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Now that they had ample energy, the Level 5 powerhouses were no longer that important to the Unknowns. Like the leader said, except for Bella, the other ordinary Level 5 Metahumans did not pose any threat to them at all. So, this was why they did not mind giving Jiang Fei the Core of Life.

However, this was also because the Unknowns thought that Jiang Fei wanted the Core of Life so that he could use it to advance into Level 5, and not to save Bella. Otherwise, no one would agree to hand the Core of Life over to Jiang Fei, including Bennette Straz who had known him for a long time.

In actuality, the organization was not totally unaware of Bella's condition. For example, Demonic Monarch had witnessed how Bella fell into a dangerous situation.

The problem was that the Unknowns' organization was internally divided. Demonic Monarch did not work with the Dragon God. After he was sent back, he only shared the news with his leader. His leader did not disclose the news at all, so the Dragon God did not know anything about it.

However, although the Dragon God was unclear about Bella's condition, Demonic Monarch and his people had begun their preparations in acting against Jiang Fei.

As Demonic Monarch had reported about Bella's weakness to his leader, his leader felt like they stood a chance.

The entire organization had been paying attention to Jiang Fei for a long time. The only reason they did not attack Jiang Fei was because Bella's strength was too godly when she was in Berserk mode.

However, now that Demonic Monarch had returned with precious information stating that Isabella was now extremely weak due to unknown reasons, this made Demonic Monarch and his people feel that the time was right!

Jiang Fei who was still wondering how to make the Unknowns fight among themselves was totally unaware of this. That night, he entered the game as usual. In the game, he continued killing the invading cultists, helping his guild members level up.

However, while he was engrossed in killing, everything turned black. 0542 had forced him to go offline!

"Captain, danger. A team of super powerful mechanical life forms is moving toward us at high speed and I managed to interfere with their Spatial Rift twice," 0542 said. If 0542 had not interfered with their Spatial Rifts, they would probably be here by now!


Just then, Jiang Fei's door opened and Ariel and Bella appeared. The two girls had also detected the oncoming danger.

"No! This place can't be the battlefield!" Jiang Fei instantly made a decision. If the battle broke out on Winter Islands, Jiang Fei's family would not survive regardless of the outcome!

"We'll intercept them now!" Ariel nodded immediately.

"Bella, can you do it?" Jiang Fei was worried. After all, Bella had not fully recovered.

"I have to even if I can't!" Bella looked determined.

"Okay then... I'm counting on you!" Jiang Fei looked at Bella affectionately. Even though he was reluctant to let the injured girl join the battle, he had no other choice. After all, he was too weak. He could not do anything against the oncoming Level 5 enemies at all!

Why? Why am I so useless? I can't do anything! Jiang Fei clenched his fists as he stared at the light emitted from Bella and Ariel's Teleportation. He felt a sense of humiliation. He had enough of relying on girls to protect him!

Anger, grievance, and a strong desire for power. These emotions constantly impacted Jiang Fei's heart. Overwhelmed by his emotions, he did not notice the mysterious ring shimmering in his hand.

At that time, hundreds of thousands of crystal lattice energy that had accumulated in the Spatial Ring were being consumed at a rapid speed and injected into Jiang Fei's body through the ring.

"Ah!" Jiang Fei let out a scream, but it stopped abruptly.

Sigh! Jiang Fei felt miserable. He knew that he had just missed a good opportunity.

This was an excellent opportunity for Jiang Fei to advance to Level 5. If he succeeded, he would be able to become a lower Level 5, at least. It was a pity that there was too little energy in the Spatial Ring that was not enough to support Jiang Fei's advancement into Level 5. So, his advancement failed just like that.

"Ah Fei, what's wrong?" Jiang Fei's scream naturally attracted attention. Shang Guanqi and Si Tuying rushed out of their rooms at the same time.

"I'm fine. I just had an opportunity to advance. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch it..." Jiang Fei did not hide it from them.

"Will it affect you in any way?" Shang Guanqi asked with concern. After all, for a true martial artist, failing to advance was very harmful.

"No, nothing too serious." Jiang Fei was not trying to comfort anyone. He was really not greatly affected. As he absorbed energy through the mysterious ring to advance into Level 5, it was a shortcut.

Even though he still had to wait for an opportunity and he needed to understand the Power of Conqueror, he had the mysterious ring. Without it, he would have to accumulate energy on his own, just like the other martial artists, instead of cheating through the ring.

Although Jiang Fei's advancement had failed, it was only because of the lack of energy. His understanding of the Power of Conqueror was not a problem. So, as long as he had sufficient energy in the future, and another opportunity came, he would be able to advance into Level 5.


A powerful and violent energy wave was heard in the distance. Although Jiang Fei could not see anything, he knew that Bella had gone Berserk again!

Although they were far apart, Jiang Fei still felt the horror of the Power of Berserk. It felt different from before. This time, the Power of Berserk was not only extremely powerful, but it ignited fear in the spirits of those who could feel it!

"This doesn't look good!" Jiang Fei muttered to himself.

Of course, it would be easier for Bella to defeat the enemies if she became stronger. However, before this, Bella's power was already far more superior to those Unknowns. It could be said that Bella could already destroy all the Level 5 powerhouses back when she had her second Berserk.

With the increase in occurrence of Berserks, Bella was now invincible in that state. There was no point in becoming any stronger.

Moreover, the stronger she became, the more Valium she consumed. This made Jiang Fei anxious.

Even though Jiang Fei had melted the Zhanlu Sword, Bella would probably use up all the Valium they had in less than three battles, considering her current consumption rate. This made Jiang Fei extremely anxious.

This won't do. I'll have to ask Bennette Straz to hurry up. I can't delay it any further! Jiang Fei thought to himself.
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