The Almighty Ring
1184 Rest in Peace, Never!
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The Almighty Ring
Author :Primodial Saint
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1184 Rest in Peace, Never!

\"use the dispersion beam!\" z0-11 immediately retaliated. one of the transporters stopped in its tracks. its backload covers started to unfold revealing a plethora of machines which started to whirl. a gun-like weapon protruded out from a cube and fired out a dark beam of light. once the dark beam hit the light prison, which was holding ariel in place, it dispersed immediately, turning into countless light sparks that faded off. 

the dispersion beam, which z0-11 had just deployed, was alien to jiang fei. he had never seen the light prison in the first place. however, for z0-11 and the other unknowns, this sort of technology, to change photons into solid tangible matter was considered as old tech. 

namekian technology was like two sides of a coin. if there's one to create, there's one to destroy. if there's one to condense light to make a prison, there's one to release them from their shackles. the unknowns had only used this technology as a means to capture level 5 metahumans. obviously, z0-11 had used the same \"counter\" tech to save them from it. 

as soon as the light prison broke apart, violent sparks of electricity were released from ariel's palms. a girl like her, one that did not get angry easily, was now mad. now that she was mad, there was one thing that she would want to do first—to find that someone that dared to imprison her and ripped its head off its shoulder. 

\"this isn't going well. z0-11 has the same kind of technology we are using against the metahumans. this means it will only be rendered moot!\" said the current leader of the attacking party. he turned around to his unknown brethren and quickly bowed. 

\"looks like it is up to you.\" 

\"this is well within the aspect of war. we are allies and we will do what we are meant to do,\" said a man, which was revealed to be the leader of a group of level 5 mutants. 

\"leader, there's no telling what they would do next! we need to retreat this instance!\" bennette straz whimpered. 

z0-11 remained quiet. the leader of the other unknown faction was torn as z0-11 examined the radar system. 

the current situation of the battle was not as pleasing. isabella and the other three women had killed a great number of enemies, which had bolstered the morale of the troops. however, the difference in strength between both sides was too great . the radar had picked up several other stronger humans, and their numbers were no less than seven. 

the group of mutants dashed into the battlefield and quickly clashed with jiang fei's women. if they were left unattended, the weaker mutants would be weeded out quickly. 

isabella and the girls were facing off the level 5 mutants one to two. ariel was the only one that was facing one enemy. although she had the power of a level 5, her powers could never match up with a genuine level 5's power. her electric powers, albeit gives her superiority against any unknowns, was rendered useless against the mutants, especially the level 5 ones. 

the table was turned almost immediately when the group of level 5 mutant entered the battlefield. besides isabella who could still fight against them, all other girls were strugglings to even stand. 

isabella activated her domain ability, materializing solid dragon armor around her body to increase her defense. this time, she had gained a new ability. besides the armor, she was able to materialize a set of claws, measuring at six inches and more, growing out from her hands. 

ariel did not have any domain ability. nina and sylphy had only just managed to master theirs. sylphy's domain ability was speed while nina's domain ability was specialized towards defense. unlike sylphy super-speed—granting her near lightspeed movement, allowing her to handle two level 5 metahuman—nina's was just a barrier. 

even so, be it nina or sylphy, both of them would not last long. activating one's dominion power would burn away their energy at a rapid rate. isabella and jiang fei had fused with cores, allowing them to use the core's energy as a substitute. the others were not so lucky. 

isabella had perfectly fused with the core of life, granting her an almost inexhaustible amount of energy to allow her to use her dominion ability for as long as she wanted to. at this point, she had a slight advantage in fighting the two level 5 mutants. the fight got so intense that one of the level 5 mutants had to activate his own dominion ability. 

\"leader, we need to retreat! once the girls fall, we would be next!\" straz insisted. 

not too long ago, the tables had turned. however, both sides were at a stalemate once more. the humans were fighting aggressively while the unknowns were burning away a stupendous amount of energy in both offense and defense. the winner would only be decided after one side had burned away all their resources, which would take a vast amount of time. however, that result would be discovered extremely quick if even one of jiang fei's women fell. 

z0-11, still cloaked under a large cloth, turned to jiang fei. z0-11 was torn. if they left the battlefield now, the girls would surely be defeated. in a way, it would be beneficial for z0-11 if they were defeated. on the other hand, if jiang fei would lose, which was only logical after the defeat of the girls, z0-11 would lose a powerful ally. losing the girls would drastically weaken jiang fei's overall fighting force. any conflicts of the future, fights against the other mutant per se, could not be overcome even if jiang fei willingly offered to help z0-11. be it raiding unknown's facility for energy crystals or rebuilding braveheart, z0-11 could not achieve anything without jiang fei at his best. 

z0-11's predicament was not noticed by jiang fei, who was having an episode of psychotic rage. seeing his beloved being attacked and pummeled to the ground, triggered the wrath in jiang fei's heart. 

\"machines might be out of my hands but the lot of you will surely be in my hands!\" jiang fei snickered before he unsheathed his blade and dashed out of the absolute defense line. 

jiang fei had been passive for the entire time, not because he could not fight the unknowns, but because he was just downright weak! figuratively speaking, he was basically a tiny little infantry in the face of tanks and bombardier planes. he would be easily defeated with a stray beam attack to his face. he could survive if 0543 was fast enough to deploy a shield. 

things had changed when level 5 mutants had shown their hands and slapped the girls. jiang fei might be a little infantry but he was the bane of all level 5 metahumans! 

\"girls, time to get out of my way! leave the seven of them to me!\" jiang fei roared as he flung himself in the middle of the level 5 metahuman fight, activating his dominion ability of enfeeblement! 

like bella, jiang fei did not need to burn his own energy to activate his ability as the core of will was used as fuel.

a pulse of energy blasted out with jiang fei as its center. all level 5 metahumans, even isabella and the girls were affected by it. like flies, everyone dropped from the sky. 

the girls were still in good shape as they knew about jiang fei's powers and had already experienced it before. all they needed to do was to move out of jiang fei's effective range and trample the other level 3 and level 4 mutants. 

the ones that were taken aback by jiang fei's power were the seven level 5 mutants. for as long as they can remember, they were in the realm of level 5. being dragged down to level 4, the realms of mortals had taken a toll on their mental wellbeing. 

\"what's going on!?\" 

\"i'm losing power!\" 

\"i'm… weak!\" 

\"could this be the works of the legendary zhuge shanzhen?!\" 

\"is he here?!\" 

stunned by what they are experiencing then, the seven mutants shat bricks with the thought of zhuge shanzhen participating in this fight. they had never learned of jiang fei's enfeeble ability hence, they had only thought of someone stronger than them, which was the fictitious level 6 metahuman known as zhuge shanzhen. the fault lies with the unknowns not informing the mutants of jiang fei's true power, which led to this current situation. 

\"time to die!\" 

noting that the seven bastards were just stupified, jiang fei, with the chengying sword in hand, cleaved downwards and beheaded a level 5 mutant. 

the confusion of being stripped off their godly status was one and being beheaded by a level 4 martial artist was a whole other thing. the unfortunate victim of jiang fei's chengying sword died without even knowing the reason he had lost his power. even in death, he would never rest in peace. 

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