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\"Why'd you ask?\" Miluya cocked her head again innocently with a puzzled face. 

\"I'm just curious. Can you tell me? Please?\" Jiang Fei pleaded. It could not get any more obvious that Miluya was no longer the same little girl as before. If she decided that Jiang Fei was a target, there was nothing Jiang Fei could do but to accept his death. 

\"I'm Miluya! Mi-Lu-Ya!\" said the girl, exclaiming each syllable clearly. It was a far cry from when she was killing the Primordials mercilessly. 

\"I see,\" Jiang Fei accepted her answer with a simple reply. It could be for two reasons, either she did not know who she was herself, or she did and decided firmly that it should be a secret. It did not matter then. Miluya answer had cemented Jiang Fei's decision to not pry further about it. 

Back at the safe zone, where players gathered, Jiang Fei noticed that Miluya, who once did not want to enter the barrier, had followed him in. 

\"Miluya…\" said Jiang Fei but stopped. He wanted to say: Aren't you afraid of being synced down to the player's level? 

He stopped abruptly when he noticed Miluya had actually entered the safe zone. Her status was not synced as she remained at the High Celestial tier status. 

\"How is that possible?!\" Jiang Fei thought. The barrier was made by none other than Ou Yezi and he explained clearly that all NPCs, be it the Elemental Lords or even Jiang Fei himself, would be downgraded to only Overlord tier. 

The barrier was a place where players could form a fort to attack. Without the barrier, bring one of the Elemental Lords and everyone would be killed. 

Yet somehow… the barrier was not working! Miluya still maintained her status as a High Celestial when she stepped into the barrier! 

\"Did the barrier failed? No! It did not!\" 

Jiang Fei checked his own attribute and saw it clearly. He was now only an Overlord and all of the skills and effects coming from Celestial tier were greyed out. 

\"Just who is this girl?!\" Jiang Fei asked himself again. Even if he was dying to know, he had already accepted the fact that it would be impossible to force Miluya to reveal her true identity. If he tried, he might actually anger her and no one in the entire game could stop her. 

Back in the safe zone, Jiang Fei stopped to think. He had eliminated almost half of the fighting force of the Primordials, even though it was mostly achieved by Miluya, reducing their overall combat force. Even though the Primordials were likely to be hiding in the Throne of Gods, Jiang Fei still had much to do. 

A while back, Jiang Fei came up with a method to complete his task. The first was to bait all the Primordials into the main world and have the final war there. The other method was to reduce their overall numbers and persuade the human NPCs to bring the war to the Primordials instead. 

After the \"war\" in Winter Islands, Jiang Fei learn the hard truth that his family will never be truly safe. It gave Jiang Fei a sense of urgency. Even though many human NPCs were in good terms with Jiang Fei, he could not guarantee that all of them would remain friendly with him once they were taken out of the game. 

Hence, to prevent the increasing threat of the Unknowns, Jiang Fei would have to make the human NPCs to go to war. It was all accordance to 0541's message — All Celestial tier NPCs and higher must die!

\"How am I going back?\" Jiang Fei asked himself. The teleportation circle was a one-way means of travel. Coming into the Primordial Realm was easy but going back was hard. 

Jiang Fei had unknowingly uttered his thoughts out loud. Miluya, who was standing next to him heard it and asked, \"big brother, where do you want to go?\"

\"I'm supposed to go back to the main world but this teleportation circle doesn't work that way,\" said Jiang Fei on a spur. 

\"Oh? This is an easy job for me!\" cried Miluya. She waved her hands and after a hallowed mist formed, a teleportation portal appeared right in front of Jiang Fei. 

\"What is this…\" Jiang Fei stammered. 

\"This portal leads to the main world!\" 

\"You can open a portal between realms?!\" Jiang Fei exclaimed. 

To think that even Ou Yezi had poured his blood, sweat, and tears into building a teleportation circle when Miluya had done it easily with a wave of her hand! It was a proclamation — a statement of power. 

\"I just learned how to do this!\" said the girl, puffing her voluptuous bosom out like a girl who had just picked up potty training. 

\"Would you like to come with me?\" Jiang Fei asked. 

\"Can I?! Yeepee!\" Miluya cheered happily and jumped into the portal with Jiang Fei. 

\"What on Earth is she? Is she a blessing in disguise? Or an omen to the apocalypse?\" Jiang Fei asked himself, praying that it was not the latter. 

As soon as Jiang Fei came to the main world, he activated the Moonstar Orb and appeared immediately in the Heaven's Realm. In the next second, a bright light flashed beside Jiang Fei and Miluya came out screaming at him. 

\"Waaah! Big brother! You moved so fast! I almost lost you!\" cried the woman. 

\"What power…\" Jiang Fei muttered to himself. Miluya could still track him down even with instant teleportation. If she decided to mark a target, there was no place in the entire game that one could hide from her. 

\"Follow me,\" said Jiang Fei with a straight face, masking his fear. He brought Miluya along with him, to where Ou Yezi's office was. 

\"Ah Fei? Why are you here? Did something went wrong in the Primordial Realm?\" Zhao Seng prompted when Jiang Fei was on his way to met Ou Yezi. 

\"Nothing wrong. In fact, everything is going smoothly.\" 

\"Well then, how did you die?\" Zhao Sheng asked. The teleportation circle was a one-way trip. The only way to come back to the main world was to die in the Primordial Realm and revive back in the main world. 

\"I didn't. It's a long story. I'll explain it later when I met with Master,\" said Jiang Fei as he continued walking. 

\"That should be interesting. Alright, I'll play along,\" said Zhao Sheng and quickly joined the parade. 

The three of them entered Ou Yezi's palace. When Jiang Fei entered, Ou Yezi was seen writing something on a piece of parchment. 

\"Brother! Look who's back so early!\" Zhao Sheng exclaimed loudly.

\"Pipe down! Can't you see I'm trying to device a way to overthrow the Primordials?\" Ou Yezi barked. Just as he raised his head, he saw Jiang Fei and arched an eyebrow. 

\"Ah Fei? Why are you here? Did you got yourself beaten to death by the Primordials?\" he asked. Both Ou Yezi and Zhao Sheng shared the same thought when it came to how Jiang Fei had managed to return to the main world. It was a valid question to ask since the only way to return was to die once. Even when Jiang Fei was a player, or an adventurer from NPC's point of view, dying once just to return was not a viable attempt. 

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