The Almighty Ring
1168 Who Are You, Really?
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1168 Who Are You, Really?

When those that almost uttered Miluya's name got destroyed almost instantly, those that survived kept their mouth shut. There were those that knew Miluya's real identity. However, due to the threat of being annihilated, they kept away from her, as far as they could. The others were completely clueless to what and who Miluya was, to what the Decaying Domain was. 

If not all Primordial Celestials knew who Miluya was, Jiang Fei, a player, would surely be clueless. To be honest, when he was about to figure out who Miluya was, the reactions of the other Primordial Celestials provided further clues, raising more questions than answers. 

Even though he was craving to have his questions answered, his attention was more focused on the battlefield than on Miluya. He was watching how the Primordial Celestials were being rendered debilitated. There was nothing they could do but despair. 

The few Primordials that knew who Miluya was, portrayed a similar expression that Jiang Fei knew too well. It was the same expression when Jiang Fei was about to deliver the killing blow to his enemies, the expression of intense fear. Although it varied from Primordial to Primordial, most of them were showing the same fear. Like how a defenseless lamb was being cornered by a pack of hungry wolves — a creeping sense of despair when escape was impossible. 

Miluya's Domain of Decay was not that big but when the Primordials tried to escape via instant teleportation, Miluya would appear behind them like their own shadow. Every one of them would go through the same process. They would start by running away, followed by Miluya chasing them relentlessly, and it ended with them accepting their deaths. 

\"Please! Mercy!\"

\"Don't kill me! I'll do whatever you want! Please let me live!\"

\"Mercy! Have mercy!\" 

Only those that did not know who Miluya was started to plead, to appeal to her compassion. While pleading, they were careful enough to not even mention her name, else they would end up dying instantly. 

They could plea, they could beg, but Miluya did not show a single shred of mercy to the NPCs. When all of that was happening, she was facing her back to Jiang Fei. Jiang Fei could not see how Miluya was actually smiling, both eerily and sinisterly. It was a smile that Jiang Fei himself had made before, the smile of a killer that had nothing to lose, nothing to feel remorseful about. 

\"Just end my life! Stop torturing me!\"

\"Kill me now. Spare me the torture!\" 

As long as it seems, those that could no longer take it finally crumbled. Death was but the end of the entire process of dying slowly, the pain of being tortured slowly by Miluya was greater than actually dying. In the end, those who knew Miluya's real name ended their lives. Even though they did not utter their name, the intention was there and somehow, Miluya knew it and activated some sort of skill which instantly made their body burst into smithereens. Those that did not know her real name had to suffer the entire process. They did not even have the chance to commit suicide. 

\"What the hell… This is torture on a whole other level,\" said Jiang Fei, overwhelmed by fear as well. 

\"Kill me! Please! Just kill me now!\" 

\"Oh, adventurer! I am but weak now. Come and kill me. End my life. Isn't that what you all crave for? Kill me and claim your prize!\" 

\"That's right. Kill me first!\" 

The surviving Primordial Celestials noticed Jiang Fei's presence and quickly turned to him, begging him to kill them instead of being forced to endure Miluya's torturing. All eyes were glued to him now. 

Jiang Fei was stumped. He had no idea he would be hearing a Primordial begging him to end their lives. Honestly, Jiang Fei was more than willing to kill them since he could earn experience points as well as loot, not to mention increasing the stack count of his title effect. However, Jiang Fei held back. Even though killing them would benefit him, something about the entire thing did not seem right. 

If it was Jiang Fei a few months back, Jiang Fei would have already participated in the killings than wait at the side to see the spectacle. He was hesitant today. Something about Miluya did not reflect her usual self. Miluya might have stain her hands before but this Miluya, the one that presented herself today, was merciless. It felt wrong… She was enjoying it. The entire thing was wrong! Hence, even though the temptation was there, Jiang Fei kept himself away. 

A few minutes of grunting, wailing, and squealing, all the Primordial Celestials were dead. Their bodies turned into a pile of dust. All it took was a gentle breeze to scatter their remains. 

Miluya turned around, smiling innocently at Jiang Fei, the same kind when she was just a little girl. 

\"Big brother! I won! I won!\" the woman cried and cheered as she hopped, skipped, and jumped towards Jiang Fei. 

Out of habit, perhaps due to the feeling of alienation, Jiang Fei retreated away from Miluya. It was subtle as Jiang Fei had only taken a step back yet Miluya noticed it. 

\"What's wrong?\" she asked, cocking her head like a curious little girl. 

\"Ah! Nothing! I was just… The ground was uneven!\" said Jiang Fei hastily. Even though he knew, deep down, that Miluya was the same girl she was before, he could not help but think that the woman that was standing in front of him, gazing into his eyes innocently, was terrifying. 

\"Where should we go next?\" she asked with a gentle smile. 

\"We should…\" 

Jiang Fei stopped to think for a moment. Right now, even though Miluya had killed so many Primordials that Jiang Fei had lost count, there should be more of them scattered around the realm. There were still the Three Elemental Lords that were still around. Based on what he remembered, Ou Yezi had provided with an exact number of Primordials. Initially, there were a total of 1024 Primordials. After the first War of the Heavens, over 300 Primordial Celestials were killed. Hence, there should be no more than 700 left. 

Amongst the 700, a good number of them, like Z0-11, had been \"taken\" out of the game to join the Unknowns. Although there were no numbers provided, Jiang Fei estimated there should be around 300 Primordials left in the game. Today's massacre should have been a massive blow to them. Jiang Fei himself had killed several Primordials but those numbers were too little to even matter. All in all, there should be over a hundred of them left in the game, whether or not they were still hiding in the Throne of Gods. 

\"We should just head back…\" said Jiang Fei. Even if there were still Primordials out there, or even in the Throne of Gods, it was certain that they would not be cheated to come out again. 

\"Just who is this girl?\" Jiang Fei thought. Set aside the matter about the Primordials, Jiang Fei was seriously considering to investigate what and who was Miluya. 

\"Miluya… Who are you, really?\" Jiang Fei asked after finally gathering all his courage. 


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