He was only living on a tiny amount of Health Points. He was still alive not because the thunder was not strong enough, but because his Primordial Gear forcibly disallowed his Health Points to fall to zero!

However, this tiny bit of Health Points maintained by the Primordial Gear did not save Garland's life. Instead, it fulfilled Jiang Fei's wish!

"Ding! You have eliminated the Son of the Earth, Garland. Obtained 10,800,000,000 Experience Points! Obtained 10,000 gold coins!

"Ding! You have eliminated a High Celestial Ancient God. God Eater Signet +3!"

"Ding! You have eliminated the Son of the Earth. Your reputation with Therazane the Stonemother has reached the Level of Eternal Hatred!"

Several system prompts appeared. However, before Jiang Fei could read them, he was struck to the ground by lightning!


Jiang Fei's Undying Aegis had been triggered. His Celestial's Kapla was already at the strongest Level. Since ancient times, the rule has been that it would only keep increasing in Level and would never decrease. So, even though Garland was dead, this thunder would not return to its previous Level of strength when it was testing Jiang Fei.

"F*ck!" Jiang Fei cursed and immediately activated his Shadow Barrier.

Invincibility skills such as Divine Shield were ineffective against the lightning strikes. Only the Holy Grade Shadow Armor could provide Jiang Fei with three chances to block the attacks.

"I gotta hurry up and clean the battlefield!" Jiang Fei clearly knew what he was supposed to do. Before he even climbed the Altar, he knew that there was no hope of a successful ascension. His ascension to an Intermediate Celestial was bound to fail. The only difference was how profitable this failure could be!

Originally, Jiang Fei thought this failure would only allow him to complete his Quest, at best. However, Jiang Fei never imagined that the Son of the Earth would actually rush forward and get himself killed!

Seeing that the thunderclouds in the sky had begun to prepare for its next attack again, Jiang Fei did not dare to waste any time. He immediately ran to Garland's body and opened it.


A golden dragon ascended into the sky. This was a special effect that accompanied only Celestial Equipments.

"As expected. Awesome!" Jiang Fei was ecstatic. As Holy Grade items would surely drop upon death, Jiang Fei guessed that the Primordial Gear in Garland's hands would also drop upon his death. Even though he expected it, he was still surprised when he saw the Primordial Gear for real!

Radiant of the Umbral Daystone (Plate Armor Equipment Set, Celestial)

Physical Defense +100,000

Magic Defense +100,000

Strength: +20,000

Vitality: +40,000

Equipment: You have obtained the skill—Son of the Earth!

Equipment: Every time you take damage that is greater than 10% of your total Health Points, you obtain the Earthen's Growth effect.

Equipment: Retain a small amount of Health Points when you are fatally injured (the effect of Earthen's Growth cannot be triggered within five seconds after this effect is triggered).

Son of the Earth: When your feet are on the ground, your Strength is increased by 20%, your Vitality is increased by 40%, and you recover 5% of your total Health Points every second!

Earthen's Growth: Immediately restores 30% of your total Health Points, increases your Strength by 5% and your Vitality by 10%!

Equipment Requirement: Heart of the Earth!

"Holy sh*t! This is super godly!" Jiang Fei's eyes sparkled after he looked at the Radiant of the Umbral Daystone. Compared to this Celestial Equipment Set, his Dream Crystal Ring was simply rubbish.

"But what the hell is a Heart of the Earth?" Jiang Fei frowned even though he was happy. He needed this Heart of the Earth to equip this Celestial Equipment Set.

However, Jiang Fei's doubts went away quickly, because the second item he took out of Garland's body was the Heart of the Earth!

Heart of the Earth (Heart of the Heavens, High Celestial)

Fusion Effect: Increase your Strength by 50% and Vitality by 80%. When your feet are on the ground, your attributes are doubled!

Note: Each player can only fuse one core. The fused core can be removed, but the core will be destroyed after removal!

"Awesome!" Jiang Fei grinned. Fortunately, he did not fuse the other Heart of the Heavens yet. Otherwise, they would go to waste if he fused this Heart of the Earth now!


Just as Jiang Fei picked the two items up, lightning struck again and he instantly crashed to the ground!

Although the Shadow Barrier shielded Jiang Fei from this attack, the thunder was reminding Jiang Fei: Kid, it's not over yet!

"Come on, it's time to go home!" Jiang Fei clearly knew that even if he fused the Heart of the Earth and equipped the Radiant of the Umbral Daystone, he still could not survive the thunderstorm. So, it would be a silly move to equip the Equipment Set now. If he died, Celestial Equipments were bound to drop!

"Fortunately, I have a safe!" Jiang Fei smiled, then stuffed everything including the Heart of the Heavens, the Holy Grade Dagger, the Celestial Equipment Set, and even the equipment he was wearing into the Spatial Ring.


Another lightning struck and Jiang Fei's Shadow Barrier was left with one last guard.

"Miluya, I have to go. If you have the chance, come to the Overworld and play with me there!" At the last moment, Jiang Fei said goodbye to Miluya who was in the distance. After all, during his time in the Celestial Realm, Miluya had helped him significantly. He could even say that he would not have been able to complete his Quest without Miluya, let alone harvest so many good rewards!


Another powerful lightning strike dealt away with Jiang Fei's last Shadow Barrier chance.

"Big brother, are you leaving?" The little loli's voice came from afar.

"Mmm! I'm going home. Remember to come and play with me!" As soon as he was done shouting, Jiang Fei was struck by lightning. Without the protection of his Shadow Barrier, his Health Points instantly fell to zero!

"Ding! You failed to survive and have failed to qualify as an Intermediate Celestial!"

"Ding! You have died in a non-Faction area, -1 Level!"

After being killed by the thunder, Jiang Fei's Level dropped to 109. When his ascension failed, he returned to being a Lower Celestial.
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