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Just as Jiang Fei was about to take advantage of the situation, Jasley, who was a Magician, teleported away and landed right in front of him.

Originally, Jasley teleported away to avoid Morpheus who was trying to kill him, but never in a million years did he think that he would be sending himself to the gates of hell instead!

"Less than one billion Health Points left? Let me send you home!" Jiang Fei sneered, then took the Dragon's Bane out!


Jiang Fei fired with the Dragon's Bane first, then appeared in front of Jasley.

"You!" Jasley screamed. He had not expected this Lower Celestial to dare to attack him. However, as he had just teleported seconds ago, it was still on cooldown and he could not use it to dodge the attack.


Although Jiang Fei did not stack his Ruthless Barrage before this, he had around nineteen million Attack Power. As the Dragon's Bane increased his Attack Power by a hundred times, his damage reached one billion.

For an Intermediate Celestial, even though 1.9 billion damage could make them seriously injured, it was not enough to kill them. However, these two Ancient Gods had been fighting each other for a long time and they were low on Health at this time. Moreover, Jasley was a Magician, so he did not have as much Health Points as those melee-type Celestials. Thus, the moment Jiang Fei's attack landed, Jasley's Health bar emptied!

"Ding! You have eliminated the Ancient God Jasley. Obtained 1,000,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 5,000 gold coins. Obtained 2 Marks of the Godslayer!"


Just as Jiang Fei killed Jasley, the bright red Primordial Celestial Slayer title above his head turned into a pool of blood and seeped into his body. The next moment, a new title appeared above his head.

Anti Primordials!

Jiang Fei had no time to look at the attributes of this new title. As soon as he raised his hand, he got hold of the Dragon's Bane nailed to Jasley's body. At this time, Morpheus had already rushed near Jiang Fei.

Originally, Morpheus was the same as Jasley. Both of them were not bothered about Jiang Fei as he was only a Lower Celestial. Morpheus was too busy trying to hunt Jasley down, and Jasley was too busy trying to escape from Morpheus. After Jasley teleported away, Morpheus chased after him. However, it turned out that Jasley had taken the initiative to send himself to his death at Jiang Fei's hands.

As Morpheus rushed over immediately in order to chase after Jasley, he was totally unprepared. After Jasley was killed, although Morpheus could sense how terrifying Jiang Fei was, it was too late for him to run!

"Heh!" Jiang Fei sneered at Morpheus who had appeared right in front of him. Regardless of whether it was for the sake of the game or reality, all these Ancient Gods were his enemies.

In the game, these Ancient Gods were the obstacles in the War of the Heavens. In reality, these NPCs were the reserved soldiers of the Unknowns. Moreover, considering what 0541 had told him before this, Jiang Fei could never let these Ancient Gods off the hook lest they brought him more trouble.

"Go to hell!" Jiang Fei had nothing in his hand, but he directly pulled the Soulcutter out and charged at Morpheus.

As Morpheus was unable to stop Jiang Fei, he could only watch as Jiang Fei charged toward him.

After Jiang Fei got close, he began to slash Morpheus with his sword. He knew that he would not be able to effectively harm an Intermediate Celestial without transforming, but he did not care about this. He simply wanted to stack his Ruthless Barrage. Jiang Fei's real killer move was still the Dragon's Bane!

"Kid, do you want to die?!" Seeing that Jiang Fei had attacked him, Morpheus became furious. A mere Lower Celestial actually dared to take the initiative to attack him? He was simply looking for trouble!

Morpheus was not afraid of Jiang Fei at all. Even though Jiang Fei had killed Jasley, Morpheus knew that Jasley was already seriously injured at that time. Moreover, Jasley was a Magician, so he did not have high Health Points and Defense. Considering how low his Health was, it was not surprising that he was ambushed and killed.

However, Morpheus was different. He still had a lot of Health Points, and he was a melee fighter. So, when he saw a Lower Celestial like Jiang Fei daring enough to take the initiative to get close to him, he sneered at Jiang Fei's stupidity.

"Hmph!" Jiang Fei dodged to the side and avoided Morpheus's blade. Although Jiang Fei could not fully put his real-life skills to play in the game, he still had agility and quick reaction. As long as he was faster than his opponent, he would never lose in a melee fight.

When Jiang Fei fought against bosses in the game, he was mainly afraid of those who had lockdown skills as these types of skills could not be avoided. No matter how fast you were, you could not avoid missiles that were already locked onto you. Some skills that instantly dealt damage when used were worse. As soon as the boss raised its hand, you would take damage. In such cases, there was no other way but to only rely on attributes to tank the attacks.

However, for a melee boss like Morpheus, Jiang Fei had a lot of options as he could put his agility and speed advantages to good use.

Jiang Fei and Morpheus began to fight. "Kid, is that all you've got?" Morpheus sneered. Although it was difficult for him to hit Jiang Fei without the use of skills, Jiang Fei's normal attacks could not effectively break through his Defense. Even though Jiang Fei had about twenty million Attack Power, he only dealt one or two million damage to Morpheus. For an Intermediate Celestial who had a few billion Health Points, that amount of damage was absolutely negligible.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh… 

Following a few of Morpheus's attacks, Jiang Fei's Health Points fluctuated violently. However, as the Cauldron of Spirit and the Son of the Earth had superb recovery effects, even if Jiang Fei was about to die, his Health Points would easily become full the very next moment.

"Kid, you're pretty tanky, huh?!" Seeing that Jiang Fei's recovery abilities were so strong, Morpheus's brows furrowed.

"Heh! I'm done playing around, it's time for you to die!" Jiang Fei sneered back. In actuality, he just wanted to see how strong a pinnacle Intermediate Celestial was. Otherwise, he would have used the Dragon's Bane to kill Morpheus the minute his Ruthless Barrage finished stacking.

"Kid, don't think you're..." Before Morpheus could finish his sentence, Jiang Fei lifted the Dragon's Bane and nailed him to the ground!


The Dragon's Bane dealt 5.7 billion damage, killing Morpheus instantly. Even if Morpheus had full Health and was fully buffed, he would have still died. There was no way an Intermediate Celestial could have that much Health Points!


Morpheus who was nailed to the ground was obviously dissatisfied, but he could no longer speak. Up until the moment he died, he still could not understand how a Lower Celestial could deal that much damage!

"Ding! You have eliminated the Ancient God Morpheus. Obtained 1,300,000,000 Experience Points. Obtained 5,000 gold coins. Obtained 2 Marks of the Godslayer!"

Following a system prompt, Morpheus was officially dead and Jiang Fei once again obtained two Marks of the Godslayer.
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