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"Holy crap! Are you telling me to kill Doomsday on my own? 0541, are you trying to get me killed?" Jiang Fei fumed.

Although Jiang Fei had held Doomsday hostage for quite some time, he had never personally approached it to get its flesh. All this while, Ariel had been the one who faced it. In fact, she would always bring the Zhanlu Sword with her.

Now, not only did Jiang Fei have to face the Level 5 Doomsday on his own, he also had to do so without the Godblade. How could a pinnacle Level 4 possibly kill a Level 5 beast on his own?

"Captain, I suggest that you do not face Doomsday on your own," 0542 said. Although it had been acting abnormally in recent times, it still prioritized Jiang Fei's safety as his Intelligent Assistance System.

"No! I must try!" Jiang Fei shook his head.

If 0542 had asked Jiang Fei to challenge Doomsday on his own, he would have rolled his eyes and cursed at it. However, if it was 0541's intention for Jiang Fei to take the action, he would not hesitate at all.

"Could my advancement be incomplete? Would I advance to Level 5 after killing Doomsday?" Jiang Fei murmured.

Right then, Jiang Fei had found out from the results of the scan that he was very close to reaching Level 5. As long as he made the final breakthrough, he would advance to Level 5 with certainty.

Based on the rationale of Chinese martial artists, fighting against a strong opponent was indeed the best way to make such a breakthrough. Therefore, it was not completely senseless for 0541 to suggest that Jiang Fei challenge Doomsday on his own.

"Could 0541's intentions be for me to advance to Level 5 through a battle?" Jiang Fei sounded quite convinced.

"Husband, let me go with you." Ariel seemed very concerned. Firstly, she was worried that Jiang Fei would not be able to defeat Doomsday on his own. Although Doomsday had been severely injured, Jiang Fei was still only at Level 4. Secondly, Ariel also had suspicions toward 0542. How could she let Jiang Fei out of her sight?

"It's alright. You may leave after taking me to Tokyo." Jiang Fei shook his head. Since it was going to be a brutal battle, he would not allow Ariel to stay.

Besides, Jiang Fei would feel far too relaxed with Ariel around. If he did not put himself in a dire situation, how would he discover his true abilities? As such, Jiang Fei had made up his mind that he would go all out for the sake of advancing to Level 5.

There were several reasons why Jiang Fei was taking on such a huge risk. Previously, 0541 had also displayed a series of provocative scenes so that Jiang Fei could get into the state of advancement. On two occasions, the women most important to Jiang Fei had died in front of him. Right then, Jiang Fei had sworn that he would never hide behind another woman again. Therefore, Jiang Fei was determined to risk his life in order to advance to Level 5.

Apart from that, Jiang Fei was also forced to become stronger due to his current circumstances. Regardless of whether or not Bella could fully recover, she would definitely be incapable of activating the Power of Berserk again. Therefore, even if Jiang Fei revived Nina and Sylphy, he would only have three Level 5s and one fake Level 5 on his team.

Although Bella would be slightly stronger than other Level 5 experts after fusing with the Core of Life, she would not be able to dominate the battlefield in the way she did before. Therefore, Jiang Fei urgently needed to strengthen his capabilities. As such, advancing to Level 5 had become a crucial element for Jiang Fei.

Due to such reasons, he had to advance to Level 5 as soon as possible.

"But…" Ariel was about to speak when she noticed how determined Jiang Fei seemed. In the end, she nodded without saying a word.

After a white light had flashed, Ariel and Jiang Fei appeared at the peak of Apple Hill in Tokyo.

"Alright, go on home. I'll be back very soon." Jiang Fei smiled at Ariel. Although Jiang Fei needed Ariel to bring him to Tokyo, he would acquire the ability to instantly teleport after defeating Doomsday and becoming a Level 5 expert. Therefore, he would not need Ariel to be with him.

"Husband, please be careful!" Despite her concerns, Ariel knew that Jiang Fei was very determined. He would not change his mind no matter what she said.

"Don't worry. Even if I can't defeat Doomsday, I will return in one piece!" Jiang Fei pretended to appear calm so that Ariel would not worry about him.

"Alright then. Please don't let anything bad happen to you for our sake!" Ariel gave Jiang Fei a peck on the cheek before immediately teleporting back to Winter Islands.

Ariel had left in a hurry because she was worried that her tears would affect Jiang Fei. As it were, he was already undertaking a lot of risk by fighting against the Level 5 Doomsday with his Level 4 capabilities. Ariel did not want to add on any emotional burden which might affect him negatively.

After Ariel had left, Jiang Fei took in a deep breath. Although he trusted 0541 with all his heart, he still lacked the confidence to fight against a Level 5 expert on his own.

"Come on! Today's the day!" Finally, Jiang Fei mustered up the courage to retrieve the Chengying Sword from the spatial ring.

Although this sword did not possess the Godblade's abilities, it was still a very rare sword. Even if it would not give Jiang Fei much of an advantage in battle, it at least provided Jiang Fei with some courage.

As he held the weapon in his hand, Jiang Fei felt significantly more fearless. Thereafter, he began walking further into Apple Hill.

The deeper Jiang Fei entered the hill, the hotter it became. The temperature soon became unbearably hot for most normal humans.

However, Jiang Fei was not too greatly affected by the high temperature. With the Chengying Sword in his hand, he slowly and carefully trod forward. At the same time, Jiang Fei fully activated his Spirit ability. Without Ariel by his side, he would need to rely on his own powers to find Doomsday.

"I found it!" Jiang Fei raised his brows when he got close to the lava pool. There was a hidden aura of a Level 5 expert near it.

"Hehe! After not having visited you to get your flesh for some time, you've learned to play tricks on me now!" Jiang Fei smirked. Right then, Doomsday was pretending to be dead on the surface of the lava pool. At first glance, it would appear as if it had been greatly injured and was lying on the lava pool to absorb energy.

Normal Level 5 experts might have been fooled by Doomsday's disguise. However, Jiang Fei had fused with the Core of Will and now possessed very strong Spirit energy. As such, he was able to detect Doomsday's Spirit energy through a weak pulse. This meant that Doomsday was fully awake and had merely put on a facade to give his opponent a surprise.

In actual fact, Doomsday had already recovered quite a lot of its powers. Although its powers were not fully back, it was capable of escaping from normal Level 5 experts. The only reason it chose to stay here was to wait for an opportunity to snatch the Zhanlu Sword away from Ariel.
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