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Two days after Xiahou Shangyuan and Bai Shien visited him, Jiang Fei finished preparing all three Godblades, including his own. The three blades looked very much alike; all containing Valium coats. However, due to Jiang Fei cutting corners here and there, Xiahou Shangyuan and Bai Shien's were only bamboo swords as compared to Jiang Fei's. 

All three weapons had different Valium compositions and concentrations. Jiang Fei's Zhanlu Sword was reinforced with Valium whereas Xiahou Shangyuan and Bai Shien's weapons merely had coatings. Killing seven or eight Level 5 opponents wouldn't be a problem for the Zhanlu Sword, but Xiahou Shangyuan and Bai Shien's weapons could only kill one. At best, they could kill a second before it would be completely useless against Level 5 opponents. 

Now that he had his sword, Jiang Fei's threat level against the other Level 5s had returned to its lethal state once more. The Zhanlu Sword worked best, or in other words, synergized extremely well with Jiang Fei's "absurd" Domain ability. It worked best against Level 5 Metahumans as they would be forcefully "dragged" down to Jiang Fei's power level, allowing him to kill them with a mere papercut-size cut. 

Right now, with everything ready. He was good to go at any moment. The only thing he was waiting for was timing. He had already agreed to the date; in two days time, which was when he would group up with the other Level 5 fighters to launch a full-scale assault on the Unknowns' base. With so many super-powered fighters, even if the Unknowns were to work with the Mutants, Jiang Fei predicted that he would still walk away unscathed. 

"Honey, Straz is here again." Sylphy cried out as she came running to the courtyard where Jiang Fei was joining the others to train the New Saint's Guards. 

"Well, I'll be damned. Again?" Jiang Fei grunted. He had made it clear to Straz a few days back. Things had been quiet between him and Akatziris for a few days before Straz showed up again. 

"Did he say anything?" Jiang Fei asked with a frown. 

"No, but from the looks of it, he seems a little anxious," Sylphy said. 


Jiang Fei pondered a little. He knew Bennette Straz well enough to know that he was not the kind of person that would express his emotions. What could have happened that the man would expose himself that way? Was it deliberate?

"Darling, I think we should at least hear him out," Isabella said. In the end, even though it was Straz who showed up, it all came down to Akatziris, Isabella's last "blood" relative. Even though she did not want to hinder Jiang Fei in any way, she wanted to at least have her sister's back. 

"True," Jiang Fei barked. He agreed to meet with Straz, not because he had listened to Isabella, but because of the curiosity he had for Straz's sudden appearance. 

Sylphy led Straz into the guest room and Jiang Fei came to attend to him a little after. This time, Jiang Fei took his sweet time, purposefully dragging it out. 

"Ah Fei! It's been a while!" Straz repeated the same greeting every time Jiang Fei showed up. At the first second, Jiang Fei saw the anxiousness on his face but at the next, it disappeared. It was obvious that the man was planning something. 

"It's not even been a few days-- What do you want?" Jiang Fei snarled coldly while averting his gaze. Right now, Jiang Fei was not depending on Akatziris, so there was no need for him to be courteous to either Straz nor her. 

"It's nothing really… but, the leader wishes to have a word with you. She…" Straz paused and coughed, as if the next sentence he was about to say was extremely embarrassing. "She misses you." 


Jiang Fei was taken aback. It was odd enough that she would resort to playing with his feelings, but to have Straz say "I miss you"? There was definitely a larger game afoot. 

"She thinks she could have an audience with my beloved just because she misses him? Just who does the little Nephilim b*tch think she is?" Sylphy roared out with contempt that she did not bother to veil. She had interjected before Jiang Fei could say anything. 

On one side, Straz was clearly agitated, on the other, Isabella was not looking too good either. Even though Sylphy was clearly insulting the other side; the enemy, she was still insulting Isabella's sister. Insulting Akatziris as a little Nephilim b*tch was the same as insulting Isabella. 

"Hmph!" Sylphy scoffed proudly, holding her large bosom high and proud when she noticed she had not only provoked Straz but Isabella as well. There had always been a cold war between Sylphy and Isabella but today, she was finally able to do something about it. 

"What does sister want with Jiang Fei?" Isabella asked Straz as she threw a nasty glare at Sylphy. 

"I am not at liberty to know about it. The leader had only tasked me to deliver her message. One important thing to take note of is that she only wants to meet Jiang Fei. That, she was adamant about," said Straz, clearing hiding the rest of the sentence: "No one else is allowed." 

"Me? Alone?" Jiang Fei said, stumped again. 

"Over my dead body!" Ariel was the first to reject the notion. The ever so quiet Ariel had never raised her voice, but this was about Jiang Fei's safety. 

"This is the last straw! Why should my beloved listen to every little yelp and whimper of that little b*tch?" Sylphy took the opportunity to shoot another insult. 

"If sister has something important to say, she should come over here herself! If she wants to talk to Jiang Fei, she would have to talk to us all!" This time, Isabella stood together with Sylphy despite the insults. She did not tolerate insults when it came to her race her thoughts were similar to Ariel's; it was all about Jiang Fei's safety. Going to the moon alone had proven to be a fatal move before. 

Straz retreated, emotionally, not physically. The orders he had received from Akatziris was clear; to take Jiang Fei to the moon, alone. 

"If she wants to meet Jiang Fei that badly, she can come down here! Don't expect a red carpet!" Sylphy was the last to bark out. To be fair, if it weren't for the calm and composed Ariel lashing out so adamantly, Sylphy and Isabella might not have done the same. 

Sending down an "emissary" was an arrogant move that Sylphy could not tolerate. The last straw was when the message was delivered by Straz: to have Jiang Fei to come to the moon just because she was missing him. Even if the female-shaped machine were to come down to Earth, Sylphy would still be that hostile. With that thought in mind, Sylphy had nothing held back. All the negativity that she had portrayed was solely to "chase" Straz away, to send a message to Akatziris to never disturb Jiang Fei again. 

Straz was speechless as he was helpless at that moment. He turned to Jiang Fei, wanting to ask for help but only saw a calm Jiang Fei, shutting his eyes off from the scene. 

The truth was that Jiang Fei was not feeling anything in particular. Even though he admitted to feeling guilty for having wronged Akatziris in the past, it was not as bad as killing her entire family. Still, he would not be able to lash out insults like how Sylphy could at whim. That was her department. 

As for the entire picture, Jiang Fei felt that there was nothing serious happening. If there was a real threat, Akatziris would have came down herself to ask for Jiang Fei instead of sending Straz. 

"I'll go to her," said Jiang Fei all of the sudden. His words were like a thunderclap in the quiet night. Straz managed to expel a breath of relief. The girls on the other hand, sucked in a deep breath. 

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