The Almighty Ring
1179 Hypnosis
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1179 Hypnosis

\"A telepathic attack? Sh*t!\" After Jiang Fei could finally clearly hear the warning behind the static, he became shocked!

\"Hold on! Something about this is off!\" He frowned.

\"Honey… Honey…\" While Jiang Fei was trying to figure things out, he heard familiar voices calling out to him and felt someone shaking him by the shoulders.

He quickly turned to look at Bella and was stunned to see her slowly fading away.

\"What's going on? F*ck!\" 

Jiang Fei's heart sank.

\"Honey, please wake up! Please wake up my dear!\"

Jiang Fei felt his shoulders being shaken harder this time, but there was no one next to him!

\"Motherf*cker! This is an illusion! I've been hypnotized!\"

Jiang Fei was now clear on what is going on, but was unable to break out of the illusion. He could only watch as the Bella in front of him slowly fade into nothingness.

\"Honey! Please wake up!\" 

Jiang Fei felt his shoulder being shaken again. But this time, his vision suddenly turned pitch black. And by the time he opened his eyes again, he was face to face with an anxious-looking Ariel on the verge of tears.

\"BEEP BEEP! Warning terminated. Telepathic attack has stopped!\" 0543's alarms finally stopped.

\"Ariel, what happened?\" Jiang Fei turned and looked around. The sky was still dark, unlike the dawn that he saw in the illusion. And based on the stars in the sky, he discerned that the time was around three in the morning!

\"I'm not sure, but babe, you were like a demon just now! You suddenly barged out of your room in the middle of the night, got on your huge sword and took off flying towards the southwest. We were worried so we asked Nina and Sylphy to be on high alert at home while me and Bella came chasing after you.\" Ariel summarised what she saw to him.

\"Bella? Did she come chasing after me with you?\" Jiang Fei asked.

\"That's right!\" Ariel nodded.

\"No wonder!\" Jiang Fei was much more certain that he was being hypnotized. If it wasn't, how could there be two Bellas?

\"0543, why didn't you protect me?\" Jiang Fei asked with a frown. This was not the first time he has experienced a telepathic attack before, but 0541 and 0542 had protected him well against these attacks before. Why did 0543 fail?

\"Captain, the enemy's telepathic powers are too strong, my defenses were penetrated. I have continuously been trying to wake you up, but the enemy's attack was just too powerful. It was only until just now, with Miss Ariel's help that we could wake you up…\" 0543 explained. As she has yet to undergo evolution, there was no sense of guilt whatsoever in her words and she only gave standard answers.

\"F*ck!\" Jiang Fei cursed after listening to 0543's answer and checking his own data. 0543 was right, he had experienced a very powerful telepathy attack while he was still in the game. Although 0543 had deployed a defense against the attack, it was still broken too easily, leading to Jiang Fei being hypnotized.

Under hypnosis and the enemy's control, he had left the base and came here alone and even brought out both the Bio-pod and Bio-Laboratory.

\"Oh right, where did my bio-pod and lab go? And where is Bella?\" Jiang Fei looked around and did not see any signs of his bio-pod and lab anywhere.

\"I don't know. When we rushed here, we saw only you here and someone else running away. Bella went and chased after that person!\" Ariel replied.

\"Sh*t!\" Jiang Fei punched a tree nearby. It did not take much for him to figure out that both the pod and the lab have been stolen by that mysterious person!

\"Honey don't worry. Bella might be able to get them back.\" Ariel tried to calm him down.

\"Let's hope so.\" Jiang Fei sighed. It was obvious that the assailant had hypnotized him to get their hands on the pod and the lab. This was all planned out in advance, and he doubted that they would still be able to recover the two equipment even if Bella caught up to the thief.

The only one capable of hypnotizing him while in the game and then rob him in the real world is definitely the Unknowns. But unlike Jiang Fei, the Unknowns did not possess a ring like his, so in order to transport two large equipment like the bio-pod and bio-lab, they are definitely using a huge teleportation array. Whoever it was that Bella was chasing was only responsible for providing the teleportation coordinates. So even if they killed him, it would only serve to blow off steam.

After some time, Bella returned to the two while carrying what's left of an Android with her.


Bella threw the Android's remains hard onto the ground, it was obvious that the machine did not survive the pursuit. After sending the coordinates to teleport back to his base, he was supposed to return through the teleporter after they have first teleported the pod and the lab over. But unfortunately for him, Bella and Ariel got there in time before he could get the second teleport ready and forced him into running.

These Androids may be on par with Level 5 Metahuman in terms of strength and defense, but he lost to Bella in terms of speed. That was how Bella was able to catch up with the Android and the rest was history.

\"Forget it, let's just go home. We'll settle the score another day!\" Jiang Fei forcefully stepped on the Android's remains and shattered its core.

After getting back to the base, Nina and Sylphy ran out to him. They had wanted to chase after Jiang Fei as well but were both stopped by Ariel. They were not sure if this was a ploy by the enemy to get them to leave their base, so they decided that the two would have to stay behind and keep watch.

But now that Jiang Fei has returned, the two girls naturally came to see if he was hurt anywhere.

Only after seeing him unscathed and home did the girls stopped worrying. No one had told Jiang Fei's parents about what had happened as they were only normal human beings and knowing too much would only cause them sadness and worry.

\"They hypnotized you for the lab and the pod?\" Sylphy asked.

\"Well based on the things that have happened, it would seem so.\" Ariel nodded.

\"We can't rule out the possibility that they were after all the facilities Jiang Fei has, but only had enough time to steal the Bio-pod and Bio-lab before you two arrived!\" Nina deduced after listening.

\"That's also possible!\" Jiang Fei nodded in agreement. The bio-pod and bio-lab were not all that useful to the Supreme Androids, even Z0-11 never asked him for these two facilities before while working together.

But the theft of these two items was a huge loss to Jiang Fei because if he wanted to revive girls from the game and bring them into the real world, he must have both the two facilities together!

\"Ah! There's no point in talking about this any further. But now since it's not safe inside the game, honey why don't you stop logging in for now and concentrate on increasing our fighting strength here. Let's go and take all of them back when we go raid the Unknown's base in a few days' time!\" Bella exclaimed.


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