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\"Sh*t!\" Jiang Fei cursed. If 0543 could not deactivate the self-destruction program, he would not dare to rush into this underground base.

There were many interferences in the base. Moreover, at this time, Jiang Fei did not have a detailed map of the base and it would take time for 0543 to retrieve such information. If they rushed into the underground base, they would probably die if they could not stop the self-destruction in time!

\"Leader, what do we do?\" Bennette Straz looked back and asked. Just like Jiang Fei, they were also faced with the same difficult choice.

On one hand, there was a lot of energy stored in the base, and on the other hand, there was the risk of being killed along with the destruction of the base. Hence, Z0-11 did not know how to choose.

\"Damn it...\" Jiang Fei's brows furrowed. He had more things to consider compared to Z0-11. Z0-11 was just reluctant to give up the energy blocks stored in the base, but Jiang Fei was worried about much more.

They were currently in China. Although there were no signs of human activities around, it did not mean that the base would not cause a disaster after self-destruction. There were a lot of energy blocks stored in this base. Considering the evil nature of these Unknowns, as soon as the base self-destructs, they would almost certainly detonate these energy blocks. The magnitude of the explosion would probably be a few hundred times stronger than that of a nuclear bomb. The disaster caused by an earthquake alone would be enough to kill half of all the people in China!

\"F*ck! These Unknowns should really be damned!\" Jiang Fei cursed. However, at this time, 0543 had some good news.

\"Reporting, captain. The super-radar scan results are out!\" 0543's words were like a message from heaven to Jiang Fei.

\"Show me!\" Jiang Fei immediately asked 0543 to project the map of the underground base.

Buzz! While Jiang Fei observed the map, Z0-11 and Bennette Straz's eyes flashed with blue light. Obviously, they had made a copy of the map.

\"Found it! The self-destruction device is here!\" Jiang Fei's eyes lit up. The super-radar was amazing. Even though the base was filled with planet Namek's interference instruments, the scanning of the super-radar could not be stopped.

\"It's pretty far away. Let's move!\" Jiang Fei did not dare to delay. The base would self-destruct in three hundred seconds, and they had already wasted some time. There were probably only about two hundred and fifty seconds left.

\"Wait, Ah Fei. Look, there are two paths here!\" Bennette Straz said as he pointed at the map.

\"Just pick any one, it'll be fine!\" Jiang Fei had no more time to waste.

\"Although the base's defense system has been lifted, what if some people are there to stop us? The passages inside this base are relatively small, it'll be difficult for us to rush through.\" ​​Bennette Straz was an Android, so he always wanted to ensure that no impediments would arise.

\"Well... if that's the case, we'll split up!\" Jiang Fei nodded. Bennette Straz had a point. Even though the base's defense system had been deactivated by 0543, it was hard to be sure that no Unknowns would stay behind to try to stop them.

The interference system in this base was not connected to the central control system, so it was still working. Ariel and Bella would not be able to use Teleportation, so Jiang Fei and the others could only use their legs. If one of the passages was blocked, it would take them a lot of time to break through it.

\"Okay! Let's meet at where the self-destruction device is!\" Z0-11 nodded. Z0-11 had done some calculations. It would only take fifty seconds to get to the self-destruction device from the entrance of the base. Even if they encountered any enemies, they should still be able to arrive on time.

\"Mmm!\" Jiang Fei had no time to talk to them anymore because of time constraints. He immediately rushed in with the four girls. He did not bring the low-leveled martial artist army in with him and just told them to keep watch outside.

As the passages inside the base were small, it was not advantageous if they moved in big groups. Moreover, the martial artists cared too much about their pride, so they would probably end up being burdensome.

\"Let's go!\" After Jiang Fei called out to the girls, he was the first to rush into the underground base. At this time, there were only two hundred and twenty seconds left before the base would self-destruct!

\"Bella, keep guard! You three be careful, too!\" Jiang Fei warned. Although the Supreme Androids were not that powerful, the energy cannons in their hands should not be overlooked. In such a narrow passage, it would be hard to dodge their attacks. They could only rely on their own strength to resist the attacks!

\"Okay!\" The girls nodded, then surrounded Jiang Fei to protect him.

Although Jiang Fei had instantly killed a group of Level 5 Metahumans previously, he was actually not strong enough to face the Unknowns here. First of all, Enfeeble was ineffective towards these Androids. Secondly, Jiang Fei was only Level 4. He could not survive the attack of a Level 5 energy cannon. Moreover, they were in a narrow passage. If they encountered a surprise attack, he would not even have a place to hide. So, if Jiang Fei led the way, it would be extremely dangerous.

When Jiang Fei and the girls entered the underground base, Z0-11 also rushed in with around thirty or forty Supreme Androids. As there was no real Level 5 Metahuman among them, they brought with them a lot of strange equipment in order to deal with possible enemies.

Boom! Just as Jiang Fei and the girls rushed forward, an energy cannon suddenly fired at them!

Boom! The energy cannon landed in front of Bella. Bella had resisted the attack with her own energy. She had even expanded the protection range of the energy shield so that the explosion of energy would not hurt Jiang Fei who was behind her!

\"Go to hell!\" After blocking the attack, Bella roared and her body began to change. Dragon scales formed with energy enveloped her body, making her look like the legendary Dragonoid!

As the power of the Domain was borne by the Core of Life, Bella could easily activate her Domain, just like Jiang Fei. As soon as she encountered an enemy, the first thing she would do was activate her Domain!

Boom! The second energy cannon attack came but was torn apart by the dragonized Bella. The powerful energy beam was as good as fake in the face of Bella!

Boom! Bella punched the enemy's energy shield, causing ripples to form. At the same time, the medium-sized energy shield generator started to spark. It seemed like it was overloading!

\"This is the first line of defense, my job is done. The enemies are about to break through. Requesting withdrawal!\" While the Unknown inside the shield launched another attack, he began to request for withdrawal. After she activated her Domain, Bella's attacks were way too powerful. Originally, the Unknown who was in charge of the first line of defense thought that he would be able to hold at least thirty seconds. In actuality, however, he only lasted less than ten seconds!



Just as Bella tore the energy shield apart and destroyed the shield generator, a white light flashed and the Unknown teleported away.

\"Damn! He ran away!\" Bella complained, obviously dissatisfied.

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