The Almighty Ring
1143 Powerful
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1143 Powerful

"ariel, let's go somewhere." after thinking about it, jiang fei decided to go to the dragon god's faction to get more information. after all, the fragment had been handed over to z0-11. he also had to go and track the progress of braveheart's reconstruction.

"darling, let me accompany you too!" sylphy ran over as soon as she heard jiang fei's voice. even though nina who was standing on the side did not speak, the look in her eyes clearly revealed that she had the same thoughts as sylphy.

after practicing for some time, nina and sylphy had mastered their own strengths. although they had not reached their peak strength, they were strong enough to participate in actual combat.

"you two stay here and keep watch. although it seems peaceful nowadays, a dark tide is surging. if no one's at home, i can't feel at ease." jiang fei shook his head. on one hand, he was worried about his family's safety, and on the other hand, he did not want to expose his true strength.

although he was cooperating with z0-11, jiang fei did not fully trust these unknowns. hence, he did not want to expose himself completely. nina and sylphy's existence were not known to the outside world. they were jiang fei's trump cards.

"okay!" as nina had a gentle personality, she immediately nodded and went along with jiang fei's decision.

"but i really want to go with you..." sylphy was a little unwilling. she tugged at jiang fei's arm and pleaded.

"next time!" jiang fei shook his head firmly.

"okay..." although sylphy was unhappy, she knew her place. hence, she did not dare to continue and beg jiang fei.

"look after the house, we'll be back soon!" after jiang fei said this, he gave ariel a look, indicating that they could depart now.


a white light flashed. the next moment, jiang fei and ariel appeared at z0-11's secret base.

this base was where jiang fei obtained the energy blocks previously. a huge amount of energy resources were stored here. from this, jiang fei could tell that this was an important base for the dragon god's faction.

"warning! warning! intruder alert!"


their uninvited presence triggered the base's defense system immediately. around jiang fei and ariel, countless small holes appeared on the walls, ceiling, and ground. dark barrels protruded from the small holes and they glowed with energetic light from within. it seemed like these energy cannons would fire at any time.

"is this how you welcome an old friend?" jiang fei shouted. as he was not there to fight, he and ariel did not destroy the defense facilities.


all the muzzles were aimed at jiang fei and ariel, but they did not immediately fire. it was obvious that the base's defense system had identified jiang fei.

although jiang fei's identity had been confirmed, the defense system did not disarm. both sides were at a stalemate.

about a minute later, a white light flashed before jiang fei and the dragon god bennette straz appeared.

"ah fei, you should tell me before you come!" after bennette straz arrived, the base's warning system immediately deactivated and the muzzles retracted. the floor, ceiling, and walls went back to normal.

"didn't we already agree on this? i have the right to check the progress of our cooperation at any time," jiang fei said with a blank expression.

"of course! of course! but if you gave me a heads-up half a minute in advance, things wouldn't be this awkward!" bennette straz smiled.

"hoho, i'll try to do that next time." although jiang fei said so, he did not think so.

this time, jiang fei had only teleported to the periphery of the base. as he and ariel had never been inside, it was difficult for ariel to position them properly. after he took a thorough look of this base, he would go straight to the core the next time. why would he tell bennette straz in advance? did bennette straz think jiang fei was dumb? if he informed bennette straz in advance, he would be giving them time to cheat!

this time, jiang fei had no choice but to bring ariel to check the progress of braveheart's reconstruction. 0542's incompetence was making him really anxious. although all of bella's data indicators were normal, she was still not waking up. this made jiang fei extremely worried, so he was eager to unseal 0541 in order for 0541 to diagnose bella.

however, before 0541 could be unsealed, braveheart's reconstruction had to achieve a certain level of progress and all the command passages of the vessel bridge had to be opened. only through this way could he be recognized as the real captain rather than a proxy.

only with the authority of the real captain could jiang fei completely control braveheart. at that point in time, he would be able to unseal 0541 with just a few words.

"let's go, take me to see braveheart," jiang fei said to bennette straz.

"no problem!" bennette straz nodded. jiang fei's request was not excessive. the right to inspect the progress was part of their cooperation agreement.

jiang fei and ariel followed bennette straz around the base for a long time. about half an hour later, they arrived at a teleportation point.

"f*cking hell! these androids are more cunning than humans!" upon seeing this teleportation point, jiang fei frowned. he was secretly glad that he did not fall out with z0-11 before this.

originally, jiang fei thought that this had to be the place where z0-11 was rebuilding braveheart, as a large amount of energy was stored here and the level of defense was very high. however, he did not expect these guys to actually have another base!

"come on, let's go!" bennette straz made a welcome gesture.

"okay." jiang fei nodded, then stepped onto the teleportation point with ariel.


bennette straz also got on the teleportation point after them. then, he waved and the teleportation began.


as soon as the teleportation ended, 0542 provided jiang fei with a protective light film. even though 0542 did a lot of things behind jiang fei's back, as an assistive system, ensuring jiang fei's safety was always his priority.

"warning! environment attribute: vacuum! environment temperature: very low! environment type: space! evaluation index: extremely unsuitable for humans!" the moment the protective film formed, jiang fei heard 0542's warning in his heart.

"space? what the f*ck! where is this?" jiang fei was extremely shocked. at the same time, he immediately looked back at ariel and saw light film protection around her too. it seemed like being in space did not affect level 5 metahumans too much. they were powerful enough to sustain their own lives.

"measuring coordinates... location: moon, back-facing one side of the earth!" 0542 immediately reported jiang fei's current position.

"what the hell!" jiang fei exclaimed in his heart. he never imagined that z0-11 to be so powerful. his base was not even on earth!

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