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"Give me the coordinates!" 

Jiang Fei grew excited. He did not have to ask Seven Stars Warrior about what the player found out since that player had only been lucky enough to stumble across them in the first place. It went without saying that that player would surely be killed almost instantly were it not for his or her good luck. The NPCs were Primordials and that player would, at most, be Overlord tier. The tier difference alone was more than enough for the Primordial to kill the player without batting an eye. It was lucky enough that the player was able to obtain the coordinates. 

"Here you go," said Seven Stars Warrior as he typed in the coordinates. 

"Thanks. Don't stop the search. Remember to alert me when you have discovered the others!" said Jiang Fei. Finding one of them was not good enough as the player that had stumbled across the Primordial could not discern the number of them there. Then again, Jiang Fei himself was not sure if the Primordials were the kind to move in groups. He had to be sure of it. He had to continue the search. 

"Relax. I'll send you a message when the guys find any of those punks," said Seven Stars Warrior. 

After that, Seven Stars Warrior spread the message to the entire guild. Those that were willing to explore the Celestial Realm were promised luxurious rewards. There were others that did not bother to help as they were players just like Seven Stars Warrior; at Overlord tier and almost reaching Level 99. They wanted no more than to be Jiang Fei's second in command. To be the second player in the entire game to become a Celestial. 

Jiang Fei immediately summoned the Evol. Skygliding Dragon and shot to the sky. It took some time but after three hours, Jiang Fei reached the location according to the coordinates. 

"Where are they…?" Jiang Fei muttered to himself as he noticed that there were hardly any monsters around, much less a Primordial. 

The location Jiang Fei was at then, was in between the mountains and a large flowing river that grew larger exponentially until it touched the sea. Inversely, the mountains, or rather a canyon, only grew smaller and narrower until there was only a small gap in between the mountains with a waterfall at the top. 

Be it as it may, the place was a good hiding spot but Jiang Fei, being a Celestial tier himself, could not detect any Celestial tier presence around him. There was no red dots in his mini-map, which indicated that either the Primordials were hiding really well, or there were no Primordials at all. 

"What's going on…" 

Jiang Fei was stumped. Just as he was about to return to where Seven Stars Warrior was with a heavy heart, he felt a sudden burst of power coming from the base of the canyon! At that moment, Jiang Fei could feel the full presence of a Celestial. It was like feeling the heat coming from a radiator right next to him. Big red dots appeared immediately on his mini-map. 

"They are using a barrier!" 

Jiang Fei detecting the presence of the opponent meant that the opponent felt him too. Jiang Fei might be strong but he was still only a Lower Celestial. His area of detection was nowhere near an Intermediate Celestial or a Higher Celestial. The opponent, marked with a large red dot, was undoubtedly an Intermediate Celestial. 

With a flash, the opponent teleported himself next to Jiang Fei. He had felt Jiang Fei's true strength, a Lower Celestial. Unlike Jiang Fei who had to be careful of the targets he picked, the opponent had no need to worry since he had clearly felt that Jiang Fei was weaker than he was. 

"What a great timing!" Jiang Fei thought to himself. If the opponent had instead chose to enter his barrier, he might have alerted other Primordials to hunt Jiang Fei down. It would be impossible then for Jiang Fei to survive fighting more than one Primordial!

"Oh no!" Jiang Fei purposely shouted in panic to provide a false impression to the opponent that he had made a crucial mistake. Like a thief getting caught red-handed, Jiang Fei bolted with speed. 

"There's no running away from me!" the Primordial roared before he flashed himself away to chase after Jiang Fei. 

"Come, come. Bite the bait and follow me far, far away! I'll cook you up nicely!" said Jiang Fei to himself, knowing fully well that the opponent was a tier higher than he was. 

"Hah! I've got you now!" 

After five minutes of chasing, the Intermediate Celestial managed to teleport in front of Jiang Fei and stopped him. 

"Oh no. I've been caught!" said Jiang Fei, pretending to be in a pinch. With a glance, Jiang Fei examined the NPC's properties and got the shock of his life. 

Genie of the Lamp, Koothrappali (Primordial Celestial, Intermediate Celestial) 

Level: 115

Health Points: 3,500,000,000

Attack Power: 8,000,000

Note: The Son of Al'Akir the Windlord

"Oh, f*ck me…" 

Jiang Fei had thought that the Intermediate Celestial chasing after him was just a regular Intermediate Celestial. Al'Akir might have long perished, but his son, Koothrappali, would surely have inherited some kind of treasure! Just like how Garland, the Son of the Earth, had the Radiant of the Umbral Daystone. He, an Intermediate Celestial, had proven to be a powerful opponent even when fighting Miluya. Perhaps, with the Celestial Kapla, the mighty thunder attack from the sky, he could defeat Koothrappali. But, how the hell was he to summon it now? Koothrappali was the son of one of the Elemental Lords. Surely he would have something extremely powerful hiding up his sleeve. 

"Damn you, humans! I will have your head!" Koothrappali roared and charged forward without much of an attack plan. He had the utmost confidence, which was derived from the fact that he was one tier stronger than Jiang Fei, and was wielding a powerful Primordial Gear. Moreover, the hatred he bore toward Jiang Fei, as a human, was great, after he had learned the truth about adventurers. 

After so many days, many of the Primordial Celestials were somehow informed about the truth of the game and the realm they were in. They were told that they were nothing but lines of codes, created by the humans in the real world, solely for entertainment purposes. A puppet to be toyed with. A false sense of freewill. 

This idea was spread out but was not widely accepted by all. Koothrappali, however, believed it. As such, he bore intense hatred toward the players. If it were not for the infighting between the Primordials, he would have gone on a killing spree, to hunt and kill every single adventurer there was. Today was a lucky day for him as he had spotted Jiang Fei. Blinded by rage, Koothrappali cared not for anything else but only focused on killing him. 

Seeing the opponent coming toward him with killing intent, Jiang Fei unsheathed his sword and was ready to retaliate. 

With Jiang Fei's guide, the sword split apart, forming 128 blades and spread into the air. 

Sword Form: Blade Burst!

All the blades in the air pointed their sharp edges toward Koothrappali. 

Jiang Fei had refrained from using everything he had to attack. The 128 floating blades was merely a means to stack Ruthless Barrage. He was still clueless as to what kind of Primordial Gear Koothrappali had and its effect. If it was nothing serious, Jiang Fei had plans to defeat him by using Dragon's Bane. 

At the moment the swords in the air begin to descent, Koothrappali's character shifted, as if he was moving through dimensions and back. All the swords that were meant to strike him, flew through him like he was not there. 

"What's going on?!" Jiang Fei gasped. Without actually dealing damage, Ruthless Barrage could not register! 

"It is time for you to know true power! To know the real meaning of True Invulnerability!" Koothrappali roared as he shifted through the air like a wraith toward Jiang Fei.
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