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\"Master, I...\" 

Just as Jiang Fei was about to continue, the unthinkable happened!


Powerful energies quickly circled and wrapped itself around Jiang Fei's body at a speed that left him with no time to react. It did nothing malicious or invasive and merely flung him far away from where he was.


Miluya, who was just next to Jiang Fei, slowly levitated to the middle of the sky. Her hair was floating without any wind, and dreadful energy pulses emanated outwards and shook the surroundings with her at its epicenter. The energies stretched out far and wide, covering every inch of the land and soon, the entirety of Heaven's Realm was under Milyua's Domain of Decay!

\"Miluya what are you doing!\"

Jiang Fei screamed out in shock. His entire body was covered in a faint golden glow that acted as a barrier, shielding him from the decaying effects of her attack.


Jiang Fei's cries seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as Miluya was just hanging there silently in mid-air, not even giving him as much as a glance!

\"Impudent! Who are you?!\"

Zhao Sheng bellowed, with fury coursing through every syllable of his words. The celestial jabbed at the air with the silver spear in his hand, firing a silver beam attack at the levitating girl.

\"Huhu... Who am I is of little importance. What's important right now, is that all of you must die!\"

Miluya's lips curled upwards into a sinister smile. Right before Zhao Sheng's attack could hit its target, she instantly shimmered out of sight and appeared again not far from where she was, staring at them with a deadly gaze like a predator would. The difference in their power was too huge!

\"Damn it! Verdure Glider you bastard, how dare you betray us, how could you betray your own teacher!\"

Zhao Sheng and the other celestials looked coldly at Jiang Fei with gazes that could spear him to death. He was the culprit who had brought Miluya here into their home.

\"That's not... I didn't know...\"

Jiang Fei was at a loss for words. He realized that anything he said would not be of any help to his defense.

Amidst the chaos, a calm Ou Yezi quietly stood up. He glanced towards the levitating Miluya with clear eyes that seemed unsurprised by the sudden invasion, as if he had long foreseen this encounter.

\"So this day has finally come...\"

\"Are you going to retaliate?\"

Miluya spoke to Ou Yezi like they have known each other from a long time ago.

\"That won't be necessary.\" Ou Yezi dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. \"I have survived for so long and to be honest, it has been a very tiring journey. We should have perished ages ago, along with the rest of our brethren who been extinct for a long time. The remnants of our kin do nothing but fight among ourselves. Maybe death would serve as a better ending than the way things are now!\"

\"I'm glad you feel so.\" Miluya nodded at his reply, but her eyes were filled with sorrow, helplessness, and a hint of something else.

\"Brother, what are you doing? We can still fight!\"

By this time, Zhao Sheng and many other celestials in the Heavenly Realm have already gathered around them. They were not the only NPCs residing within the Heavenly Realm, there were also some surviving human forces that had yet to retreat after losing the battle.

There were over fifty celestial level NPCs entrapped within Miluya's Decaying Domain which included every one of the High Human elites, even Ulysses the great Demon King himself was unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Only henchmen level NPCs like the Nephilim and Merfolk minions who are still in their realms are safe from the attack.

\"Miluya, what are you doing?!\" Jiang Fei watched in horror as Ou Yezi and others withered away right before his very eyes. He felt overwhelmingly powerless and dreadful as their life force was being forcibly depleted.

But no matter how distressed Jiang Fei was, there was nothing he could have done. Even the High Celestials were all helpless before the powerful Miluya, less a Lower Celestial like him. And if it was not for the barrier that Miluya had cast on him, he would have definitely been the first to wither and die!

\"Oh, brother! Stop struggling pointlessly! You cannot win against fate!\"

Ou Yezi watched as the rest of his kin rapidly withered into nothingness. Until at last he himself too, turned into ash and floated away with the wind.


By the time the girl was done, there were only two living beings left within the entirety of the Heavenly Realm.

As soon as the Domain of Decay vanished, Jiang Fei found his feet back on the ground and his body was able to move again. Miluya had finally released him from his protective prison. He staggered towards Miluya and grabbed her by the shoulders before shaking them hard.

\"Why? Why did you do this?\" he screamed angrily at her.

