The Almighty Ring
1118 Meeting
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1118 Meeting

to be honest, jiang fei was playing a risky game being so harsh to bennette straz. it was a gamble. he was betting on the different factions within the unknowns' organization fighting among themselves and on bennette straz's faction then becoming more eager to establish cooperation with him.

otherwise, if they continued to drag this, bella would be in trouble. at that time, it would become difficult to protect her life. jiang fei was also afraid that everything he had would be reduced to ashes, including himself.

after jiang fei ended the communication, he went to accompany bella until she fell asleep. then, he quietly left her room.

since the battle was a short one, it was only noon. while jiang fei was thinking about the next action plan, han tianyu came to look for him.

"brother yu, what's up?" jiang fei asked.

"well, the martial arts alliance and the military have agreed to meet, but they're hoping that you can attend the meeting as well," han tianyu said.

"what for?" jiang fei frowned. this was a matter between the military and the martial arts alliance. why did they want him there?

"'cause they couldn't put their pride aside." han tianyu sighed.

as it turned out, the martial arts alliance could not resist the temptation of the compensation of materials by the military. however, even though they wanted to get the materials, they did not want to be stained with the notoriety of colluding with the military, so they came up with a solution.

even though they were going to discuss with the military, the martial arts alliance claimed that they were actually attending jiang fei's banquet. it just so happened that the military would be there as well.

"what the f*ck? why did they do that?" after listening to han tianyu's explanation, jiang fei did not know whether to cry or laugh.

even though these martial arts sects were not exactly out of resources, they certainly were not living luxuriously. the martial artists were so accustomed to superiority that they could never put their pride aside and cooperate with the country in exchange for materials. was there any other way they could do it?

they did not want to have any contact with ordinary people, and their dignity did not allow them to go out and commit robbery. the sects had always been self-sufficient. however, if they were threatened, suppressed by supreme androids, for example, they would soon consume almost everything they had. so, even though the martial arts alliance was not totally out of resources now, they were certainly having a tough time.

but even now, the arrogant martial artists still could not put their pride aside. they still wanted to maintain their so-called superiority. jiang fei was annoyed and amused at the same time.

"fine, since they had to do this, i'll help them." jiang fei shrugged. he was not a true martial artist. therefore, jiang fei, who would bear the "crime" of colluding with the country, was not burdened by it.

moreover, jiang fei was willing to be the middleman this time because he wanted the martial arts alliance to owe him. currently, bella was still very weak. he could not put all his hope on bennette straz. if they could not get the core of life in three days, then jiang fei could only rely on the power of the martial arts alliance to fight through this.

it was precisely because he knew how strong the martial arts alliance was that jiang fei repeatedly did favors for them. after all, even though the martial artists were arrogant, their innate pride also ensured that they would always return favors.

"the meeting is tomorrow at noon, on the outskirts of the emperor's capital." han tianyu told jiang fei relevant information about the meeting.

"okay, i got it." jiang fei nodded.

after sending han tianyu away, jiang fei did not think about anything else. he began to calm down and reminisce about how wonderful it felt when he almost advanced to level 5 today. he tried to capture every detail so that he would be more prepared when his next advancement opportunity knocked on the door.

as he meditated, time went by quickly. he did not even enter the game at night. he kept meditating until it was almost noon the next day and 0542 woke him up.

"captain, it's almost time for the military and the martial arts alliance to meet." 0542 gave him a reminder.

"mmm! alright." jiang fei slowly opened his eyes. after this period of meditation, even though his strength did not improve substantially, jiang fei had clearly defined his own path and his own rules.

after he washed up and spent some time with bella, jiang fei and ariel set off for china.

since the place of the meeting was near the emperor's capital, they landed not far from the exact location with just teleporting once.

ten minutes later, jiang fei and ariel arrived at the place. it was a very fine manor. although it was not very large, the surroundings were quiet and it was a very suitable place to hold a meeting.

when jiang fei entered the manor, he noticed that the people from the military and the martial arts alliance had all arrived. it seemed like they were getting along well. the military wanted something from the martial arts alliance after all, so they deliberately catered to the martial artists' needs to get on their good side.

since the martial artists were there to get materials from the military, and the military was being so welcoming, they naturally tried to be on their best behavior. moreover, the military had only sent senior politicians over that day, people who were extremely important and influential. after these politicians acknowledged these martial artists with utmost respect and flattered them with fancy words, they quickly began to chat away.

in the past, the martial artists never came in contact with people who were related to the government. even though these politicians were smooth talkers, they never had the chance to meet the martial artists. so, no matter how talented they were, they could not put their talent to good use.

this time, however, the martial artists had no choice but to accompany these politicians in order to talk about the materials. so, the politicians knew that this was their chance. even though they did not manage to brainwash the elders of the martial arts alliance, they definitely eased a lot of tension between them.

after jiang fei arrived, he greeted everyone. then, he realized that his attendance was actually unnecessary. the leaders of the martial arts alliance, bai wanli and ganyang zhenren, were so busy chatting away with the military representatives that he could not even join in the conversation.

before he even came, jiang fei had already understood that he was just there for display. the martial arts alliance only needed him to come to protect their pride and dignity.

even so, jiang fei was not too bothered about this. this was a chance for the martial arts alliance to owe him without him having to do anything. why not?

however, when the negotiations began to involve substantive issues, disagreements arose from the two sides!

the military was spending so much effort just to establish cooperation with the martial arts alliance. to put it bluntly, they believed in the strength of the martial arts alliance. but what about the latter? they had to make jiang fei their cover for a mere meeting with the military. did the military really expect cooperation? was that possible?

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