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Although Jiang Fei knew that Doomsday was trying to assault him sneakily, he continued to approach it.

In all honesty, Jiang Fei did not have a choice. As he only possessed Level 4 capabilities, he could not forcefully confront a Level 5 opponent.

Even after fusing with the Core of Will and no longer fearing the might of a Level 5 expert's Spirit energy, there was still a huge gap in capabilities between the both of them. Even if Doomsday were greatly injured, Jiang Fei would still find it a difficult challenge to defeat it on his own.

"Crap. I've got to go all out!" He thought. As Jiang Fei got closer to Doomsday, he knew he was running out of time. If he did not attack it soon, he would be assaulted instead.

"Come on, I've already learned the ultimate skills. This is the time to use it!" Jiang Fei continued thinking to himself. Previously, he had acquired three ultimate skills by combining various martial art techniques from each sect. The first skill was used for escaping, whilst the second skill was used to bully weaker enemies, and the third skill was used as the final trump card.

Once Jiang Fei had reached close to five steps away from Doomsday, he activated the suppressed energy in his body. The Origin Force began to swirl in his body as he instantly reached the fake Level 5 state of energy.


Under this state, Jiang Fei was able to yield parts of his Level 5 powers. Although it lasted for only ten seconds, this was the only method he could use to fight a Level 5 expert.

In all honesty, in the face of a real Level 5 expert, a fake Level 5 expert was no competition. However, Jiang Fei was counting on the fact that Doomsday had yet to recover from its injuries. On top of that, he also trusted 0541's judgment.


Doomsday was struck by the Chengying sword by surprise.

"Ouch…" Doomsday was unable to react in time despite being a Level 5 expert. Unfortunately, Jiang Fei had struck it with the Chengying sword and not the Zhanlu sword. Otherwise, the attack would have severely injured his opponent.


Doomsday was then aware that it had been exposed. Feeling embarrassed, it began to attack Jiang Fei using its Spirit energy.

Most Level 5 experts would habitually attack other opponents below Level 5 with their mighty Spirit energy. It was the easier and more secure way of attacking.

However, Doomsday had made an erroneous assumption. Now that Jiang Fei had fused with the Core of Will, his Spirit energy was far more powerful than Doomsday's. Although Jiang Fei was not skilled in manipulating his Spirit energy, he still remained completely unharmed by Doomsday's attack.

"Ehh?! Core of Will?" When Doomsday's attack failed to harm Jiang Fei, it instantly knew why that was the case. The only way a Level 4 fellow could defend him or herself against a Level 5 expert's Spirit energy attack was if one was enhanced by the Core of Will.

"Go to hell! The Core of Will belongs to me!" Although Doomsday was unable to kill Jiang Fei with a single attack, it still felt glad because Jiang Fei had brought the Core of Will to it. Based on its predictions, Jiang Fei could easily be overpowered.

Shuffle! Shuffle!

Several tentacles instantly got Jiang Fei entangled. Although Doomsday had been severely injured, it was still much more powerful than Jiang Fei. Even with his ultimate skill, he was only a fake Level 5.

"Ahh!" Jiang Fei used all his might in an effort to escape from the tentacles.

Crack. Crack.

As Jiang Fei continued to struggle, the tentacles began to break off one by one. As these tentacles had only formed not too long ago, they were not very resilient. Most of the stronger tentacles had already been cut off by Ariel.

"Young fellow, you're quite tough, aren't you? However, I will still take the Core of Will away from you!" Doomsday used its Spirit energy to communicate with Jiang Fei. At the same time, it used its powers to regenerate its tentacles. Although doing so wasted a lot of its energy, Doomsday could not resist the temptation of obtaining the Core of Will.

"Crap! I'll be in trouble if this goes on!" Jiang Fei's thoughts continued as he began to panic. Although he could deal damage to Doomsday by breaking its tentacles, he only had ten seconds of being in the Bloodrage state. After ten seconds, he would become weaker than normal humans. By that time, Jiang Fei would have become a sitting duck.

"Argh!" Jiang Fei became filled with anger as Bloodrage was about to end in a few seconds.


In that precarious moment, a stream of energy began to emanate from Jiang Fei's body. Soon, it had expanded to over ten kilometers in radius with Jiang Fei at the center of the energy stream.

"This…" Jiang Fei was slightly stunned. However, he immediately realized what was happening. His Unique Domain had been activated during the time of danger.

This Unique Domain would normally be activated by real Level 5 experts as it required one to comprehend the Power of Conqueror. In other words, in a specified region, one's Power of Conqueror could be turned into reality.

"Why aren't there any changes?" However, at the same time, Jiang Fei noticed that his powers had not been enhanced at all.

For normal Level 5 experts, certain abilities would be enhanced after activating their Unique Domain powers. Some became faster or had better defenses, whereas others obtained increased strength. In summary, the Unique Domain would provide the expert with different powers based on their comprehension of the Power of Conqueror.

Unfortunately, Jiang Fei was still a fake Level 5 from using Bloodrage after he had activated his Unique Domain. None of his abilities in regards to speed, strength or other attributes had been enhanced.

"What the hell? 0541, you've screwed me over!" Jiang Fei shivered at the thought of losing the powers from his Bloodrage state.


In the next instant, Jiang Fei glanced at Doomsday which had earlier overpowered him.

"Damn! What are you?" Jiang Fei was shocked.

Right then, Doomsday had shrunk by at least two-thirds in size. Moreover, its powers had been limited to pinnacle Level 4.

Slap. Slap.

Jiang Fei easily shrugged away from the tentacles which instantly got pulverized. It seemed that the power of these tentacles had also been suppressed to below Level 5.

"Screw you! Go to hell!" Jiang Fei knew that his Bloodrage state would last no longer than two more seconds. Therefore, he wasted no time to think about what had happened. In order to avoid being killed by Doomsday, he immediately charged toward it with his sword and slashed it into pieces.

With its last dying breath, Doomsday still had no idea what had happened. It had no clue as to how it had lost its Level 5 powers.

"Damn! Is it really dead?" Jiang Fei cried out in disbelief. Generally, Level 5 experts would not be killed by anything other than Godblades. Even if a Level 5 expert was burned to ashes, the Spirit energy of the individual would still remain and could be reborn years later.

However, Doomsday's Spirit energy had completely disappeared.

"Are you really dead?" As soon as Jiang Fei spoke, he fell to the ground. The side effect from using Bloodrage had kicked in. Right then, Jiang Fei had become weaker than a normal human. Without the support of his energy, the Unique Domain disappeared altogether.

"Hahaha…" Although Jiang Fei had fallen to the ground, he was laughing out loud in an uncontrollable manner. He finally understood how his Unique Domain worked.

"Hahaha! Haven't you people always bullied me for not being a Level 5 expert? From now on, you will all become useless. If I can't become a Level 5 expert, neither can all of you!" Jiang Fei finally understood how Doomsday had been killed. Although Jiang Fei did not possess the Godblade, Doomsday had also lost its Level 5 status when it died.
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