Jiang Fei was devastated beyond reasoning. And in all his anguish and rage, he had fearlessly acted out against a frighteningly powerful entity who could have easily killed him several times over.

\"Big brother...\"

Tears streamed down Miluya's eyes as she looked at the distraught Jiang Fei. She did not offer him any respite for his lamentation, nor any explanation for her actions. She merely stood there right in front of him, taking in all the resentment from her beloved big brother.

\"Why did you have to kill them!? Why did they have to die?!\"

Jiang Fei was utterly devastated. Ou Yezi and his people have been one of the few people that were very kind to him and watching them die right before his eyes were simply too much, even for him.

Jiang Fei knew that there was a high chance of the Unknowns eventually extracting these NPCs and using them against him in the future. He was already bent on finding and killing each and every one of the NPCs before that happened, but the thought of actually deleting Ou Yezi himself had never crossed his mind.

And even though Miluya was the one who did all the killing, it was still Jiang Fei who had brought her there in the first place. To him, this was no different than killing them with his own hands. 

The whole world might be under the impression that Jiang Fei had a mysterious and powerful master who goes by the name Zhuge Shanzhen, but that was only a fictional persona created by Jiang Fei to serve his purposes. But to Jiang Fei however, his real master was none other than Ou Yezi, the NPC from the game. Despite only spending a short time together as master and disciple, the NPC's heartfelt care and concern towards him was more than enough to earn Jiang Fei's reverence.

Now, Ou Yezi was no more. Dead, and by Jiang Fei's own doing. And the guilt of being his master's murderer was suffocating him.

\"Big Brother, please don't blame Miluya...\"

Tears were still streaming down Miluya's cheeks when she suddenly pushed Jiang Fei away from her and quickly disappeared in a flash of light!

\"Wait! Where are you going?\"

Jiang Fei was briefly stunned by her sudden disappearance, but his bewilderment soon turned into dread when a thought flashed in his head.

\"Not good!\" he exclaimed as he opened an Abyssal Gate. And after entering it and arriving on the other side, Jiang Fei's mind instantly blanked out after seeing what happened.

The Abyss was rarely lively, but it was also never this quiet. Not a soul can be found within the grand expanses of the Nephilim Palace!

\"Miluya, what are you doing?!\" Jiang Fei raced to the royal chambers as fast as he could, but he was still moments too late. He arrived barely in time, but only to see the figures of King Augustus and Queen Aurora, as well as the royal guard, disintegrating into nothingness.


Miluya silently looked at Jiang Fei from afar as she stood among the falling ashes, before disappearing in yet another flash of light!

\"No! No! No! Shit! Shit! Shit!\"

Jiang Fei did not give chase this time, he knew that catching up to the girl was impossible. And even if he did, he could not stop her from killing more people.

Miluya's abilities were too powerful beyond comprehension, she was a bug-like existence within the game itself. If she wanted someone dead in Dawn Break, nobody in the game would be able to stop her.

By now, she was definitely already turning the other Celestial NPCs of Poseidon's Palace into dust. It seemed like the girl's carnage would not stop until every Celestial NPC has been erased from the game!

\"Who the hell are you? Why are you doing all this?\"

Jiang Fei pulled at his hair while trying to make heads and tails out of everything that was happening, but no matter how hard he tried to deduce it, he still failed to arrive at any reasonable conclusion.

Overwhelmed and confused, Jiang Fei sat himself down on the steps of the Royal Chambers. He had no idea how he was going to break the news to Bella when he logs out later.

Bella may have received a new lease on life as a living human in the real world, but her memories from her life as an NPC when she grew up in the Abyss were still with her. Memories where King Augustus and Queen Aurora were, and still are her loving parents.

Now, they were gone forever. And the murderer was someone who was brought to the Overworld by Jiang Fei himself. He had absolutely no idea how he was ever going to be able to bring himself to tell her something this horrible.

Jiang Fei was trying to come up with excuses to spin his way out of it. He explored the thought that he was not the one that brought Miluya into the Overworld, but rather it was her instead that had helped him get back here. Thus he rationalized that even without him, Miluya could have entered the overworld and killed all these NPCs easily.

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